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  • 1. R&R Application ***ER TEAM***

2. PROUDLY PRESENT 3. OUR TEAM STRUCTUREEwAMTPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HEREET 4. RELATIVE GROWTH 01. RAISE 200% GrowthCat 302. MATCH 233% GrowthCat 203. REALIZE 167% GrowthCat 10PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE246810121416 5. GOAL ACHIEVEMENT 16 14 12 10Goal Actual8 6 4 2 0 RaisePUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HEREMatchRealize 6. PROCESS PERFORMANCE TN FEE COLLECTIONMOSTLY IN THE SET TIMEPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HEREFIRE FIGHTING PROCESSNO LATE ACTIONMATCHING EFFICIENCY32 DAYS (~ 1 MONTH) 7. Partners endorsement PARTNERTHE HANOI CLUB HOTELCONTACTRepresentative: Ms. Le Minh Nguet HR Excecutive. Email: hrm@thehanoiclub.comLetter of Endorsement: of Endorsement: Ll7rXuQUPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 8. Partners endorsement PARTNER MAILINK FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTER CONTACT Representative: Ms. Cao Thi Mai General Director. Email: mailink.halong@gmail.comLetter of Endorsement: THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 9. QUALITY NPS SCORE8.75TN TAKER EVALUATION GOOD FEED BACK FROM PARTNERS4 (BOTH MAILINK AND HANOI CLUB)PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 10. ER CONTRIBUTION Contract: All are followed after communication Podio: Well updated according to MCs deadline and regulationPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 11. INNOVATIONS Innovation in sale Cooperation with headhunter: ensure strong demand Hospitality shown to partners: gift during special events( joining partners daughters wedding, partner recognition( Award night) Partnership review: after the internships ended: (Hanoi club with Arisa, Hop Nhat with Takahiro, Mailink with Laura) to ensure customer satisfaction and lesson learnt from past experience raising idea of potential new raise Break-through in sales(all-time high): 15 raisesPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 12. INNOVATIONS Innovations in matching Diversification in matching pool( EP matched coming from various countries) Better strategy of and digging deeper into main product(ETTEACH): TN takers outside of Hanoi(Mailink, BES, Sunrise) Cooperation with other headhunters(HR world: in progress to raise new TN, EIV: providing English teachers) Partnership setting :1st partnership with native speaking country: LC Dallas ( 4X commitment for 2014)PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 13. INNOVATIONS Better matching timing Inquiring customer before new year to derive at the planned numbers for the next periodPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 14. INNOVATION iGIP community email Fast response: emails are entitled to each OC and OC members to ensure adequate, prompt response Massive promotion into focused market (reputation of iGIP contact: team contact- not personal contact) Better retaining of key contact and database comparing to previous terms (because of consistency in contact point)PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 15. INNOVATIONS New TN introduction package Ensure updated information: Better matching: matching rate 66.7% compared to 60%( in the context of higher absolute numbers in all criteria)PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 16. INNOVATIONS Realization and post realization 100% pick-up for intern and support them in travelling to working place (maybe outside of Hanoi: Hai Phong, Quang Binh, Quang Ninh) City tour for interns working outside of Hanoi when they come to visit the capital city Regular Skype and chat with interns to get updated news and ensure prompt action in case of problem Phone call to TN takers after realization to ensure all problems arising are solved (feedback from Mailink for Laura is communicated to her and she did improve after that) Regular bonding parties (at least once/month) Encourage active involvement of intern into LC activities Satisfactory NPS: 8.75; Good feedback from partners: 4 (both Hanoi Club and Mailink) PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 17. Trip to Mai ChauPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 18. Teams bondingPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 19. GLAD 2013 with internPUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 20. FIRST STEP CONFERRENCE PUT THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE 21. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME