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Our Savior Lutheran Church

Our Savior Lutheran Church

MLC Meeting – 04/18/17


Opening devotion and prayer

Pastor Ryan

· Stephen’s Ministry (Attachment VI, page #15)


· Previous month (Attachment I, page #2)

Financial Report

· Previous month (Attachment II, page #3)

Old Business

· Ministry Teams

· YMT (Attachment III, page #9)

· CMT (Attachment IV, page #12)

· Stewardship (No report)

· Trustees (update)

· Task Force

· Discovering Our Future Together

· Jim Nord

· Kairos


· Reports

· BLM (Attachment V, page #14)

· Other

New Business

· Old church pews in storage

· Kitchen cleaning protocol

· Christian Cross Festival

Closing prayer (Next meeting Tuesday May 15th at 5:30)

(Attachment I-Last Minutes)

Our Savior Lutheran Church

MLC Meeting Minutes – 03/20/17


Opening devotion and prayer

Present were: Pastor Lee, Jason Doele, Joe Cipra, John Pile, Dennis Beltz, Mike Wilke, Kent McCallum

Absent: Todd Mink, Su Fisher, and Kyle Korth


· Previous month (Attachment I, page #3)

Financial Report

· Previous month (Attachment II, page #3)

· Doele made a motion to accept Financial Report, seconded by Wilke, motion passed.

Old Business

· Ministry Teams

· YMT (Attachment III, page #8)

· CMT (Attachment IV, page #11)

· Stewardship (No report)

· Trustees (update)

· Task Force

· Discovering Our Future Together

· Jim Nord – Nord will be here on April 10th, meeting with Funding/Finance and Bulding/Planning committees

· Kairos – update on Capital Campaign

· TSP - architechts

· Reports

· BLM (Attachment V, page #13)

· February 25/26 voter’s meeting

· 401 Yes

· 10 No

· Other

New Business

· Staff

· Trish/Jordan

· Colleen/Christine

· 2017 goals revisited

· Pastor Ryan – the leader, cost, train lay ministers to serve others

· Stephen Ministry (Attachment VI, page #14) – Pastor Ryan will report to MLC at the April meeting on Stephen Ministry

· Insurance – staying with Lutheran Brotherhood

Closing prayer (Next meeting Tuesday April 18th at 5:30)

Respectfully submitted,

John Pile

(Attachment III-Last Month’s Financials)

(Attachment III-YMT)

MLC April 2017

Family Life -2yr old -18years olds


· 80 kids for CLS and 18 for LHNE

· Fun Run, April 15th 2017

· 48 Registrations (4/15/2017) (3 day of, went well over all)

· 13 Sponsors

Youth Ministry

· Transform 3:18

· Jr High Sundays 9:15-10:15 – Large Group

· Sr High Sun 9:15-10:15 – Splitting guys and girls

· Sr. High Small Groups Wednesdays 7:45-9:00pm - 3 small groups

· Confirmation

· Meets April 19 and 26

· April 26 meet with 2nd year families on classes for the fall

· Weekly family devotion videos for families – ½ are doing them

· Fundraisers

· Donuts monthly –May 21

· Envelopes - April 23, 30 and May 7

· Video Announcements, Youth there each week and display

· Lenten Meals – March and April - 6 weeks

· Easter Breakfast - low participation from youth and families

· Events

· March 5th UNL Service Sunday – 20 kids

· April 23rd Graduate Parent Meeting 8-9am at DCC

· May 7th Graduation Celebration at 10:30am services

· Jun/Jul

· Youth Capital Campaign Team

· YMT plus Clint Bowland and Maddie Becker

· Weekly Bible Studies align with weekly themes

· Arrows in room as visuals with lessons

· Weekly bible verse cards handed out

· 10% of Lenten meal income donated to building fund - $252

· Challenge youth weekly to donate a certain amount or time/talent

· $416 brought in by Jr and Sr high youth

· Each youth gets an arrow keychain at the end of the campaign April 9th

Youth Ministry SUMMER 2017

· Mexico Mission Trip –June 23-30 2017 – 10 people

· LVR Colorado Trip – July 23-28 2017 – 15 people

GOALS 2017

Crossed off lines mean completed

· Goals for 2018? 2019?

· Volunteer Development/Mentoring/Growth

· Update Job Description Binder for Youth Ministry by June 1st.

