6 best practices for facebook success

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Facebook Success

Facebook SuccessSocial Media Class | Rector Hayden REALTORSJune Laves


What really makes Facebook so effective for Real Estate Agents?

The Cost per ImpressionBest generation of website traffic68% of ALL Americans use Facebook, and more than 75% of those Facebook users interact with the site DAILY.Worldwide, there are over 1.23 billion daily active Facebook users. And 1.15 billion of those access it from their mobile device!



6 Best Practices for Facebook


No.1POST EVERY DAYEvidence that shows daily posting increases engagement and fan growth.Regular, consistent posting will increase your pages search result ranking.TIP: Consider using the built in scheduling tool under PUBLISHING TOOLS for your page.[ see example ]


No.2USE FACEBOOK AS YOUR BUSINESS PAGEEngage with other pages as your business page WEEKLYThis increases camaraderie, karma, and exposes your organization to other people more effectively!TIP: Check in to Rector Hayden as your business page during an event!TIP: Check in as your page during a closing, vendor meet, or agent networking event.[see example]


No.3BUILD COMMUNITYUtilize the TAG Feature and HASHTAG FeatureEspecially if youre recommending or if you are actively at an event with another business tag them! Then their fans will see your business!TIP: Utilize the @ symbol and the page ID/name to tag an account. Tag vendors during an event, competitors during a joint closing, local politicians, related entities when sharing articlesTIP: Use locally strong hashtags on relevant content, like #RHRFamily or #ShareTheLex[see example]


No.4ALWAYS HAVE VISUALSNever post to your business page with JUST text. You will see a drastic reduction in engagement.Visual Media includes, but is not limited to: photos, infographics, videos, slideshows, interactive links to websites, gifs, memes, emojis, etc.TIP: Use Your Imprev Account to create graphics or media for your facebook page[see example]


No.5PROVIDE YOUR OWN INSIGHTDont leave your links naked!When sharing content from other Facebook accounts or articles online, always add in your own insight. TIP: Answer these questions:Why are you sharing this?What makes it important?Can I summarize or simplify the main idea?[see example]


No.6BE RESPONSIVEFacebook is not a Set-It and Forget-It StrategyCheck your notifications and messages as often as you are able so that you do not miss lead opportunities or a chance to build a customer relationship.TIP: Install the Facebook PAGES app on your smartphone and see PAGE notifications separate from the hub-bub of personal Facebook.[see example]