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    ALUMNO RESIDENTE: Gomez Antonella Beln

    Perodo de Prctica: Nivel Secundario

    Institucin Educativa: Instituto Mara Auxiliadora

    Direccin: Marcelino Crespo 20 Carmen de Patagones

    Sala / Grado / Ao - seccin: 5to B Naturales

    Cantidad de alumnos: 16

    Nivel lingstico del curso: pre-intermedio

    Tipo de Planificacin: Clase

    Unidad Temtica: problemas y consejos

    Clase N: 01

    Fecha: 17/10/2016

    Hora: 08:30 hs.

    Duracin de la clase: 60 minutos

    Fecha de entrega: 14/10/2016


    During this lesson students will be able to:

    Learn new vocabulary related to illnesses.

    Give pieces of advice on different problems using should/shouldnt

    Teaching points: language focus


    REVISION Giving advice You should go to the doctor.

    You shouldnt eat too much chocolate.

    Should I call him?


    NEW Illnesses and symptoms


    Comentario [A1]: Which skills will be developed?

    Comentario [A2]: Context?

    Comentario [A3]: Context? Are you using the right phoneme?

  • (backache, cold, cough, earache, headache, rash, sore throat, stomach ache, temperature, toothache)

    Teaching approach

    The lesson will be organized through PPP procedure.

    Integration of skills: What skills will be integrated and how?

    Students will practisce speaking through the use of short dialogues, and reading and writing in

    order to give advice.


    Board, chalk, cards with discussion questions, students book (Champions 3 - Oxford),

    dialogues and pieces of advice for activity 1, copies of the Aagony Aaunt reading

    comprehension exercise and pictures for the closure game.

    Seating Arrangement

    They will sit facing the board and they will form two groups for the closure exercise.

    Possible problems/difficulties and their possible solutions during class

    They might be a bit reluctant to speak. Ill encourage them to participate as actively as



    Ill assess their use of the target structure during the different exercises.

    Routine 3

    Ill say hello to students and Ill copy the date on the board.

    Warm-up 10

    Purpose: To review should/shouldnt to give advice.

    Ill take cards that contain different problems and or situations. Ill read them out loud one by one. Students will have to give some advice using should/shouldnt.

    What are some things you should do to improve your English?

    I want to make a lot of money, give me some advice.

    What should politicians do to make your country a better place? What should ordinary people do?

    I just saw a man stealing a womans purse, what should I do?

    What should people do to be happy? I want to be healthier, give me some advice.

    Comentario [A4]: Why dont you have students taking the cards and reading them out loud? Thus, they will participate more actively.

    Comentario [A5]: What will you say to introduce the activity? You must set the context.

  • Questions taken from:

    Transition: Very good, now lets open the book on page 30.

    Presentation 5

    Purpose: to introduce new vocabulary related to illnesses and symptoms.

    T: Now, youll match the pictures with the correct words from the box.

    Once theyve finished well correct it orally.

    Transition: Now, look at these dialogues.


    Activity 1 (10)

    Purpose: to review should/shouldnt using the new vocabulary.

    Ill stick on the board the following dialogues.

    A: Whats the matter?

    B: I dont feel well. Ive got an earache.

    A: Poor you! You should go to the doctors.

    A: Whats wrong?

    B: I dont feel well. Ive got a bad rash.

    A: Oh dear. You should use some cream.

    Comentario [A6]: You may tell them that, to keep on giving pieces of advice, they need to open their books at page 30.

    Comentario [A7]: You can ask students what those pictures have in common, so as to elicit the word illnesses.

  • Ill ask two students to volunteer to read them.

    Then Ill stick these ideas as pieces of advice.

    Drink a lot of water

    Go to bed

    Go to the dentists/doctors

    Have a throat lozenge


    Stay at home

    Take a pain killer

    Take some cough/cold medicine

    Use an ice pack

    Use some cream.

    Well go through them one by one so that I assure they know everything on the list.

    T: Taking these two dialogues as models, youll have to invent some dialogues among yourselves, using the new vocabulary and these pieces of advice.

    Transition: Now, lets read about some peoples problems.

    Activity 2 (7)

    Purpose: to read and match the problems with the pieces of advice.

    T: There are five people who have written to the Aagony Aaunt in a magazine. (Ill ask them if they know what the agony aunt is.) Youll have to read and find out who wrote the problems by matching them with the correct piece of advice.

    I never have any money

    and am always broke. As

    soon as I get my pocket

    money, I spend it the first

    time I go out.

    My parents dont like my friends.

    They blame them for everything

    that goes wrong. They say I have

    to stop going out with them. What

    should I do?

    Some people told me my

    brother has some new friends

    who are often in trouble with

    the police. Do you think I

    should tell my parents?

    Im very overworked. Ive got a full

    time job and two children, but my

    wife never helps with any

    household jobs and never looks

    after the children. Its so unfair!

    I moved here two months ago

    and still dont know anyone apart

    from the people I work with. I

    dont like discos, so I find it very

    hard to meet people.

    Dear Tim,

    You should stop feeling sorry for

    yourself and do something about

    the problem. Why dont you

    invite somebody from work for a

    coffee or join a sports club?

    Dear Ken,

    I wouldnt say anything about

    this for the moment, if I were you.

    Perhaps what you heard is not

    true. You should first speak to

    your brother.

    Dear Andrew,

    You should ask your wife to help

    with housework. If she doesnt

    want to, you should leave her at

    once or youll be a slave all your


    Comentario [A8]: You may brainstorm some possible problems for those pieces of advice.

    Comentario [A9]: What will you say in case they dont know?

    Comentario [A10]: There are some words they might not know, such as blame, broke, pocket money, overworked, household How are you planning to deal with them?

  • Before they start matching well read every extract together so that I make sure everyone understands everything.

    Once theyve finished well check it orally.

    Taken from:


    Transition: Now, youll be agony aunts!

    Activity 3 (15)

    Purpose: To write short problems and advise their classmates on others.

    T: In a piece of paper, youll write a short problem. When everyone has finished, youll give those pieces of paper to me. Ill mix them up and Ill hand out themthem out again. Youll have to be the agony aunt of your classmate.

    When they have finished they will read the problem and the advice.

    Transition: Now lets make two groups.

    Closure 10

    Purpose: To give a closure to the lesson.

    Ill take pictures for the following words








    Sore throat

    Stomach ache


    T: Without looking, a member of your group will have to take a card and stick it onto their forehead. (Ill show them what to do) The rest of the group will have to give clues so that the person that has the card guesses the word.

    Clues can be pieces of advice or a description of the word, but you cannot mention the word or part of it.

    Ill say good bye to students.

    Dear Paul,

    This is a problem a lot of people have.

    Perhaps you shouldnt take all your

    money with you when you go out.

    Another good thing is to keep an

    account of what you spend every day.

    Dear Jenny,

    You should take your friends home so that

    your parents can get to know them better.

    However, perhaps your parents are right

    and your friends are nothing but trouble.

    Think it over before you decide.

    Comentario [A11]: If they dont, what will you do?

    Comentario [A12]: You must include them here.

    Comentario [A13]: You can model the activity first.

  • Lesson plan component

    Excellent 5

    Very Good 4

    Good 3

    Acceptable 2

    Below Standard 1

    Visual organization x

    Learning aims x

    Variety of resources Learning styles


    Stages and activities x

    Teaching strategies x

    Class. management strategies


    Language accuracy x

    Observations Minimum score: 21 / 35 Score: __21__ /35 = 6 Interesting activities, Anto! You are really resourceful. You should work harder on learning aims. Remember they are supposed to describe the skills students will develop throughout the lesson. As well as this