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<ul><li><p>press</p><p>ISOLOMZI</p><p>20 000 COPIES WEEKLY</p><p>Cala | Dutywa | Butterworth | Centani | Elliotdale | Ngcobo | Tsomo</p><p>Nqamakwe | Willowvale | Cofimvaba | Elliot</p><p>THURSDAY October 16, 2014 |0 047 050 4430 | | | or | Previously known as the Isolomzi Fever EDITOR: BETTIE GILIOMEE</p><p>WHERE PEOPLE SHOPSMART</p><p>WEWILL BEAT ANYWRITTEN QUOTE</p><p>Terms &amp; condition apply**</p><p>BEE Compliant</p><p>7 Sprigg street Mthatha Tell 047 532 4599 / 081 474 4406</p><p>offer valid till 22nd October**</p><p>R59</p><p>99*</p><p>each</p><p>Roof Tiles</p><p>R6</p><p>99*</p><p>each</p><p>Roman Tiles</p><p>NPC</p><p>CEMENT</p><p>R73</p><p>99* each</p><p>while stock lasts</p><p>S5 Timber and Black Cross INDOOR SPECIAL</p><p>permetre</p><p>R59</p><p>99*</p><p>Big Six</p><p>fibre cement sheet</p><p>IBR Iron</p><p>Corrugated Iron</p><p>INDOOR SPECIAL</p><p>MUNG75-161014-TE-bhkmwa-HYPER</p><p>UKUBA UNENGXAKI ZEMALI</p><p>SIYAFUMANEKA KULENOMBOLO or</p><p>Send to</p><p>Consolidate your into 1 payment</p><p>e-mail</p><p>NCRREGISTERED DEBT COUNSELLORS</p><p>Please callme</p><p>0823783743</p><p>DEBT</p><p>NOLOAN/NOSTRESS</p><p>MT3KM5-100714-TE-ebkmwa-drssa</p><p>BABALWA NDLANYA</p><p>T</p><p>HE Minister of Science and Tech-</p><p>nology, Naledi Pandor, launched</p><p>theWorld Space Science Outreach</p><p>and Awareness Open Day at Wal-</p><p>ter Sisulu University (WSU), Za-</p><p>mukulungisa Campus in Mthatha last Satur-</p><p>day.</p><p>The aim of the launch was to advise pupils</p><p>to choose Science and Mathematics as main</p><p>subjects, so that they could become scientists</p><p>and doctors.</p><p>Pupils from various Senior Secondary</p><p>Schools in Mthatha and those under the</p><p>Lusikisiki district, attended the World Space</p><p>Science Outreach open day.</p><p>Among the people who motivated pupils</p><p>was Mandla Maseko (26) who won the Axe</p><p>Apollo Space Academy competition last year,</p><p>securing himself one of 23 seats in the Lnx</p><p>Mark II Shuttle which will go into space next</p><p>year.</p><p>Maseko encouraged students to take good</p><p>decisions about their lives, forget about pov-</p><p>erty and not lose focus owing to their back-</p><p>grounds. The Eastern Cape MEC for the De-</p><p>partment of Education, Mandla Makupula,</p><p>emphasized the need for young people to take</p><p>advantage of the opportunities offered by gov-</p><p>ernment.</p><p>TheECdepartment of educationwelcomes</p><p>technologically advanced initiatives of this</p><p>nature. It is a great opportunity for our young</p><p>people to fully engage with the countrys</p><p>brightest minds, said Makupula.</p><p>He said as the department they acknowl-</p><p>edge that they had been obtaining a poor pass</p><p>rate duringmatric exams, but that this didnt</p><p>mean they would take a back seat.</p><p>I am challenging Grade 12s to work hard</p><p>so that we can at least obtain a 70% pass rate</p><p>in this years final exams. Parents must give</p><p>their full support to their children during the</p><p>exams. Pandor appealed to young people to</p><p>studymathematics and science in order to in-</p><p>crease the supply of critical skills that are vi-</p><p>tal to the economy of South Africa.</p><p>I encourage you to choose Mathematics</p><p>and Physical Science as subjects. Science ca-</p><p>reers are demanding and require a high level</p><p>of perseverance. One of my responsibilities is</p><p>to discover pupils with talent and potential</p><p>for science, engineering and technology ca-</p><p>reers, said Pandor.