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Jean Jacques Rousseau. By: Cammie Smith, Annie Fox, Allegra Craver, and Lizzy Alban. Biography. Birth: Geneva, Switzerland June 28, 1712 Upbringing: Isaac Rousseau- clockmaker Suzanne Bernard- died July 7th, 1712 Raised by father Isaac left Geneva Raised by Uncle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean Jacques RousseauBy: Cammie Smith, Annie Fox, Allegra Craver, and Lizzy AlbanBiographyBirth: Geneva, Switzerland June 28, 1712Upbringing:Isaac Rousseau- clockmakerSuzanne Bernard- died July 7th, 1712Raised by fatherIsaac left GenevaRaised by UncleSent to study in Bosey with cousin1725: apprenticeship as an engraver1728: left Geneva and went to France

Post-Adolescence and Adulthood1728: became secretary to Madame Louise de WarensHelped develop his taste for music1732: worked as a music teacher in Chambery, France1740: worked as a tutor1742: moved to Paris, became a musician and composer

Biography (Cont.)1742: met and befriended Denis Diderot1745: moved back to Paris (after living in Venice for two years)Became a music teacher1768: married Therese LevasseurHad five children with herDeath: Ermenonville, France July 2, 1778Biography (Cont.)Education:Little formal educationFather taught him to readFamous Works:1750: Discourse on the Arts and Sciences1761: Julie or the New Heloise1762: The Social Contract1762: Emile, or on Education

Biography (Cont.)State of natureIntellectual exercise, meant to observe human natureTrying to imagine man without society, or cultureHumans in their most natural stateRousseaus BeliefsHuman nature is similar to animal natureTwo main things set man apart from animals1) Free Agency -Perfectibility: natural openness to change -Human nature has always changed over time and will always change2) Compassion-Man is the sensitive creature therefore they are naturally goodRousseaus State of NatureAccording to Rousseau society causes man to lose their natural goodness. The civilized man is greedy and calculating.Why?1) Property-Market based economy created inequalities amongst human beings *These inequalities cause man to be greedy and calculating-Property is the basis of society therefore society is what causes man to lose its natural goodness2) Inequality-The true cause of all our discontent-Amour propre: inspires man to value him/her self more than others*Pride, vanity, contempt, shame envy*Born out of comparison, and awareness of the difference

How did society make man bad?Representative VS. Direct DemocracyRepresentativeDirectCitizens vote for a small group of people to represent them in governmentALL citizens are involved in making governmental decisionsCitizens have to trust the group to make the right decisionsEveryone gets a direct sayExample: British government today. Citizens elect members of Parliament to make decisionsExample: New England town meetings. Anyone can come and have their voice be heard in the decision making processMain ideasAll people must enter a social contractForfeit some rights for the communityEvery man having been born free and master of himself, no one else may under any pretext whatever subject him without his consent. To assert that the son of a slave is born a slave is to assert that he is not born a man.Gov. acts for the best of the GENERAL WILLIf Gov. does not protect and act in best interest of the people, the people have the right to overthrow and replace that gov.

The Social Contract (1762)English gov. not acting in the best interest of the colonists they should have the right to overthrow them and replace it with their own.

Idea of General Will = democracy

Influence on Americas Separation from England