· By February 21st email to staff current job descriptions

· March 9th Josh Keithley Beautiful Savior Omaha emailed me their packet of job descriptions and flow chart

· By March 15th - Organize current binder in files

· At March 26th YMT meeting discuss what positions descriptions we need or don’t need

· By March 31st - Talk with staff to clarify ALL volunteers qualifications and requirements

· By April 15th - Add new current job descriptions

· By April 20th Finalize to show to YMT at May 7th meeting

· By May 15th finalize to show staff

· By June 1st DONE

· Build up Behind the Scene Volunteers

*assuming current volunteers continue

· By April 1st (working on still)

· Find 1 new volunteers to help Monday with bin organization

· Publicizing in bulletin now till April 1

· Contact parents of youth to see if they are interested

· Add to Blue Volunteer sheet in March

· By September 1st

· Find 1 new volunteers to help Thursday with bin organization and office help

· Publicizing in bulletin July and August

· Contact parents of youth to see if they are interested

· Add to Blue Volunteer sheet in July

· Continue Mentoring and Growing Sr High Youth Mentors

· Grow as a Mentor myself

· By December 31st Read how to Train a Leader , Lead Small

· Begin to implement concepts from the book as reading

· March 9th Call with Josh Keithley DCE Beautiful Savior Omaha NE

· Josh is emailing some flow charts of their ministry

· Discussed Small Groups and Mentoring leaders

· March 21 meet with Marshall Hardy First Christian Norfolk NE

· May – August –

· Connect with youth leaders of larger churches:

· Lisa Hellyer Lord of Life Overland Park Kansas; Andy DCE Christ Lincoln, NE; Leon Jameson Hales Corner Wisconsin; Dam Hampton Holy Cross Colorado Spring, CO, Micah Steiner Centennial, CO, Matt Kario Washington, Brad Knorr King of Kings Omaha, NE.

· Mentor Each Mentor

· One mentor a month beginning in April (10 months)

· Jaime, Clint, Myron, Craig, Maddie, Cara, Rachel, Michele, Lori, Chad.

· Encouraging high school groups to be “family like”

· Monthly give ideas to mentors on this

· Provide materials for leaders to read – as found and needed

· Thrive Finish by March 31

· Life’s Big Questions Finish by April 30

· Growing Young Finish by September 1

· Encourage leaders to communicate with their small groups weekly

· Every Tuesday text sent to leaders with sample texts to send youth

· Continually train all leaders and encourage spiritual growth

· Provide leaders with opportunities to grow as mentors

· February 23-25 Best Practices Ministry for 6 volunteers

· Discuss with these volunteers what I can be doing and how they can mentor others youth mentors

· Help encourage and provide for their spiritual needs as they provide for youth

· Constant prayer for mentors

· Encourage them to prioritize their own faith growth – give devotions, etc.

· Being “family like” within our leaders

· With me as the leader of the mentors I need to guide them as a group with “family like” mentality. (continually – evaluate every month how I am doing)

· Provide hang out times before and after events for leader, have casual get together throughout the year (2 times a year – Spring and Fall)

· April 2017 find 2 more Sr high small group leaders

· Use current mentors as resources to find new leaders

· Already been discussing with current mentors (2/28)

· Spoke with 3 possible leaders who are praying about this 4/5/17

· Train leaders in “family like” mentality

· April/May Have them observe and assist current groups as training

· May, June and July Meet with them one on one

· August 2017 Train them to be ready to lead by

· September 2017 have 4 Sr high small groups ready to go

· Confirmation Structure and Evaluation

· The Rite of Confirmation

· 1st time on Reformation Sunday, October 29th

· Find location to hold the Rite of Confirmation- DONE LHNE

· By March 15th

· Outline Fall Structure and information papers

· Give to Pastors to approve

· By March 30th

· Meet with pastors to go over structure

· By April 20th

· Review and print items for April 16 meeting

· April 26th Communicate to families the fall structure at 7:45pm meeting

· Summer 2017

· Evaluate current ministry

· Beginning June

· Set a team of 6 with the Pastors, Confirmation Guides, and parents

· Look at teaching methods

· Structure and outline of the class

· Begin brainstorming how “more space” would impact confirmation

· Meet over the summer in preparation for Fall 2017 class

(Attachment III-CMT)



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