</p><p>Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, recently launched the World Space Science Outreach and Awareness Open Day at the Walter Sisulu University (WSU). PHOTO: SUPPLIED</p><p>Pandor launches space scienceproject</p></li><li><p>2News</p><p>October 16, 2014</p><p>Isolomzi Express</p><p>Nelly Nonjovu</p><p>Sales Executive</p><p>Email:</p><p></p><p>Tel: 039 251 0834</p><p>Fax: 041 503 6255</p><p>Cell: 071 990 1540/</p><p>073 374 2464</p><p>MUNM8K-161014-IE-ebnnon-NELI</p><p>ADMISSION 2015</p><p>APPLICATION FORMS FOR GRADE</p><p>8-12 AND</p><p>MATRIC REWRITE NOW</p><p>AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION.</p><p>MUNGA0-161014-TE-ebkmwa-kingMUNLRF-161014-TE-ebnnon-capital</p><p>14 Eagle Street / 29 Callaway Street</p><p>Boarding facilities can be arranged by School</p><p>MUP72V-161014-TE-ebkmwa-MARTINS</p><p>SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE</p><p>ASTUDENT (22) fromNgqungqushe Further</p><p>Education Training (FET) College was</p><p>stabbed to death on Saturday, October 4, at</p><p>the Mathakhatha Tavern in the Lusikisiki</p><p>Central Business Development (CBD).</p><p>SikhokheleMpehle, aN6BusinessManage-</p><p>ment student from Mnga location in Tsolo,</p><p>was allegedly stabbed in the neck and later</p><p>died in the St Elizabeth hospital, Lusikisiki.</p><p>His relatives only found out about his death</p><p>two days later.</p><p>Sikhokheles aunt, Nontle Mpehle, said she</p><p>was devastated about his death and described</p><p>him as someone with a good sense of humour</p><p>and non-violent person.</p><p>His girlfriend, Khanyisa Mandela (35), said</p><p>she last sawhimatmidday on Saturday in the</p><p>company of his roommate.</p><p>We chatted a bit and they left and I was</p><p>surprised when he didnt come back to our</p><p>room later. Two days passed without him</p><p>coming back to our room, so I decided to call</p><p>his family. This was when we found his body</p><p>lying in the hospital mortuary, said Mande-</p><p>la.</p><p>She said she had lost a friend because he</p><p>was everything to her. According to her, he</p><p>was humble and hated fighting.</p><p>He was not violent, actually he was a cow-</p><p>ard. I really dont know what the person who</p><p>stabbed hims problem was. His death is tear-</p><p>ing my heart apart, said Mandela.</p><p>The police confirmed the incident and said</p><p>no arrests had yet been made, but that they</p><p>were investigating the matter.</p><p>Police spokesperson, Captain Mduduzi</p><p>Godlwana, said police in Lusikisiki were in-</p><p>vestigating a case of murder.</p><p>Sikhokhele is expected to be laid to rest on</p><p>Saturday, October 25 at his home in Mnga,</p><p>Tsolo.</p><p>Student stabbed todeathat tavern</p><p>Sikhokhele Mpehle who was</p><p>stabbed to death in Lusikisiki.</p><p>PHOTO:SUPPLIED</p><p>REPORTER</p><p>AS the world panics over the Ebola outbreak,</p><p>West Africans are reportedly fleeing their coun-</p><p>tries in a bid to outrun the virus someevenhead-</p><p>ed overland for South Africa.</p><p>According to the Sunday Independent, this</p><p>could place South Africa at considerable risk.</p><p>Johannesburg-based members of the immi-</p><p>grant communities from Liberia, Sierra Leone</p><p>and Guinea, told the newspaper that there is a</p><p>considerable number of people attempting to</p><p>reach SA, most trying to reach it overland a 5</p><p>000km trek.