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Success on FacebookTips to engage your audience and beyond


The best posts connect to your audience in a real and genuine way.

Social media is a two-way (or more) conversationLeave marketing lingo to press releasesIf you must sell, do it in a way that engagesMake use of Events

Be valuableProvide solutions to problems (how to , tips for )EntertainMotivate and inspirePiggyback off of others

Be a curatorCollege.Alltop.comGrownAndFlown.comSUNY BlogNew York Times Education BlogFeedlyNews from around JCC

Be visualPosts with photo or video receive twice the engagementPost big photos (1200 x 900 pixels)Upload video right to FacebookAllow Facebook to bring in link images (theres a tool for that!)

Visual toolsPic MonkeyCanvaFree video editing softwareFreeImages.comBing search

Be engagingAsk questions specific questionsAsk your audience to comment, like or share your posts every once in awhileKeep the conversation goingAnswer questionsComment on and like posts from others

Be realConnect like a friendBe conversational and funBe informal, but have a consistent toneOffer behind-the-scenes glimpsesThank your followersEngage with other pages (comment, like, and share)

Be timelyUse Facebook analyticsLearn when your audience is engagedQuality > QuantityExperimentDont overdo itConsistency is keySocial media calendar

Be conciseShorter usually = better response2-3 sentences to introduce curated material500-1,000 words for original information

Be trendyPiggyback off of what is trending on Facebook, Twitter, and search enginesNational ________ Day ( and other key daysCuration sites

Be smartUse Facebook analytics!Use Likealyzer (awesome tool)Know your audienceDetermine what works best

In closing Valuable postsVisual postsAsk-a-question postsBehind-the-scenes postsCollege news postsTrending topic posts