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This slide show is from the first York Pa Social Media Meetup where the idea behind What\'s Happening York County was unveiled. This presentation covers steps in achieving Success with Facebook Fan Page.


  • 1.
    • Hi I'm Chris Drinkut
    • And this is...
    • Success with Facebook
    • Fan Pages
  • 2. Success with Facebook Fan Pages
    • I think I've boiled it down to three easy steps.
      • Create it
      • Update it
      • Maintain it
  • 3.
    • 1. Create it
    • Visit
    • Or do a search for "Create fan Page"
  • 4. Creating a Fan Page Choose a category and add the name.
  • 5. Creating a Fan Page Here we are at the start of things.
  • 6. Creating a Fan Page You can alter the page settings from here. Get familiar with the opportunities you have via the drop down menus.
  • 7. Change some of thedefault setting from'Page Only Posts' to 'Page and Fan Posts'.
  • 8. Creating a Fan Page Using a square photo means your thumbnail will also look good. You can add and subtract tabs. Events is a great tab to have.
  • 9.
    • 2. Update it
  • 10. Update your Fan Page Creating events is easy, and it let's others know you have things moving. This is the 1st step to event creation.
  • 11. Update your Fan Page Add a photo, a description and choose from the options below. You're almost there now.
  • 12. Update your Fan Page Publish it so others will see your event.You can also invite friends to your event. .
  • 13. Update your Fan Page When your updates include a link, use the icon to drop the link and avoid the long line of confusing info. See what I mean?
  • 14. Update your Fan Page Keep it clean. No blue url Vs. A blue url Make it about the message keep it visually appealing.
  • 15. Update your Fan Page Add "@" to the update field to create a mention. This will show up on the personal and fan page profile of those you mention.
  • 16. The Note section is a greate way to get the word out about what your organization is doing. Use it like a blog. You might even bring your blog's feed here.
  • 17. You can photos, type out your story, but no video here. Use the "format notes" link to make your notes fresh and visually appealing.
  • 18. Maintaining your Fan Page HTML code is easy to use. Add the code to your note/post, click preview and your off and running. I personally, like to use , but lists, etc. are all helpful additions.
  • 19.
    • 3. Maintain it
  • 20.
    • Set Goals and move toward them.
  • 21.
    • Set Goals and move toward them.
        • More Friends?
  • 22.
    • Set Goals and move toward them.
        • More Friends?
    • use the share this button
    • link to other fan pages/ make them your favorites
    • use the email lists
  • 23.
    • Set Goals and move toward them.
        • Generate Interaction?
  • 24.
    • Set Goals and move toward them.
        • Generate Interaction?
    • hold a contest
    • ask questions
  • 25. Maintaining your Fan Page Use Facebook Insights to ensure that your efforts are helping you achieve your goals.
  • 26. Maintaining your Fan Page
  • 27. Maintaining your Fan Page Mentions, post quality, and Interactions per post are all useful metrics to maintain an awareness and position on.
  • 28. Maintaining your Fan Page Fan count, page views, and media consumption all tell important stories. *Also you can download an Excel, or similar document type, for viewing this metrics.
  • 29.
    • *Extra credit...
    • Planning
    • Testing
    • Continued improvement
  • 30.
    • Q & A
  • 31.
    • Q & A
    • What, if any, are some sticky points you've found in tackling the fan page?
  • 32.
    • Q & A
    • What successes, or points of interest have you found in using a fan page?
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    • Thanks for viewing my slideshow.
    • If your on Twitter,
    • say hi.
    • Twitter:
    • @ChrisDrinkut