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  • Launched by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg - 2004.

    The service was initially only available to Harvard students

    Soon expanded to regional universities


  • Old



  • 1.71 billion monthly active users

    User Base

  • Revenue grew from 7.87 billion in 2013 to 17.93 billion US dollars in 2015

  • Biggest Spenders On Facebook

  • 2014 92.2% of the total, from advertising. 7.8% of the total, from payment and other fees.


    Revenues from various business segments


  • Sidebar ads

    The most common ads, these appear on the side of the site.

    Sponsored stories

    Status updates from businesses turned into ads.

    Promoted posts

    Posts that are targeted to fans and friends of fans.

    What advertisers pay for

  • Winning Steps

    International strategy



    Strategic Alliances

  • Facebook available to every country in their native language.

    Facebook did this by enabling user to personalize Facebook in their

    own native language.

    International strategy

  • Standardization

    Uniform user experience & Product offerings

    Global accessibility

    World as single entity.

    Global brand awareness

    Connect people around the world.

  • Localized in 140+ languages

    Adapting to low internet accesibility.

    Adapting to difficult markets.


    Universality and Local Market balance

  • Google - has enabled Facebook to translate their messages from language

    to language

    Skype- has enabled Facebook to have video chats with people from

    around the world directly on Facebook,

    Zygna -Created games that are playable on Facebook,

    This has made many individuals spending a significant larger amount of time

    on Facebook.

    Microsoft & Yahoo-Helps to combat phishing.

    Pishing is fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from

    reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal

    information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.

    Strategic Alliances

  • Constantly growing through acquisitions

  • Takeovers have been aimed at increasing Facebook's functionality and


  • Face Book acquires companies for their technologies and teams

  • Friend Feed -2007

    Facebook bought Friend Feed for $15 million in cash

    The acquisition later helped Facebook to focus on real-time news feed

    updates as well, without requiring users to manually refresh their page.

  • Next Stop -2009

    Featured short recommendations of places around the world, along with

    photos, maps and factual information.

  • Hot Potato -2010

    Facebook acquired Hot Potato, a New York-based startup that specialized in

    social activity updates

  • Drop .io-2010

    Facebook acquired most of the assets of Drop.io, a start-up that allowed

    users to privately share files through a drag-and-drop interface with

    additional options like phone calls and faxing,

  • Facebook acquired Friend.ly in 2009.

    It's social Q&A website allows users to post questions on different subjects

    and get them answered.

    It also has a similar Facebook app designed to help users pose questions to

    online friends


  • Instagram-2012

    Instagram lets users share photos and apply stylized filters, and it has

    become one of the most downloaded apps

    on iphone and Android.

    Instagram also gave Facebook another avenue for pushing ads.

    In 2013, Facebook officially launched an Instagram ad platform.

  • Light box.com

    Android photo-sharing app developer

  • Karma-2012

    Mobile gift-giving app

    Facebook launched Facebook Gifts in 2012

  • Facebook bought Israeli startup specializing in facial recognition

    technology known as Fece.com

    software that allowed Facebook's members to identify and tag

    photos of their friends.

    The software scanned photos Facebook users upload, and then it

    suggested friends you may wish to tag.


  • Speech recognition and translation

    The software to select from over 25 languages and record a voice clip or

    type in text


  • Branch

    Social discussion tool

  • Wats app- 2014

    Face book bought messaging app WhatsApp for a $16 billion,

    This helped in accelerating growth and user engagement

    across both companies.

    With the buyout, Facebook gained access to the 450 million

    people using the WhatsApp service monthly

  • Goal is to first develop immersive VR gaming and then expand to include all sorts of virtual experiences, including social networking.

    Oculus VR

  • Proto Geo oy-2014

    the fitness tracking application

  • First ad

    Announcement of 1 billion users/month

    TVC: 90sec


    Facebook is compared to chairs, doorbells, bridges and airplanes as

    "things that people use to get together so they can open up and


    Ad roll out: Across 13 countries including America, the UK, Japan and


    Agency : Wieden + Kennedy, best known for its Nike work

  • Facebook Friends campaign

  • Facebook Friends campaign

    "Friends" campaign also includes Facebook and Instagram ads, outdoor

    billboards, print ads and off-Facebook digital advertising to connect with

    people at different points

  • Objective :-social media site's ability to help create and sustain friendships.

    Outdoor Campaign-UK

    Outdoor ad in Oxford Street station in London.

  • Working on..