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<p>Diapositiva 1</p> <p>TALENT EDUCATION</p> <p>TM Flow</p> <p>This process increases the skills and knowledge of our members through a mix of theoretical and experience based learning.</p> <p>The LC EB &amp; coordinators contributes to the learning of members as they train members on-the-job for their role in the functional team.</p> <p>Talent Education</p> <p>Increase retention rate of newly recruited membersIncrease members knowledge so that they can performDeliver on promises to provide opportunities for members to gain knowledge, skills and competencies in AIESECDecrease learning curve timelineEngage externals for relevant training sessions: presentation skills, sells skills, networking, effective communication, working with a team, project management etcObjectives</p> <p>Ways to deliver education5</p> <p>A LEC is a structured set of learning events that are provided to members during their AIESEC Experience. What is a LEC?</p> <p>Simple to useAdaptable to ypur LCHelp focus your TM PlansDoes not change your current structureIncreases efficiency without reinventing the wheelWill help drive Xactivity in your LCDefined timelines (roles &amp; areas)Why use the LEC?</p> <p>LEC Content</p> <p>Divided by areasTimelines by RoleFNZOGIPMKTTMIGCDPIGIPOGCDPARSKILLS</p> <p>GOLDEN RULE</p> <p>jeovana.mendez@aiesec.netFor any doubts ask the National Training Team:</p>