</p><p>Oneman said he alone knew of at least five peo-</p><p>ple who were on their way.</p><p>The newspaper reports that it would just take</p><p>one carrier to change the situation in SA partic-</p><p>ularly in a community that is largely housed in</p><p>the densely populated city centre of Johannes-</p><p>burg an ideal breeding ground for a communica-</p><p>ble virus such as Ebola.</p><p>In addition, these often undocumented mi-</p><p>grants also enter the country through the porous</p><p>border at Beitbridge in northern Limpopo an</p><p>entry point that has no measures such as temper-</p><p>ature radars in place to check visitors who could</p><p>be carriers.</p><p>However, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gi-</p><p>gaba and Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi</p><p>have stated that although caution needs to be ex-</p><p>ercised, it cannot be done at the expense of fuel-</p><p>ling xenophobia.</p><p>Motsoaledi said that he feels SA is too far away</p><p>for most people to reach by land and if they were</p><p>carrying the disease, the chances are they would</p><p>notmake it to the border alive, reported the news-</p><p>paper.</p><p>Meanwhile, as reported by News24 on Satur-</p><p>day, the UN special envoy on Ebola says the</p><p>number of cases is probably doubling every three</p><p>to four weeks and the response needs to be 20</p><p>times greater than itwas at the beginning of Octo-</p><p>ber.</p><p>David Nabarro warned the UN General Assem-</p><p>bly on Friday that without the mass mobilisation</p><p>of the world to support the affected countries in</p><p>West Africa, it will be impossible to get this dis-</p><p>ease quickly under control, and the world will</p><p>have to live with the Ebola virus forever.</p><p>Nabarro said the UN knows what needs to be</p><p>done to catch up to and overtake Ebolas rapid</p><p>advance and together were going to do it.</p><p>And our commitment to all of you is to achieve</p><p>it within a matter of months a few months, he</p><p>said.</p><p>More than 4 000 people have died of the disease</p><p>since the start of the outbreak, the worst to date.</p><p>Last week, News24 reported that although no</p><p>cases of Ebola have been reported in South Afri-</p><p>ca, the country is ready for a possible outbreak.</p><p>Its not that we are just starting now. We are</p><p>just ramping up efforts to fight the virus that</p><p>started in December, said Motsoaledi.</p><p>Aministerial advisory committee onEbola had</p><p>been appointed comprising private healthcare</p><p>professionals.</p><p>Motsoaledi said Cabinet had approved a budget</p><p>of R32.5million to support Ebola preparedness</p><p>and response activities.</p><p>South Africa started in March and strength-</p><p>ened efforts at major airports, especially the Lan-</p><p>seria and OR Tambo International airports in Jo-</p><p>hannesburg.</p><p>Private health care practitioners were also</p><p>put on alert, he said.</p><p>They were given a 24-hour number to contact</p><p>the National Institute of Communicable Diseases</p><p>if they encountered a patient who possibly had</p><p>Ebola.</p><p>Officials at ports of entry had been trained to</p><p>deal with the disease.</p><p>According to the latest toll from the World</p><p>Health Organisation, the deadly virus has killed</p><p>3 439 people in West Africa since the start of the</p><p>year.