the italian renaissance 1300s – 1500s “renaissance” = rebirth rebirth of.... an interest in...

Download The Italian Renaissance 1300s – 1500s “Renaissance” = REBIRTH Rebirth of.... An interest in and knowledge of Classical Culture Creativity in art and

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  • The Italian Renaissance1300s 1500s

  • Renaissance = REBIRTHRebirth of . . . . An interest in and knowledge of Classical CultureCreativity in art and literatureA general interest in increased knowledge of the world

  • Origins of the RenaissanceRediscovery of Greek and Roman ideasThrough Crusades, trade, fall of ConstantinopleUrban centers of ItalyCenters for the exchange on new ideasEffected economically and socially by the plague of the 1300sMerchants (the new rich of Europe)Enhanced political power through patronage of the arts

  • 1300s the beginnings of the Renaissance1. Giotto di BondonePainted figures that looked lifelike and realSought to create an illusion of depth

  • 2. Dante AlighieriWrote the Divine Comedy - written in the vernacular - included real people in the story - full of political comments

  • 3. Francesco PetrarchWrote sonnets in Italianwrote letters to influential people in classical latin -strove for the simplicity of classical poetry

  • New Values of the RenaissanceLove of Classical (Greek and Roman) learning (humanism)2. Celebration of the individual3. Enjoyment of worldly pleasures (secularism)


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