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  • AIESEC is an international, independent, not-for-prot, non-political organization run

    by students and recent graduates at institutions of higher education across 124

    countries and territories. Our platform provides our members with an integrated

    development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international

    internships, and a global learning environment. AIESEC also seeks to develop

    relationships with various organizations aiming at interacting with its top-talented youth membership base, physically and

    virtually through value-based partnerships. The organization was founded in Western

    Europe in 1948 at the end of World War II to promote cross-cultural understanding and leadership to youth as a means to a avoid another conict, and has since provided

    membership experience to over one million alumni worldwide. Our exchange and

    membership programs have been endorsed by the United Nations, multiple US presidents, CEOs of multinational

    corporations and leaders of top-level human development organizations.

    For more information on AIESEC:

  • Our Global Talent Program combines cultural immersion with professional development to provide an impactful experience. Most opportunities have a long-term duration of six to twelve months and are categorized based on profession; the top three elds for interns from the UNSW are Marketing, Sales, and Teaching. Students with a background or vested interest in these elds can choose from over 3,000 opportunities on our internal platform. Our various partners and positions all provide participants with the skills they desire and need in the global workplace.

    DiscoverGo to or contact a local committee near you to learn more about our programs.

    ApplyApply to become an ofcial AIESEC exchange participant. Local committees are responsible for the applicant selection process.

    ExploreSearch for and apply to an AIESEC-exclusive opportunity from our database of over 12,000 programs worldwide.

    MatchOnce accepted and

    matched to a specic internship, conrm your

    dates and book your ights.

    PrepareAttend an ofcial

    Outgoing Preparation Seminar to be lead by your local committee.

    ImpactTravel to your internship destination and begin a

    life-changing experience abroad.

    Internship placement is based on primarily on personal and professional qualications in the specic area the opportunity covers. Internships are not guaranteed and the best way to ensure youre matched to your ideal internship is to keep in contact with your local committee and meet all deadlines set.

  • Recent graduates entering the workplace are seeing difculty in nding work because of this generations great lack of relevant sales experience. Sales is the frontline of action for a rm to establish partnerships and produce results. Our goal is to nd bright individuals ready to take on new challenges, especially in the international sector. Interns in this eld will get the chance to contribute directly to the bottom line by performing corporate research and selling directly to consumer, commercial, and/or industrial clients.

    Some countries tend to feature more of one type of program and some internships have roles that spread across more than just one category. With AIESEC, theres no limit to where your experience can take you.

    Marketing is part creativity and part logic; combining aesthetic with a strong message for a companys target audience. An understanding of a product positioning is key to this eld and interns can expect to build upon previous experience. Those that take on these opportunities can choose to work in graphic design, product design, branding, advertising, web development, and/or social media. In the more operational sense, there are also internships available that deal in buyer behavior, lead generation, process optimization, and strategic planning.

    AIESEC is a worldwide leader in providing international teaching opportunities since its inception. Education interns can provide a major impact to the local community by fostering cultural understanding, improving basic work skills, or creating passion for a second language. These opportunities are the most abundant and available in the AIESEC network and are necessary for developing countries as an investment in human capital.

    Providing young avid students with the potential to have practical experience in the world of information technology. IT interns are given the ability to exercise their knowledge practically whether it be programming, networking or software development. The AIESEC network provides an array of potential for IT interns giving you the flexibility to pick the internship that most suits your skillset.

  • Below weve selected three internships that are currently available. You can check out more opportunities for free at

    lighthouse indepedent mediasingapore

    Description: Lighthouse Independent Media is a growth company. Leaders in business publishing in Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently, Malaysia, our aim over the next few years is to expand our market-leading brands across Asia Pacific and into North America and Europe.Requirements: Can apply themselves into the field of market research to support the expansion of their database. Has some basic event management skills if needed for conferences.Duration: 3 to 12 months

    ups singapore

    Description: A multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. United Parcel Service Inc., is a global company with one of the most recognised brands in the world.Requirements: Be able to manage rate increase projects and determines financial impact of rate initiatives and other revenue enhancement projects.Duration: 6 to 12 months

    Deloitte Colombia

    Description: Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients.Requirements: Teaching English to groups with different communicative objectives in the same class.Duration: 2 to 12 months

    Housing for interns may or may not be provided depending on the specications of the program. If the housing is not provided, housing will be arranged for interns and they will be responsible for that cost.

    Tata consultancyindia

    Description: Tata Consultancy Services is leading IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.Requirements: Looking for interns for software development that's able with Java, C/C++ or .Net technologies.Duration: 6 to 12 months









    The ten countries above represent some of the top quality internship opportunities available in the 124 country and territory* AIESEC network. While most programs last nine to twelve months, they can be as long as 18 months. Some Teaching internships can be as short as six to ten weeks in duration.

    *While AIESEC is present in over 124 countries and territories, the realty of being offered an internship in aspecic country is relative to ones professional qualications. Many internships in Western Europe, for example, may require at least a bachelors degree and work experience before an applicant will be considered.


    FEES & COSTSAll programs require a $150 registration fee upon local committee application approval. Once a contract has been signed between the Exchange Participant and the organization hosting the internship, participants are then charged an additional program fee of $700 once participants are matched. AIESEC does not cover ights, visas, and/or any required vaccinations.






  • "AIESEC opens the world up to young people, and it opened it up for me. Through their programs, work opportunities, conferences and outreach they surmount cultural barriers and foster a deeper and more meaningful sense of global possibility. My time in AIESEC brought tremendous growth for me, and through it I saw how so many of our problems and challenges, as well as our blessings and strengths, are universal for people around the globe. It is a special fellowship, one of purpose and vision, and proof of its sustained value can be found in the fact that the rst class 50 years ago had less than 100 students enrolled in it and now AIESEC is in almost 100 countries. I will always be grateful for what I learned both through the people who ran the programs and my peers in them.

    Secretary of State John Kerry AIESEC intern to Switzerland through AIESEC Yale, Yale Class of 1966

    "In our experience AIESEC students possess exactly the qualities we are looking for: international and intercultural awareness, integrity, intuition and communication skills. We are always happy to have talented, committed and open-minded AIESEC students on internships with us and to share their spirit which enriches the corporate culture tremendously."

    Peter Wufi Group CEO, UBS

    "For more than thirty years, PricewaterhouseCoopers has been a proud supporter of AIESEC. At present, PricewaterhouseCoopers partnership with AIESEC involves over 50 territories and is constantly proving successful. Leading in our business means being able to foster positive change by managing complex situations on a global scale. In order to achieve this, we need t