</p><p>West Africans flee Ebola, head to SouthAfrica</p><p>In accordance with</p><p>the editorial policy</p><p>of the Express, we</p><p>invite readers to</p><p>comment on</p><p>mistakes in the</p><p>newspaper and</p><p>shall correct</p><p>significant errors</p><p>as soon as possi-</p><p>ble. Send info to</p><p>the Ombudsman of</p><p>Media24s Local</p><p>Press, George</p><p>Claassen, at</p><p>george.claas-</p><p></p><p>or call him at</p><p>0 021 851 3232.</p><p>Readers can also</p><p>contact the SA</p><p>Press Ombudsman</p><p>at</p><p>0 011 484 3612/</p><p>8 or e-mail</p><p>ombudsman@press-</p><p></p><p>OMBUDSMAN</p></li><li><p>3News</p><p>October 16, 2014</p><p>Isolomzi Express</p><p>BABALWA NDLANYA</p><p>IMVULA ethe yagalela ngamandla kumbindi</p><p>waseMpuma Koloni kwimpela-veki egqithi-</p><p>leyo ishiye kusweleke abantu ababini kwin-</p><p>gozi yesithuthi esiye sakhalala umgaqo ze</p><p>salala ngomhlana, phakathi kweVillage yase-</p><p>Qunu eMthatha kunye neDutywa.</p><p>Abazibonele ngamehlo bathi esi sithuthi si-</p><p>ye sabetheka eludongeni lo mgaqo, sabuya</p><p>salala ecaleni kwendlela. Ukanti oku</p><p>kukhokelelekaukubakubangelwe bubuman-</p><p>zi bendlela.</p><p>Osisthethi sephulo likaFika uPhila</p><p>phantsi kweSebe lezoThutho eMpuma Kapa</p><p>uTshepoMachaea uqinisekisile ukuba le ngo-</p><p>zi idalwe bubumanzi bendlela. Bekungekho</p><p>nto zibonakalisa ukuba umqhubi ebesele</p><p>utywala.</p><p>Siyababongoza abaqhubi bethu ukuba</p><p>behlise isantya xa kunethayo ukuze bakwazi</p><p>ukulawula izithuthi zabo ngalo lonke ixe-</p><p>sha, kubeka uMachaea.</p><p>Kusenjalo, lo kaMachaea uthe kude kufu-</p><p>tshane nendawo yaseSinuka ePort St Johns</p><p>kuthe kwalimala abantu abathathu ngelixa</p><p>izithuthi ezithathu zingqubana okwenkabi</p><p>zeegusha kwindawo eli gope ngosuku lwange</p><p>Cawa.</p><p>Ukanti abantu abane kuquka abantwana</p><p>ababini bona bathe balimala kwidolophu</p><p>yaseMonti.</p><p>Lo kaMachaea uqinisekisile ukuba abanye</p><p>abaqhubi betaxi bathe bafunyanwa bezi</p><p>nkxinkxe ngobhelu lomsele nto leyo eyenze</p><p>ukuba lo nto isiwe ngaphambili kwimibutho</p><p>yetaxi. Omnye waba baqhubi ubanjwe</p><p>kwindawo yaseCorhana eMthatha, ngosuku</p><p>lwango Mgqibelo.</p><p>Woleke ngelithi kuya baluleka into</p><p>yokokuba nabo abanikazi betaxi baqinisek-</p><p>ise ukuba abaqhubi abekho phantsi kwem-</p><p>pembelelo zotywala kuba yenye into eba ngu-</p><p>nobangela weengozi ezindleleni.</p><p>Owethu umsebenzi singama gosa kuku-</p><p>qinisekisa ukuba siya babamba abantu</p><p>abaqhuba betye amanzi amponjwana, kodwa</p><p>ke iye into ixhomekeke kwigunya bantu lezo</p><p>tshutshiso ixesha eli ninzi.</p><p>Imvula ishiye iingozi emigaqweni</p><p>yaseMpumaKoloni</p><p>Esi sithuthi silale ngimhlana phakathi wedolo-</p><p>phu yaseMthatha kunye neDutywa.</p><p>PHOTO: ITHUNYELWE</p><p>REPORTER</p><p>TWOmen who were charged with dealing in</p><p>daggawere sentenced to 12months imprison-</p><p>ment or a fine of R6 000 in the DutywaMagis-</p><p>trates Court last week.</p><p>Bonile Qhina (34) and Mzoxolo Mdingi (41)</p><p>were found with five bags of dagga at Dothi</p><p>location, Mangathi Village in Dutywa, last</p><p>week. Both suspects pleaded guilty to a</p><p>charge of dealing in dagga.</p><p>Police Spokesperson, Captain Jackson</p><p>Manatha, confirmed the incident.</p><p>The dagga weighed 84,02 kg with a street</p><p>value of R84 000. Both suspects were charged</p><p>with dealing in dagga and the court sen-</p><p>tenced them to 12 months imprisonment or</p><p>a R6000 fine, said Manatha.</p><p>Men found</p><p>with dagga</p><p>worth R84000</p><p>Constables Sivuyile Nyaka, Olwethu Mthengwa-</p><p>na and Mthandeni Mkhize of the Dutywa Police</p><p>Station with the dagga that was seized.