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  1. 1. c Access Untapped Talent Global Talent Sourcing Program
  2. 2. For 50 years we have been helping Australian businesses grow by providing them with the talent they need. Inthepast10yearsalone,AIESEChasassistedover200 Australianorganisationsgrow,expandinternationally and deliver projects by providing 400 top recent graduates and undergraduates from 113 countries to fill 8 week to 12 month contract work placements. These placements have ranged from helping Wesley Mission fill a short term position by providing a high quality human resource officer, to simplifying the risk reporting process in GE Australia by sourcing a skilled financial specialist. We believe that by facilitating and participating in our Global Talent Sourcing Program, we are able to develop globally minded, adaptable and purpose driven young leaders, and hence strive for our vision: Peace & Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential. 50Years
  3. 3. How we can help Customise the right talent solution for your organisations. Experience the AIESEC difference Why hundreds before you chose to work with us. Our supply analysis and pricing Sample job descriptions About AIESEC A breakdown of our talent supply based on background and region. How we have helped other organisations in Australia. A little more about us. Contents
  4. 4. International Operations and Expansion We help businesses expand abroad, grow their operations overseas and foster international relations by sourcing talent from the target countries. Their local market knowledge and language fluency can provide your business with: Cultural understanding and insight into local business and social attitudes Local market buying behaviour and competitive insight Understanding of government, regulatory and legal environments TCS today operates in 6 continents and 42 countries which makes it a truly global entity. The partnership with AIESEC offers increased competitiveness through easy access to global talent, skills and market awareness. Yogesh Thakoor, Global Head of Resource Management Group, TATA Consultancy Services Furthermore, we can support your overseas expansion by facilitating Australian based training of foreign staff, repatriation into the local market and retention. AIESEC is a unique opportunity for Husqvarna AB to get access to young talents in countries where we dont have local HR departments. We can easily contact countries that are new for us. Patrik Birgander- HR Director/Talent Management, Husqvarna Short Term HR Solutions Given the length and lead time of our placements, we enable our partners to implement short term HR solutions for their short term needs, such as seasonal peak times or projects. Our contract work placements can provide your business with: Easy management of peak demand periods Management of gaps during permanent staff leave (e.g. annual, long service, maternity, or other) Efficient support for projects Low risk of engaging new staff The AIESEC internship program is the only structured way we recruit new graduates on a global level for short-term assignments. Ann Gardmark- Global Talent Manager, Electrolux AIESEC Interns at DP DHL How we can help
  5. 5. Special Skills We help our partners easily source staff with specific skills. Our large pool of available talent can help your business by providing: Specific language or technical skills (Java or PHP) Sourcing high demand skills with low Australian supply I have always been impressed by the skills and drive of our AIESEC interns. Since 2003, their can-do attitude, relentless energy and curiosity have been witnessed by many of our employees. Sylvie Laffarage, Director Community Affairs, Microsoft EMEA Diversity & Innovation The unique international perspective of our internsenablesourpartnerstogainnewideasand knowledge from different markets. Our proactive people have a unique set of entrepreneurial mindset and soft skills, which AIESEC members gain from their experiences in our organisation. Having personally worked with a significant number of AIESEC trainees and alumni in the past year, I have witnessed how they challengeexistingorganizationalviews,introduce new ideas and display relentless energy. Karel De Baere Global Information Leader, PWC Sourcing Volunteers & Corporate Social Responsibility We help our fellow not-for-profit organisations source enthusiastic volunteers. Being a volunteer organisation ourselves, we understand the value of engaging people who are driven to make a positive impact in society - especially with limited resources. AIESEC offers Artemisia access to a global network of young people with entrepreneurial competencies and a passion to make the world a better place. Gabriel Alba, Artemisia As a not-for-profit organisation, we enable our corporate partners to visibly give back to the community and promote the values of responsible leadership. The Microsoft and AIESEC partnership thrives on common values and shared purpose: helping people realize their potential. Stephanie Raymond, Microsoft How we can help
