renaissance means rebirth rebirth of art and learning began in northern italy

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  • RenaissanceMeans REBIRTH Rebirth of art and learningBegan in northern Italy

  • Economic FoundationsIncreased demand for Middle Eastern productsEncouraged the use of credit and bankingLetters of credit expanded supply of money and sped up trade.New accounting and bookkeeping practices used Arabic numerals

  • ItalyItalian city-states became rich from trade: FlorenceVenice GenoaThey were trading centers for the distribution of goods to northern Europe.Independent city-states governed as republics by wealthy merchants.

  • Niccolo MachiavelliWrote The Princeguidelines for the how to get power by absolute rule.Believed the ends justified the meansOne should do good if possible, but do evil when necessary.

  • Art and LiteratureMedieval art and literature focused on the Church and salvation. Renaissance art and literature focused on individuals and worldly matters, along with Christianity.

  • Artists and WritersArtists Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloWritersPetrarch

  • Leonardo da VinciPainted the Mona Lisa and The Last SupperHandsome, athletic, singer, artist, scientist, inventor

  • Notebooks

  • MichelangeloPainted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculpted DavidSculptor, painter, architect, poet

  • The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

  • Creation of EveCreation of AdamSeparation of Light and DarknessThe Last Judgment

  • PietaDavid

  • Moses 1513-1515

  • RaphaelPainter1483-1520

  • The School of Athens

  • PythagorasSocratesPlato and Aristotle

  • EuclidZoroaster & PtolemyRaphael (back)

  • PetrarchWrote SonnetsHe wrote with a Humanistic approachConsidered the Father of Humanism

  • HumanismCelebrated the individualStimulated the study of Greek and Roman literature and cultureHumanists were supported by PATRONS who were very wealthyThe Vitruvian Man

  • Northern RenaissanceWith the rise of trade, travel and literacy, the Italian Renaissance spread to northern Europe. The art and literature changed as people of different cultures adopted Renaissance ideas.

  • Northern Renaissance WritersErasmusThe Praise of Folly (1511)Critical of corrupt church practicesCatalyst for Protestant Reformation

  • Northern Renaissance WritersSir Thomas More Utopia (1516)Depicts world with perfect social, legal and political systemLeading humanist scholar

  • The Printing PressMajor invention of the RenaissancePrinting press created by Johannes GutenbergWas the first way to print large amounts of text at once, instead of by hand or by blocks1st book printed was the Gutenberg BibleInfluence of the printing press wasMade books faster and more accessible to peopleMade books much cheaper than beforeIncreased the literacy rate of people in EuropeAllowed more people the ability to be educated



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