</p><p>PHOTO: SUPPLIED</p></li><li><p>4News</p><p>October 16, 2014</p><p>Isolomzi Express</p><p>REPORTER</p><p>THE Amathole District Municipality</p><p>resolved water problems in Butter-</p><p>worth which had left community</p><p>members without water last week.</p><p>The situation arose after Eskoms</p><p>transformer which supplied electrici-</p><p>ty to the water pumps, blew up.</p><p>Community members who were af-</p><p>fected were fromBika, Cuba and Vulli</p><p>Valley informal settlements and sur-</p><p>rounding villages.</p><p>Spokesperson for the Amathole Dis-</p><p>trictMunicipality, SiyabulelaMakun-</p><p>ga, said the municipality acted swifly</p><p>to solve the problem as soon as possi-</p><p>ble.</p><p>In order to ensure that our citizens</p><p>were getting clean water while we</p><p>were trying to fix the problem, themu-</p><p>nicipality sent water tankers to the af-</p><p>fected areas, said Makunga.</p><p>Residents</p><p>leftwithout</p><p>water</p><p>BABALWA NDLANYA</p><p>UMBUTHO weetitshala iSouth African Dem-</p><p>ocratic Teachers Union (SADTU) eGcuwa</p><p>uthi uzimisele ukuba abafundi bala ngingqi</p><p>abaza kuthi bachophele izifundo zabo zeban-</p><p>ga lika Grade 12 ekupheleni kwale nyanga,</p><p>okungenani baphumelele ngomyinge we-70%</p><p>kwiimviwo zabo zokuphela konyaka.</p><p>Oku kutshiwo nguMnu Linda Golela ongu</p><p>sihlalo wombutho iSADTU eGcuwa, nalapho</p><p>ethe bona kwelabo icala bengabefundisi ntsa-</p><p>pho sele beqoshelise yonke into. Uthe ngoku</p><p>into ishiyeke nabafundi ukuba bakhumbule</p><p>izinto ebebezihlohlwa ekuqaleni konyaka.</p><p>Lo kaGolela uveze ukuba kungoku nje</p><p>izikolo ezininzi beziqhuba iSpring School lo</p><p>gama abanye abafundi bevalele iholide zika</p><p>Septhemba.</p><p>ISebe linike abafundi bakaGrade 12 ithuba</p><p>lokuba bangavali bona koko baqhube iSpring</p><p>School ngenjongo zokuncedisana nabo uku</p><p>lungiselela ukuqala imviwo zokuphela kon-</p><p>yaka, kubeka uGolela.</p><p>Woleke ngelithi, esi Spring School asi jon-</p><p>gangakuphela abafundi abaphumakwizikolo</p><p>ebezi ngenzanga kakuhle kunyaka opheli-</p><p>leyo, koko senzelwe wonke umfundi owenza</p><p>ibanga likaGrade 12. Lo kaGolela uveze uku-</p><p>ba kune zikolo ebezi ngabasanga abantwana</p><p>kwi Spring School ngenxa yezi zathu ezithile</p><p>ezinye ke zibe kude nalo ndawo kubanjelwe</p><p>Iititshala zithi zijongeu-70%kubafundi eGcuwa</p><p>kuyo iSpring School neziza kuthi zizi</p><p>bandakanye kakhulu kwi-revision kunye</p><p>nase kubambeni iicamps ngowimi lwasemzi-</p><p>ni, ukuzama ukuncedisana nabafundi.</p><p>Othethela iSebe leze Mfundo uMnu Loyiso</p><p>Pulumane uqinisekisile ukuba uGrade 12 uza</p><p>kuqala ngomhla we-27 kule nyanga ukubhala</p><p>imviwo. Okwangokuandikakwazi ukukhu-</p><p>pha inkcukacha kakhulu ngalomba kuba</p><p>kuse khona inkcukacha esisa zidibanisayo,</p><p>utshilo uPulumane.</p><p>BABALWA NDLANYA</p><p>THE Butterworth Choral Society (BUCHOS)</p><p>participated in theORTamboChoral Festival</p><p>at John Knox Bokwe FET College in the</p><p>MdantsaneTownship outsideEast London re-</p><p>cently.</p><p>BUCHOS obtained first position with their</p><p>African piece, Ingqanga, which was com-</p><p>posed by Sibusiso Njeza from Centane.</p><p>The choir also obtained second position in</p><p>the male voice section and finished fourth in</p><p>both theWesternmusic andFemale voice sec-</p><p>tions.</p><p>According to Police Spokesperson, Captain</p><p>Jackson...</p></li></ul>