renaissance art renaissance-rebirth. renaissance art- renaissance—meaning, rebirth patrons wanted...

Download RENAISSANCE ART Renaissance-rebirth. Renaissance Art- Renaissance—meaning, rebirth Patrons wanted art that showed joy in human beauty and life’s pleasures

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  • RENAISSANCE ART Renaissance-rebirth
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  • Renaissance Art- Renaissancemeaning, rebirth Patrons wanted art that showed joy in human beauty and lifes pleasures More lifelike than in the art of the Middle Ages Studied perspective Italian Giotto one of first to use depth and emotion. He was from Florence, Italy.
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  • Leonardo da Vinci 1452 - Leonardo was born on 15th April at Anchiano near Vinci in the Florence area. He was the illegitimate son of a notary, Ser Piero, and a young woman named Caterina 1482 - He moved to Milan where he carried to the court of Ludovico il Moro a letter in which his services were recommended as an engineer, architect, sculptor, painter and even musician. Indeed, it was in his capacity as a musician that he was offered a position.
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  • Leonardo da Vinci-life 1495 - He began his best known work, the Last Supper 1499 - The duchy of Ludovico il Moro fell under french controlhe abandoned Milan 1513 - Leonardo moved to Rome on the invitation of the newly- elected pope, Giuliano dei Medici 1516 -Invited to France by King and given the post of "first painter, engineer and architect to the King" 1519 Died May 2
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  • Leonardo da Vinci-oils
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  • da Vinci-Adoration of the Magi
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  • da Vincis Last Supper
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  • Leonardo da Vinci Lady with Ermine Around 1483
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  • da Vincis Mona Lisa Perhaps his most famous work Not signed or dated, but scholars agree it is his. Started painting about 1503
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  • da Vincis Medical Work First to use exploded diagram First to use cross-section Got permission to study dead bodies, eventually forbidden from further study by the Church when he believed he could take his knowledge and make a person.
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  • da Vinci the inventor Stretching device for making barrels. Designs for a boat
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  • da Vinci the inventor Flying Machine
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  • da Vinci-inventor Model of Flying Machine at Milan Museum
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  • Find more drawings! Visit the Museum of Milan
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  • Michelangelo-(1475-1564) Started studying in Florence, Italy Huge influence on western art Skills Sculptor Painter Architect Poet Source:
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  • Michelangelo-The Sculptor David Madonna and Child
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  • Sculptor Continued The Pieta- (Dead body of Jesus in Mother Marys arms) Carved in 1499
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  • Michelangelo-Painter Famous Paintings in the Sistine Chapel
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  • Sistine Chapel
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  • Michelangelo-Architect St. Peters Basilica designed the dome. Was largest church in Christendom at that time. Capacity: 60,000 people
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  • Medical Workcontinued
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  • Study of the Womb Fetus in the womb
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  • Medical Work-continued Study of Arm Movement Study of Skeleton


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