the renaissance renaissance means “rebirth” renaissance means “rebirth” reawaking of...

Download The Renaissance Renaissance means “rebirth” Renaissance means “rebirth” Reawaking of interest in education, science, arts Reawaking of interest in education,

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  • The RenaissanceRenaissance means rebirthReawaking of interest in education, science, artsReintroduction of classical texts (from Greece and Rome)Growth of Italian city statesDevelopment of wealthy merchant class

  • Renaissance ArtArt is a primary source for history

  • Jacopa di Cione Madonna and Child in Glory1360/65Tempera and gold on panel

  • Franconian School Miraculous Mass of St. Martin of Toursabout 1440Tempera and gold on canvas on panel

  • Guiliano Bugiardini Madonna and Child withSt. John, 1510Oil on panel

  • Giovanni Agostino da Lodi Adoration of the Shepherds1510Oil on panel

  • The Kress Monnogrammist The Adoration of the Magiabout 1550/1560Oil on oak panel

  • Annibale Carraci The Bean Eaterabout 1582/83Oil on canvas

  • Short EssayHow does this art show a change in the way people thought about themselves and their world from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance?Use the art as evidence. 250 words. Typed.


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