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  • AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries and territories. There are three main opportunities we offer to young people around the world: Global Talent, Global Citizen and Youth Talent.

    Global Talent is AIESECs Internship Programme. It helps you find a placement in an organisation in another country for 3-12 months. Check it out if you want to gain cultural understanding and challenging personal and professional development in a start-up, corporation or NGO.

    Global Citizen is an international volunteer abroad experience working on issue-based projects. Check it out if you want to learn to manage a project and immerse yourself in an intense cultural learning environment. To find out more visit

    Get involved on campus and in your community. Through Youth Talent programme (AIESEC membership) you can develop yourself in a team environment. Check it out if you want to challenge yourself to connect with a massive network of 86,000 like-minded individuals. To find out more visit

    AIESEC New Zealand has 35 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally minded responsible leaders.

    We are present in main universities within New Zealand: University of Auckland, AUT, University of Waikato, Massey Palmerston North, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury and University of Otago.

    We have over 190 active student members across 6 campuses. These individuals lead and manage our local operations. Our local chapters actively send over 140 students on internships and volunteering exchanges on an annual basis. Per annum, they also host around 10 interns from our global network who are placed in New Zealand companies and NGOs.


  • If traditional graduate placements or summer internships in NZ sound a bit boring and if you feel like the world is calling you for a bigger challenge, then the Global Talent programme is for you.

    Its not about the destination, its about the journey but Global Talent will give you both.

    AIESEC Global Talent Programme is a long term (3-12 months) profes-sional internship experience in fields like English Teaching or Marketing/Sales.

    The programme is focused on the personal and professional develop-ment of participants by offering them internship opportunities in companies and organisations abroad. Participants have the op-portunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and work environ-ment.

    Types of internships we offer:

    Teach (English Teaching)

    Marketing (Sales, Market Research,International Marketing)

    AIESEC New Zealand runs the Global Talent programme to create a positive impact in soci-ety while connecting students and graduates with professional organisations and companies

    3-6 months

    6-12 months

  • We have a live database of several thousand professional internships. These are available across 124 countries and territories in the AIESEC network. However typically we are more able to offer the following regions:

    Asia (China, Vietnam) Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Turkey Czech Republic) South America (Colombia)

    where can I go?

    What is provided during your internship: A salary to cover living costs is provided by the company (inclusive of food/accommodation) In-country orientation Introduction information package

    What is provided before your internship: A buddy (a local student and AIESEC member) will support you through the process and stay in communication with you while you undertake your exchange Visa and invitation letter support Pre-departure cultural support including preparation workshops on campus to help you deal with culture shock, tips and tricks on being away from New Zealand, and a chance to meet past ex-change participants.

    details and eligibility:

    Cost: $860 (paid in two instalments $460+$400) excluding flights, visas and travel insurance Duration: 3-12 months

    Eligibility: Global Talent programme is for students and recent graduates (within 2 years) who are under 30 years of age at commencing internship.

    Experience: Global Talent Teach - teaching experience is an asset but is not required.Global Talent Marketing - you need to have practical experience in marketing (internship, jobsetc.)

  • where can I go?



    czech rep. turkey



    global talent teach

    global talent marketing


  • sample job descriptions

    Job description: Prepare interesting classes and learning material based on teachers input and the students age Give lessons to students according to the learning plan and the preparation Evaluate the progress of the students and write reports to head teacher and parents

    key learning points: Teaching children in cross-cultural en-vironment Preparing lessons based on teaching plan Presentation and facilitation skills

    Job description: Market research on products, industry, geog-raphy and industry trends in the target region/country Identify and prospect business leads for sales Build a marketing plan for the country/region Run marketing campaign in the country or region Make marketing material in the native lan-guage Provide language and cultural support to the Business Development team to overcome barri-ers in communicating with customers Write a feasibility report on the opening of a regional or country office

    key learning points:Business Development, Customer communica-tion, Intercultural sales and marketing, Corpo-rate communication

    Job description: Collect market information on industry and customers and competitors in the target region/country Provide market forecasts and share them with the sales departments Customer case analysis of potential customers in the region/country through focus groups, questionnaires and interviews Analyse and interpret data to identify patterns and solutions for the business to approach the market Write detail report on the market research and present to sales and management

    key learning points:Research and data analysis, Business Develop-ment, Product and solutions development, Cor-porate communication

    Job description: Prospects potential customers and make sales plan Initiate and maintain sales contacts with cus-tomers in target country/region Create sales proposals and customised solu-tions for prospective customers Sell to and negotiate contracts and close sales with customers through meetings and sales trips Account management of customers con-verted Create and write partnership and customer reports Update customer information and interactions

    key learning points:Sales and Business development, Customer Experience Management, Product and solu-tions development, Negotiation and contract-ing, Corporate communication

    international marketing market research sales




  • the process

    1. apply

    To go on AIESEC exchange you must get in contact with your

    nearest AIESEC chapter (likely at your own university). You can do this by applying via our website for the respective programme

    youre interested in. (

    2. the interview

    After receiving your application we will invite you for an interview and/or assessment centre. The aim of the interview is to check your motivation, expectations

    and skills.

    3. searching foryour internship

    If you pass the interview you will sign a contract, pay the exchange

    fee and your information will beplaced in our online database. By creating your own profile you will be able to search for

    internships of your choice and directly apply for them. Generally, you need

    at least one or two months to find your internship. However, the more

    flexible you are, the easier it will be.

    4. preparation

    Before you leave for your ex-change you will be inducted to and learn more about AIESEC.

    You will have the opportunity to meet your local committee who

    will support you through the process and also connect

    with other exchange participants.

    5. the internship

    The host AIESEC committee (in your destination you are traveling

    to) will organise your accommodation as well as all the necessary documents (such as the work permit and invitation

    letter). They will also help you during the first few days you arrive at your destination and introduce you to

    AIESEC members and other exchange participants.

    6. return

    AIESEC also supports you after your internship. We give you the

    opportunity to reflect on your intern-ship, share your experience with others

    and inspire them to go on an intern-ship as well. You will graduate from

    the programme and be offered the opportunity to join your

    local AIESEC committee as a member.

  • frequently asked questions

    How does AIESEC differ from other exchange providers?

    AIESEC exchange programmes (Global Talent and Global Citizen) go beyond the job itself with emphasis put on the cross cultural experience participants gain alongside their pro-fessional experience. As an example, whilst overseas you will have the opportunity to con-nect with other foreign students participating in our exchange programmes. Local AIESEC members will also give you the unique opportunity to arrive in a foreign country with a readymade support network waiting for you. AIESEC is your gate to an international net-work.

    What does the AIESEC exchange offer?