  6. 6. The AIESEC Difference Our large talent pool ensures that we find people with the desired skills and background for your organisation. We specialise in sourcing passionate, young talent with backgrounds in: IT, business administration, finance/accounting and marketing. Large Talent Pool In a global economic climate of change, accesstolargepoolofinnovative,globally-minded and value-driven young people is attractive. AIESEC helps considerably in satisfying the ongoing recruitment hunger of our organisation. Karel De Baere Global Information Leader, PWC Acquiring staff is effortless for you, as AIESEC provides all logistical and legal assistance. You select the person and we take care of the rest. Ontopofsponsoringandprocessing the416visa, we organise pickup from the airport, we help the employeeobtainaTaxFileNumber,bankaccount, accommodation, mobile phone, transportation, and we provide cultural orientation. End to End Solution We also engage AIESEC relocation services to leverage the resources of local offices and provide an effective mobility platform for our participants. Axelle Detry, Early Talent Manager, Ingersoll Rand For a competitive administration fee you can access a pool of high quality talent at, or often below, market salary. Cost Effective Costs of the placements to host organisations are very competitive, especially for a Not-for-Profit like Earthwatch. Dorota Laughlin, Head of Business and Finance, Earthwatch Fast Delivery Our constant access to over 5000 candidates ensures that we find the right person at the right time for you. Moreover, the 8-12 weeks lead time makes AIESEC a quick solution to your current needs. Most importantly, the profiles are diverse and AIESEC can provide us these talents with flexible time lines which address our talent needs any time throughout the year. AbidHussein,VicePresidentCorporateProcurement GroundFleetinEurope,DHLGlobalBusinessServices
  7. 7. Process You develop the desired talent profileandestablishatimeline. The outlined requirements are specified in the contract. Exchange Contract YourCompany Talent Selection You select the candidate from the shortlist through your method of choice, and AIESEC will notifiy the selected individual. During Placement Youensureafulfillingexperience for the new employee. AIESEC Talent Sourcing We upload the placement opening to our exclusive database. Pre-selected candidates apply for the available placement through our online platform. We screen, interview and shortlist the candidates with desired profiles.We provide up to 3 shortlists, each consisting of 5 suitable candidates. Shortlisting Visa Processing Employee Arrival We sponsor the 416 visa and manage the process of all necessary documentation, including health insurance. We will pick up the employee upon arrival. We also support them in obtaining a Tax File Number, accommodation, a bank account, etc. Integration and ongoing support We accompany the new employee on their first day of work, we also provide ongoing support and integration with the local community, 24-hour emergency contact, and conduct evaluations with your company and the employee throughout the whole duration of the placement. 1st week 2nd - 4th week 4th - 6th week 8th - 12th week
  8. 8. POLAND - Total 285 CHINA- Total 200 BRAZIL - Total 365 COLOMBIA - Total 240 USA- Total 155 MEXICO Total 165 GERMANY - Total 185 RUSSIA- Total 190 CANADA- Total 120 UKRAINE - Total 120 T s AIESEC Presence Top 15 Talent Providers Information Technology % Business Administration Finance/Accounting Marketing 34 25 17 10 32 26 17 11 2221 11 18 32 27 14 15 29 21 7 21 29 24 6 14 31 1910 21 2521 17 14 31 25 9 15 2726 11 19 ROMANIA- Total 120 33 13 26 12 TURKEY- Total 115 31 1515 27 ITALY- Total 90 10 33 17 23 TUNISIA- Total 120 31 1714 24 INDIA Total 95 33 191621 Corporate* The minimum gross annual salary to be paid to the intern is $35,000 as required by the government. a salary or provided with food and accommodation. The minimum stipend for AIESEC volunteers is $300 (set by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship). *The total fee will be split into two installments. The initial fee will be invoiced upon signing the contract ($1,000).The second fee will be invoiced upon selection of the employee by the organisation. Per Intern(+GST) 1 to 2 3 to 5 6 to 10 2 - 5 Months $2500 $2250 $2000 6-12 Months $3500 $3150 $2800 Pricing charged at a standard rate and is used to fund our processes related to our talent sourcing.
  9. 9. Top Supply in Accounting (%) Auditing Cost Accounting Financial Accounting Introductory Accounting Managerial Accounting Others 9% 14% 26% 20% 16%15% Information Technology Business Administration Finance/Accounting Marketing Others *5,000+ candidates in total Global Talent Distribution in Background (%)* 30% 25% 15% 15% 15