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    Luyolo Mngonyama (24)

    of Mthatha is one of

    only two Eastern Cape

    finalists in the 2016 Miss

    South Africa competition.

    The dazzling Miss South

    Africa Pageant will be

    held at Carnival City on

    Saturday, March 19.

    Thousands of TV viewers

    will be watching the

    broadcast on MNet

    (DStv channel 101) and

    Mzansi Magic (DStv

    channel 161) from 5pm

    until 7pm as 12 of the

    countrys most beautiful

    young women vie for the

    Miss South Africa crown.





    CANDALOUS details emerged in

    court during the bail hearing of

    Noluthando Baleni who is accused

    in themurder of her husband, Cof-

    fee Bay deputy principal Kholisile


    Noluthando Baleni stunned a filled court-

    room lastweekwhen she admitted to having

    an affairwith themanallegedly hired byher

    husband to kill her.

    The revelation came during her cross-ex-

    amination in the bail hearing for themurder


    Baleni told the court that her husbandhad

    plotted to kill her.

    The supposed hitman, however, had be-

    come Balenis lover before carrying out the


    The alleged hitman, who is only known as

    being a traditional healer, had then spilled

    the beans to Noluthando about her hus-

    bands plot to have her killed.

    Her husbands body was found riddled

    with bullets inside his vehicle onOctober 28.

    Baleni, her father the Reverend Oliver

    Mgutyana, and Bongani Skolpati are all ac-

    cused of the murder.

    Prosecutor Sicelo Mbeleki told Nolut-

    hando that the three had plotted the murder

    with the healer in a car at Mthatha Plaza.

    Mbeleki toldNoluthando: The traditional

    healer phoned your husband and put the

    phone on speaker and asked him what he

    wanted to be done andhe said he justwanted

    you to be killed.

    After that, you planned that instead he

    must be killed, Mbeleki said.

    The prosecutor went on to say that Bale-

    nis fatherwas the onewhohad struck a deal

    with the traditional healer outside the


    He said the traditional healer had

    planned to organise a hitman fromEast


    Mbeleki said that Noluthando had al-

    so bought her new lover a car as a re-

    ward and he had registered it in a

    friends name as a way of sidetracking

    any investigation.

    Shedenied this andsaid shehadonly

    lent himmoney to buy the car and had

    only done it because of fear.

    Yes, I had an affair with him, but

    because I was scared of him. He told

    me he had saved my life, she said.

    I only lent him the money be-

    cause he was demanding and not

    asking politely, she said.

    The hearing has been postponed to

    April 7.

    Wifeadmits toaffair


    IsMthathas Luyolo the

    nextMiss SA?

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    March 17, 2016

    Isolomzi Express

    Kenny Mwange


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    THE high number of bodyguards who guard

    somepoliticiansandofficials inMhlontlohasre-

    sulted in tension among the municipality, the

    community and opposition parties.

    Mhlontlo comprises Qumbu and Tsolo and

    has 26 wards.

    Residents and opposition parties are asking

    where the municipality is getting the money to

    pay these bodyguards.

    They suspect there is misuse of municipal

    funds and that money for development or ser-

    vice delivery is misdirected to pay the body-


    The appointment of bodyguards followed the

    ambush of the speaker of the council, Xolile

    Nkompela, who is also chairperson of the ANC

    in the OR Tambo region.

    The incident tookplace towards theendof last

    year. Nkompelas bodyguard was killed and the

    vehicle theywere travelling inwas riddledwith


    During recent service delivery protests in-

    Qumbu, Nkompela arrived to receive a petition

    under the watchful eye of heavily armed body-

    guards. He himself was armedwith a gun at his


    The organiser of the Mhlontlo Civic Associa-

    tion,DumaGuqa, stressed that therewas aneed

    to disband thismunicipality because of themis-

    management of funds which had led to the mu-

    nicipality regressing from qualified audit out-

    comes to a disclaimer.

    Guqasaid therewasaneedto investigatewhy

    Tando Mases vehicle had blue lights. Mase is

    a director of infrastructure in theMhlontlomu-

    nicipalityandit isallegedthathealsohasheavi-

    ly armed security that guards him day and


    The United Democratic Movement (UDM)

    chairperson in theMhlontlo sub-region, Zakhe-

    ni Nondaka, confirmed that the issue of body-

    guards for some councillors and officials had

    been raised at a recent council meeting, but it

    would only start when funds were available.

    The council would look for funds.

    But now we see the influx of bodyguards

    guarding the leadership. So our question is

    where they get the money to pay these body-

    guards, he said.

    Nondaka said that thehugeamount ofmoney

    that was being spent on court battles between

    leaders fighting each other was having an im-

    mense negative impact on service delivery.

    The sumofR24-million for access roadswas

    returned to thenationalTreasurybecauseof the

    powerstruggleandmismanagementof funds. In

    addition, the R15 million for electrification also

    went back to the Treasury, he said.

    He said they would write a letter to the local

    government MEC asking him to intervene.

    Nkompela said a resolution had beentaken to

    hire the bodyguards for him since his life was

    in jeopardy following the attack which left his

    bodyguard dead. I dont know who was not

    aware that my life was in danger and that there

    was a need for additional security.

    Hesaid itwas theresponsibilityof themunici-

    pality to take action if some of its councillors

    lives were in danger.

    Outcryoverhiredbodyguards inMhlontlo

    Mhlontlo speaker and chairperson of the ANC in the OR Tambo region, Xolile Nkompela, isflanked

    by heavily armed bodyguards at an event in Qumbu. PHOTO:SIM MDLEDLE


    IN a bid to clamp down on sloppy workmanship

    in theEasternCape, theNationalHomeBuilders

    Registration Council (NHBRC) is rolling out a

    training programme to sharpen the skills of

    home inspectors.

    The training programme is offered to munici-

    pal building inspectors and Human Settlements

    Department inspectors to enhance their skills

    and technical capabilities in an effort to curb

    poor workmanship during construction.

    Theprogrammewas launched in theORTam-

    bo region in partnership with the provincial De-

    partment of Human Settlements and the OR

    Tambo District Municipality last week.

    The three-day training programmewas facili-

    tated by an NHBRC-accredited training special-

    ist and it focuses on home building technical

    standards, building regulations and construc-

    tion processes. NHBRC provincial manager

    Nombasa Ngoqo said the training was aimed at

    enhancing the performance of inspectors and

    keeping them well-informed on building and

    technological advances.

    Our training programme focuses on soils,

    foundations, superstructure, roofing and finish-

    ing, health and safety, and alternative and inno-

    vative technology, she said.

    We want to keep our internal inspectors and

    government abreast of the latest developments

    and trends in the construction sector.

    Ngoqo said the OR Tambo region had been

    identified as a hotspot due to the high number

    of non-compliances with home building stan-

    palitieswe identified aneed to sharpen the skills



    ers in order to protect housing consumers. she


    Meanwhile the trainingwill be rolledout inall

    eight districtmunicipalities of theprovincewith

    a view of enhancing the quality of homes built


    standard building materials.

    Effort to sharpen skills of home inspectors

    This group of inspectors from the OR Tambo District Municipality, Department of Human Settlements and NHBRC

    completed an inspector training course to sharpen their skills and knowledge of construction and quality

    assurance. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

    THE director of JKN Development Consult-

    ants, an East London-based Eastern Cape

    company, LazolaKubukeli, is confident of get-

    ting business for his company in Zimbabwe

    when he travels there this w