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Prnu Finantskonverents 2012 - Uus normaalsus. Rahvusvahelise majandustudengite organisatsiooni AIESEC tvahetusprogrammCalin Lupo


  • 1. AIESEC Global Talent Program

2. What is AIESEC?One of the largest youth organizations in theworld 113 countries and territories More than 70,000 active members Over 900,000 alumni2 3. Our visionPeace and fulfillment ofhumankindspotential 3 4. The way we do itWe provide young people with anintegrated development experiencecomprised ofleadership opportunities international internships and participation in aglobal learning environment4 5. How we workJust like a multinational company Marketing ProjectsSales FinanceHR Global Internships 5 6. Even though we are global6 7. But who am I?Clin Lupo26 Engineer5 70+ 40+ 20+ 164 7 8. 8 9. Your access to talentHow talent can positivelyinfluence your companyand employees9 10. Your access to talentIn EstoniaWith the AIESEC network 9 Universities 2,100 Universities 70,000 students 70,000 active members Millions of students10 11. Why? Estonian companies Estonian market Estonian employees Estonian education system Estonian working experience 11 12. Why?Your companyYour employees An international Spice up your workingperspective can makeenvironmentyour business more Make your employeescompetitive more innovative and help Diverse education them generate new ideasbackground Increase the language Specialized expertise skills of your employees Multilingual skills Its simply fun andinteresting12 13. Some myths1. I cant afford it2. Internationals dont add much to the team3. Estonian employees are enough4. Its complicated to bring them to Estonia5. There will be a language barrier6. We will be taking jobs away from Estonians13 14. Our credentials? 16,000+ Internships a year globally 5000+ partners around the world14 15. 15 16. Karel De Baere PwC | Territory Senior Partner Chairman I have personally worked with a significant number of AIESEC trainees and alumni in the past years and have witnessed how they challenge existing organisational views, introduce new ideas and display relentless energy.For these reasons, I feel that the PwC global network canonly gain from this relationship and therefore I bothendorse the partnership with AIESEC and stronglyencourage you to work with AIESEC wherever possible.claudia.calinescu@pwc.be16 17. How does it all work? We have our team of consultants Identify the need Put together the JD and requirements Answer all your questions 17 18. How does it all work? We have the JD and requirements?1. We start short listing2. You get CVs to analyze and make the selection3. We take care of all the paperwork 18 19. How does it all work?Intern startswork Legal procedures Selection Setting the profile19 20. THANK YOU! Clin Lupo President of AIESEC in Estoniacalin.lupo@aiesec.net20