renaissance – means rebirth …in this case a rebirth of art and learning

Download Renaissance – means rebirth …in this case a rebirth of art and learning

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Italian Renaissance

renaissance means rebirthin this case a rebirth of art and learning

Italian Renaissance

1. Thriving CitiesTrade from Crusades created a large merchant classDisease killed 60%-few survivors-demanded high wages2. Wealthy Merchant ClassItaly-city states-run own city-stateMerchants dominated politics3. Classical HeritageMiddle ages-no educationNear Roman remains-ArtWhy Italy?

City States

CosimoDe MediciLorenzoDe MediciRichestGrandsonMilannorthernmost crossroads of main trade routesVisconti family controls until 1447

Venicemain link to Asian ports (international power)controls salt trade1st bank

Florencenorth-central areade Medici family controls (1434)Ruled through appearance of a governmentSupported the arts of the time

Study of classical texts that focused on human and intellectual achievementsHistory, literature, philosophies=HUMANITIES

RENAISSANCE MANGood at everythingcharming, witty, educated, dance, singHumanismRevolutionizes ArtRealistic drawings of cities/peopleNew techniques-perspective-3 D StatuesLeonardo-sculpter, painterRaphael

1. Pertrarch14 line poem=sonnet2. Boccacciosarcasm3. MachiavelliPrinceWriters


GutenbergEffects of Printing Press1. produce hundreds of copies and circulate2. books are now cheaper3. Year 1500 250 cities 9mil-10mil4. First religious books then all typesPrinting Press Church becoming corruptde Medici became pope (Pope Leo)Popes too busy pursuing worldly affairsnot meeting spiritual needsLower clergy involved in marriage, gambling, drinkingReligious Reformation

monk and professor at Univ. of WittenbergDidnt want to lead a religious revolutionsalvation through faith alonecondemned selling of indulgencesBasically was leading people to think that they could buy their way into heavenin 1517, posted his Ninety-five Thesis to the church door in Wittenburg. Many more printed and distributed

Martin Luther

In 1520, Luther called for overthrow of Church-wanted to keep only two sacraments -baptism and Communion-clergy could marry

In 1521, he is excommunicated (kicked out of church)-Called to appear before court in city of Worms*Edict of Worms made him an outlaw-Books and writings are burned, Luther to face prosecution-His local ruler protected him in his castle

religious movement called Lutheranism Some German princes supported the pope and the Catholic church Some German princes decided to protest against the Catholic church..became known as ProtestantsChristians belonging to non Catholic churches


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