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  • 1. Facebook success of Zomato.com By Roger Lobo
  • 2. Synonymous with restauranthunting in India Zomato.com is aleader in restaurant marketingaggregation With one of the most user friendly and informative website backed up by aggressive promotion strategy Zomato.com clearly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to marketing
  • 3. Zomatos presence on socialmedia is highlighted on theirlanding page with facebookand twitter icons With 267000 likes in less than five years, Zomatos facebook page have seen a steady following
  • 4. Witty original images (this onecopyright zomato media) getthem good results. This imageposted on 3rd October 2012got them 1299 likes and 1675shares More importantlymore visibility on Facebook
  • 5. Very interactive team atZomato that is keen on notonly replying to posts buttagging people in posts aswell in a bid to improveaffinity with the user andgain exposure to the usersfriends
  • 6. Focus clearly on thelifestyle aspect Zomatosupports and not on itsproducts. Zomato reliesmore on images thantext for almost everypost for maximumimpact