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Facebook for Schools - Learn tips and strategies to make your Facebook page one of the most effective tools for engaging families, students, alumni and faculty. From Setting up your page for success, to promoting posts, to measuring your success this presentation has what you need.


  • 1.HOW AND WHY YOUR SCHOOLSHOULD BE USING FACEBOOK Twww.Blackbaud.com/k127/16/2012 1

2. YOUR HOST FOR TODAY Frank Barry Internet Strategy,Blackbaud @franswaa#BBSOCIAL7/16/2012 2 3. WHY FACEBOOK?Think of your Facebook page as anextension of your website. A lot of thesame principals apply.7/16/2012 3 4. WHY FACEBOOK? Facebook: 901M mo. active users 526M daily active users 398M use Facebook 6 of 7 days a week Nonprofits: 98% on Facebook Avg. Com. size of 8k+ 30% Growth YoY Grab Report >http://bit.ly/npsocial7/16/20124 5. SET UP YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR SUCCESSThink of your Facebook page as anextension of your website. A lot of thesame principals apply.7/16/2012 5 6. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR COVER PHOTOYour Facebook cover photo is prime real estate. Think aboutit like you would that area on your main website. Use thatarea to communicate your brand, culture, values and missionin a compelling way. Youve got 2 seconds to grab a theattention your looking for.7/16/2012 6 7. 7/16/2012 7 8. 7/16/2012 8 9. 7/16/2012 9 10. 7/16/2012 10 11. 7/16/2012 11 12. 7/16/2012 12 13. 7/16/2012 13 14. 7/16/2012 14 15. 7/16/2012 15 16. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR COVER PHOTO Make sure the photo is high quality and sized correctly.- Cover photo: 851 x 315- Profile picture: 180 x180 Make sure the photo communicates your brand, culture, mission, values and history.- Show off your campus- Communicate your culture- Highlight what youre known for- Include your students- Show off landmarks- Give parents an idea of the community theyll be joining7/16/201216 17. UPDATE YOUR ABOUT PAGEOne of the first things a new visitor will do on yourpage is check out your profile. Parents are your keyaudience here. Make sure you take full advantage ofthis area.7/16/201217 18. 7/16/2012 18 19. 7/16/2012 19 20. 7/16/2012 20 21. 7/16/2012 21 22. UPDATE YOUR ABOUT PAGE Tell your story (Dont be too wordy, but get enough of the point across so new visitors understand what you do) Add your mission statement Include links to your website and other social networks Make sure to include all your contact info (email, phone, etc) Include calls-to-action just like you might on your website Add milestones Enter your address w/ map7/16/201222 23. FILL IN YOUR HISTORY AND BIG MILESTONESMilestones give you the ability to tell people more about yourschools history. If you havent yet, think of at least five milestonesthat help tell your story then hop over to Facebook and fill themin. Use photos if possible.7/16/2012 23 24. 7/16/2012 24 25. 7/16/2012 25 26. 7/16/2012 26 27. 7/16/2012 27 28. 7/16/2012 28 29. 7/16/2012 29 30. FILL IN YOUR HISTORY AND BIG MILESTONES Date when school was founded Significant accomplishments, awards, recognitions, etc Famous or well know students Launch of new programs, colleges/schools, community work, etc Significant sporting events Graduations New deans, principals, presidents, etc7/16/201230 31. SET UP A FEW APPSApps are Facebooks version of a callto action. Use them to get yourFacebook page visitors to takeactions you want them to take.7/16/201231 32. 7/16/2012 32 33. 7/16/2012 33 34. 7/16/2012 34 35. 7/16/2012 35 36. 7/16/2012 36 37. 7/16/2012 37 38. 7/16/2012 38 39. 7/16/2012 39 40. SET UP A FEW APPS Quick links to key resources News / Important info for students/families Social media policy Special offers, discounts, prizes, etc Custom pages focused on what you know parents/students want Do your best to keep your branding consistent between the cover photo and the app thumbnail images- Thumbnail image for apps: 111 x 747/16/201240 41. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FACEBOOK PAGECover photo make sure youreflect your brand, use the rightsize img and change frequently.Profile pic Keep it simple andtry to contrast your cover photoso it stands out. 180 X 180.About Tell your story as quicklyand briefly as possible. Use Linksand get creative with the space.Apps Or better thought of asyour main Call-to-action buttons.Keep consistent branding, makethem useful to visitors, use theright size images. 111 X 74 dreamgrow.com >http://bit.ly/fb-cheat-sheet7/16/2012 41 42. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR POSTSBefore you can engage alumni onFacebook youve got to build arelationship with them. The best timeto do this is while they are a student.7/16/2012 42 43. 7/16/2012 43 44. PIN YOUR BEST POSTSPinning post allows you to keepyour more important message atthe top of your Facebook pagefor seven days.7/16/2012 44 45. 7/16/2012 45 46. 7/16/2012 46 47. 7/16/2012 47 48. HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEST POSTSHighlighting posts give you the opportunity tomake certain things stand out more thanothers on your Facebook page.7/16/2012 48 49. 7/16/2012 49 50. 7/16/2012 50 51. 7/16/2012 51 52. 7/16/2012 52 53. PROMOTE YOU BEST POSTSPromoting posts give you the opportunityto reach a much larger portion of yourFacebook fan base. You can easily see afifty percent increase.7/16/2012 53 54. WITHOUT PROMOTION7/16/201254 55. PROMOTING A POST7/16/2012 55 56. STATS7/16/201256 57. QUICK METRICS7/16/201257 58. RESULTS7/16/201258 59. UTILIZE FACEBOOK ANALYTICS / INSIGHTSYou should be tracking key metricsfor your Facebook page just like youdo for your main website. See whatworks, what doesnt and how youcan improve.7/16/201259 60. 7/16/2012 60 61. SOME DEFINITIONS People Talking About This (PTAT) The total number of people that have engaged with your page, whether they liked something, commented, shared or answered a question. This assesses engagement beyond the old standards, Likes and clicks. Friends of Fans The aggregate number of friends all your fans have, meaning that each post has the potential to reach these fans (since their Like or comment will go on friends news feed, thus propagating your content). Reach The total number of people who have seen content associated with your page this number offers a sense of how far your message has traveled. Virality The percentage of fans who saw a story from your Page and interacted with it, either by liking, commenting or sharing. Pay attention to your virality percentage to assess engagement and tweak your content.7/16/201261 62. 7/16/2012 62 63. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FANS (A LOT)!New brand pages make fan initiatedengagement take a back seat tobrand initiated engagement. Makesure to actively monitor what yourfans are doing on your page.7/16/201263 64. SOCIAL PROOF7/16/2012 64 65. FAN ACTIVITY7/16/2012 65 66. 7/16/2012 66 67. PROMOTING FAN POSTSAdmin area at top of page > Edit page button > Use Activity Log7/16/2012 67 68. WRAPPING IT UP! Why Facebook? Setting up your Facebook page for success- Get the most out of your cover photo- Update your about page- Fill in your history and milestones- Set up a few Apps Get the most out of your posts- Pinning- Highlighting- Promoting Utilize Facebook Insights Pay attention to your Fans- Social proof- Promoting fan content7/16/201268 69. Thank you!Lets keep the conversation goingfrank.barry@blackbaud.comtwitter.com/franswaaSocial Influencers WhitepaperSocial Network Benchmarkbit.ly/npoSocialArchetypeReport bit.ly/npsocial7/16/2012 69 70. Questions?NetWitsThinkTank.com | Blackbaud.com/k127/16/201270