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    Fifthdemocratic electionmarks20yearsofdemocracy

    Makhosini Daphi ready to cast his

    vote at Mthatha City Hall on

    Monday. More than 3.2 million

    people in the Eastern Cape were

    registered to cast their votes on

    Wednesday in South Africas fifth

    democratic election. Votes could be

    cast at more than 4 600 voting

    stations, four mobile voting stations,

    58 voting centres and 179 tempo

    rary voting stations throughout the

    province. The provincial results

    operation centre is based at the

    Regent Hotel in East London.

    Political parties contesting the

    elections have been allocated space

    to observe the proceedings. The

    elections were contested by 18

    political parties in the province.

    Buffalo City Metro had the highest

    number of special votes totaling

    6 409, followed by Nelson Mandela

    Bay Metro with 3 380 special votes,

    Nyandeni, Mbhashe and Mnquma

    municipalities respectively. Election

    results will be released during the

    course of the day. Visit www.isoex- for the latest results and

    election news.



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    May 8, 2014

    Isolomzi Express


    LIEUTENANT Colonel Tammie Xakwe has

    retired from the South African Police Servic-

    es after serving in the police for 38 years.

    He was the head of support services when

    he retired in March after serving the people

    of South Africa faithfully.

    He worked in various towns of the former

    Transkei until the former homeland police

    forcewas re-incorporated into theSouthAfri-

    can Police Services in 1995.

    Lt Colonel Xakwe was also a rugby player

    for the Comrades RFC, where he played wing

    and got the nickname of Speedo as hewas one

    of the fastest players on the field.

    During his farewell speech, Lt Colonel Xak-

    we warned SAPS members to be honest and

    work hand in glove with community mem-


    SAPS employees should enjoy their time

    during working hours as they spend most of

    their time at work, he said.

    Lt Colonel retiresafter38years

    Lt Colonel Tammi Xakwe making a speech during his farewell party. PHOTO SUPPLIED


    THEDepartment of Trade and Industry (Dti)

    has published regulations for the removal of

    Adverse Credit Information, which as of

    April 2014 indicated that all adverse infor-

    mation of a consumer who had paid up their

    debt be removed from credit bureaux.

    Siphamandla Kumkani, Dti Director for

    Credit Law and Policy, said the regulation

    applies to people considered to be slow pay-

    ers, defaulters, those who have absconded,

    those who are not contactable, or accounts

    which had been handed over to lawyers for

    legal action. Credit bureaux are required to

    remove such information from the payment

    profile of the consumer.

    We encourage people to consult credit bu-

    reaux and credit providers to negotiate new

    payment terms and continue paying and

    honouring their debts, said Kumkani.

    In respect of paid-up judgements, the gov-

    ernment is saying that the credit bureaux

    are required, upon receipt of proof of settle-

    ment of the judgement, to remove that judge-

    ment from their records within seven days.

    In terms of the new regulations, consum-

    ers are no longer required to go to court to

    have their judgement removed and also to

    wait for more than five years to be cleared

    as per the previous legislation, he said.

    Dti Minister Rob Davies, said last month

    in Port St Johns, it had been noted that in

    several cases, bad credit records of consum-

    ers that have paid up their debt, still re-

    mained blacklisted by credit bureaux and

    that proper affordability assessments to ac-

    quire debt had not been done.

    Weneed to clear the slate aswe introduce

    a new system through the new bill. What we

    are saying is that adverse terminology thats

    applied to people must be removed as well

    as the names of all people that have paid up

    a judgement against them, said Minister


    Davies announced that, as of April 1, cred-

    it bureaux were prohibited from displaying

    or providing information that ought to have

    been removed in terms of the notice.

    Removal of credit info nowa reality

    Siphamandla Kumkani, Dti Director for Credit

    Law and Policy.


    In accordance with the

    editorial policy of the

    Isolomzi Express, we invite

    readers to comment on

    mistakes in the newspa-

    per and shall correct

    significant errors as soon

    as possible. Send info to

    the Ombudsman of

    Media24s Local Press,

    George Claassen, at

    george.claas- or call

    him at 0 021 851 3232.

