7 Steps To Facebook Ads Success

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<ol><li> 1. Facebook Ads How To Add Payment Methods and Managers </li><li> 2. Step One Click On Ads Manager </li><li> 3. Step 2 Select Proper Account </li><li> 4. Step 3 Click on Billing and then Payment Methods </li><li> 5. Step 4 Enter Credit Card or PayPal Information </li><li> 6. Step 5 Click on Settings Scroll Down To Add an Account Admin/Manager </li><li> 7. Step 6 Determine if you want this person to be an Admin, Advertiser, or Analyst You can add someone youre friends with on Facebook or by their email address TIP: Youll need to give someone at least Advertiser status if you want them to create and manage an ad campaign. </li><li> 8. Step 7 Sit back and enjoy success because youve hired KimberMedia to rock your Facebook advertising. </li></ol>