renaissance- french for “rebirth” rebirth of what??

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  • Renaissance- French for Rebirth Rebirth of WHAT??
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  • RENAISSANCE Spanned from the 14 th to the 17 th Century Defined by a renewed interest in classical cultures like Ancient Greece and Rome. What was effected?
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  • CommerceArchitecture ART Exploration Finance Political Theory Philosophy Science Education Religion
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  • RENAISSANCE Commerce Art Architecture Science Education Philosophy Political Theory Exploration Finance Religion
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  • RENAISSANCE Feudalism And Manorialism Business And Trade Changes to: Commercial Revolution
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  • RENAISSANCE Commercial Revolution Bookkeeping- method of keeping accurate records of debtors and creditors - Switched from roman numerals to Arabic numbering system Banking: Letter of credit- Document issued by bank assuring payment to seller. Book Transfer- Bank transfers funds from Debtor to creditor.
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  • The Money Changer and his Wife By: Marinus Claeszoon Reymerswaele, 1539
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  • RENAISSANCE Guilds Organizations that protected business people and set good business practices. Regulations stated that all members got chance to sell goods that were limited in quantity. Who benefited? Set standards for high quality of work. Regulated prices that could be charged
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  • RENAISSANCE Rise of Capitalism The use of capital (invested money) to make more money. Capitalists took risks with the hope of gaining large profits How might capitalists minimize their risks?
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  • RENAISSANCE Rise of Capitalism Joint Stock Companies: To reduce risk capitalists would combine their funds. Investors would receive a stock in the company representing how much they invested as well as how much they received for a Successful venture.
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  • RENAISSANCE From what you've learned would you rather be: In a Guild or a Capitalist
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  • RENAISSANCE Florence Famous in Italy Because of its Art The city has a tradition of excellence in crafting luxury goods. Populated with wealthy citizens who patronize the arts.
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  • RENAISSANCE Renaissance Art Early Renaissance- Emphasis on nature, three dimensional figures, perspective, individual human figures. High Renaissance 1500s Leonardo, Raphael, Michangelo and Titan
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  • RENAISSANCE Humanism The ability to read, understand and appreciate the writings of the ancient world and to help lead moral lives. Rhetoricthe art of speaking well.
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  • Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli, 1480
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  • School of Athens by Raphael, 1511
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  • Bacchanal of the Andrians by Titian, 1518
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  • Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-1505
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  • RENAISSANCE Technology Wood Cuts- Inked blocks with letters or designs carved into them. Movable Metal Type- Johannes Gutenberg 1455. Books were able to be copied more cheaply, more accurately, and in greater numbers
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  • RENAISSANCE Technology 1455- Gutenberg prints Bible and it becomes More available to the common people. Impact- less reliant on the clergy Impact of printing press- Information more readily available Ideas travel faster...Think of impact of internet on us
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