    Readers can also contact

    the SA Press Ombudsman

    at 0 011 484 3612/8 or

    e-mail ombudsman@press-



    BUTTERWORTH Police have opened an in-

    quest docket following the discovery of hu-

    man remains that were identified as that of

    Anelisiwe Ngubo (7) from Butterworth who

    was reported missing in February 2013.

    Mandiscovers human remains of a young girl


    AMAPOLISA anga phantsi kweButter-

    worth Cluster alu mkisa abantu base tyhini

    ngobu ngozi boku vula emnyango xa kukho

    umntu onkqonkqozayo ebusuku. Nto leyo

    eyenza ukuba babe kukutya kweza phuli


    Kwakhona baphinde babe ngamaxhoba

    Abasetyhinimabohlukanenokuvula iminyangoebusuku-Manatha

    odlwengulo kulo mkhwa wabo wokuvulela

    abantu abankqonkqozayo.

    Oku kuvezwe ngosisithethi samapolisa

    eGcuwa, uCaptain Jackson Manatha kulan-

    dela isiganeko sokuvalelwa kwe ndoda ene

    minyaka eyi-29 yakwi lali yase R7 eMgo-

    manzi Village kwidolophu yase Gcuwa nge-

    tyala lokudlwengula umama one minyaka

    eyi-57 ubudala ngosuku loku bhiyozelwa

    kwenkululeko (umhla we-April 27).

    Ngokwe ngxelo eyenziwe ngosisithethi

    samapolisa uCaptainManatha umrhanelwa

    kuvakala ukuba uye wankonkqoza endlwi-

    ni yexhoba, nalapho liye lavula ze wangena

    sele exhobe ezingovolo ngemela.

    Ngexesha kuse nzeka esi siganeko ix-

    hoba eli belihleli nabantwana balo.

    Uthe waku ngena ngaphakathi

    umrhanelwa wadlwengula ixhoba ze akug-

    qiba ukuzo Nelisa, waphuma wahamba

    wayi shiya lo ndawo yexhwayelo, kubeka

    uCaptain Manatha.

    UManatha uthe ixhoba elo, likwazile uku-

    ba lixele esi siganeko kumapolisa aseGcuwa

    nalapho amapolisa athe alandela ekhond-

    weni lika mrhanelwa. Ukanti umrhanelwa

    ubanjwe kwangolo suku lokwe nzeka kwesi


    Kulindeleke ukuba avele kunge kudala

    phambi kwenkundla kaMantyi eGcuwa.

    It is alleged that on April 26 a man who

    was looking for cattle in the bushy area of

    Mgagasi Village in Butterworth spotted the

    remains of a young girl.

    According to the Police Spokesperson,

    CaptainJacksonManatha, themanreported

    the remains to a local chief who advised that

    police must be called. Unfortunately it was

    already too late. The skeleton of the young

    girl was found by police on the Freedomday,

    April 27, at the scene pointed out by the com-

    munity, said Captain Manatha.

    He said she was identified by her family

    members because of the dress that was

    found on the remains as the one she was

    wearing on the day she went missing.

    Manatha said apostmortemwouldbeheld

    to determine the cause of death andwhether

    any person may be held responsible for her


    Police are appealing to anyone with infor-

    mation about this incident requested to con-

    tact Butterworth Police at 047 401 1100,

    Crime stop 08600 10111.

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    May 8, 2014

    Isolomzi Express


    THE former President of the South

    African Council of Churches, Rever-

    end Mcebisi Xundu, described Man-

    dela as the Moses of South Africa

    who championed the struggle against


    Xundu said Mandela is the Moses

    of this country, because he surren-

    Xundu said the road to freedom

    was a difficult one and that people

    should treat their freedom with


    Bloodwas spilt andmanypeople

    lost their lives, while others had to

    leave their families because they

    wanted SouthAfrica to be free. Peo-

    ple of this country must utilize

    their freedom and defend it, he


    deredhis timewithhis family to fight

    for South Africas liberation from