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    HEwife and family of jail-

    ed AbaThembuKing Buy-

    elekhaya Dalindyebo are

    living in fear following the

    vandalism that took place

    at Bumbane Great Place in Mthatha

    on Monday last week.

    The kings main house, including

    themain bedroomwas vandalised by

    unknown people, who messed up ev-

    erything in the house and damaged

    the ceiling.

    None of the family members was

    present at the house during the inci-

    dent asDalindyebo ordered before he

    went to jail that the gates to theGreat

    Placebelockedandhis familyrelocat-

    ed to different royal houses.

    He is servinga sentenceof 12years.

    Since the kings imprisonment, the

    Ama-Dlomo have been divided over

    who should be the regent to act onhis

    behalf while he is in prison.

    After his order, Dalindyebos wife,

    Queen Nokwanda Dalindyebo, and

    children moved to the Nkululekweni

    royal house in Mthatha.

    Following the incident of vandal-

    ism,QueenNokwandahas raisedher

    concern over the lack of protection in

    Zwelibanzis family.

    Nokwanda said she and her chil-

    dren no longer felt safe because of the


    Even at Nkululekweni we are not

    sure of our safety, so thats why I

    thinkthere isaneed forstrongsecuri-

    ty to guard me and the children of

    Zwelibanzi, she said.

    I dont know what the intentions

    were of the people who vandalised

    Bumbane. Perhaps Nkululekweni

    will be next, she said.

    Reliable sources have said that

    threats have beenmade against some

    of the family members, including

    some of Dalindyebos siblings.

    Both of the family spokespersons

    condemned the vandalism. (Another

    report on page 2)

    = Princess Ndileka Dlamini Dalindyebo talks

    about her pain over the acts of vandalism that

    took place at her brother house in Bumbane

    Great Place. Sitting next to her is her older sister,

    Komkom Dalindyebo. PHOTOS: SIM MDLEDLE

    ; The kings bedroom was also vandalised.

    Jailedkingswife lives in fear


    ROADS and Public Works MEC Thandiwa

    Marawu has handed over the Chamama

    Disability Centre in Cofimvaba.

    The visit by theMEC to the Intsika Yethu

    Municipality was part of the departments

    commemoration of Human Rights Month.

    Marawu adopted the disability centre

    during the exco outreach that was conduct-

    ed in the Chris Hani District Municipality

    in 2013 and committed to renovating the

    kitchen and installing wall-fitted cup-

    boards and upgrading the plumbing system

    and electricity.

    The department undertook all the build-

    ing upgrades and restored the dilapidated

    centre to its original form using its in-

    house teams from the Chris Hani District


    Continues on page 2 . . .

    Roads and Public Works MEC Thandiwa

    Marawu opens the centre. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

    Disability centre upgraded for human rightsmonth

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    March 24, 2016

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    THE older sister of jailed AbaThembu King

    Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, Princess Ndileka

    Dlamini Dalindyebo, says she believes the

    vandalism at BumbaneGreat Placewas a plot

    within the family of AmaDlomo or the opposi-

    tion of the king.

    Great Place is a respected place which no

    one can just enter and the people who did this

    were sent by foes of my brother, she said.

    Ndileka is the second-born of the late King

    Sabatha Dalindyebo and No-Moscow.

    King Buyelekhaya is the third-born of King


    Buyelekhaya is in prison after being con-

    victed of arson, assault and kidnapping.

    The division among the roleplayers about

    who must the take the throne while he is in

    prison, has hit the Dlomos hard.

    Several meetings will still have to be held

    as there is a deadlock over a solution.

    Two names from two different factions

    were suggested for regent Prince Azenathi

    Dalindyebo (23) from the pro-Buyelekhaya

    group and his brother MankunkuMthandeni

    Dalindyebo from the opposition.

    Princess Ndilekas utterances followed the

    break-in at the main house of the great place

    that was discovered on Monday, March 14.

    It was ransacked and vandalised by unknown


    She, Buyelekhayas wife Nokwanda and

    her elder sister Komkom discovered the

    break-in while they were visiting the graves

    to give respect to her mother and ancestors

    in Bumbane Great Place.

    We started from my mother No-Moscows

    grave and afterwe finished our visitwe decid-

    ed to go and check on the house, she said.

    The break-in occurred in the main house,

    where the king was staying with his family

    before he was jailed for 12 years in December.

    During the incident there was no family

    members at the Great Place as the king had

    instructed his siblings from prison that there

    must be no meetings at Bumbane and the

    gates must be locked.

    His family was relocated to the royal house

    in Nkululekweni a few kilometres from


    When Express visited Bumbane after the

    revelation of the news, everything in the

    kings main house was upside-down, win-

    dows were broken, goat faeces were all over

    and empty plastic tobacco packets and deco-

    rated skins in the sitting roomwere scattered

    in the passages.

    The gas stove was burning and the house

    was unbearably hot.

    The kings bedroom was a mess, with the

    ceiling damaged and latches taken out to gain


    Ndileka confirmed that nothing had been

    taken from the house, but everything had

    been turned over and drawers had been left

    wide open.

    I dont know what they wanted because

    Zwelibanzi is in jail and we are still trying to

    cope with that situation, she said.

    This thing within the Dlomos needs

    prayers and if there are differences why dont

    they come to the table and resolve the prob-

    lem? God must help us. she said, wiping

    away tears.

    She said visiting the graves had been a

    blessing in disguise because the house would

    have burnt down because of the stove that

    was left burning.

    The police confirmed the incident and said

    a case had been opened by the family at the

    Bityi police station.

    No one had been arrested by the time of go-

    ing to print.

    Princessaccuseskings rivalsof vandalism


    THE Mthatha Regional Court sentenced a

    gang of five last week for their involve-

    ment in the forging of credit cards and the

    defrauding of the cards lawful holders.

    Ntombizodwa Malinga (29), Nonceba

    Mathe (22), Sithabiso Dlodlo (42) and Lin-

    dokuhle Jili (31) were sentenced to seven

    years imprisonment.

    Their accomplice, Sharon Ngobese (19),

    escaped with a lighter sentence of five

    years imprisonment because of her age

    and the fact that she was a first-time of-


    The gang, all from Johannesburg, were

    arrested in Mthatha on February 12 after

    purchasing a R6 999 TV set, clothes and co-

    logne at Jet Mart Store in Mbizana and a

    R3 199 cellphone at Edgars Active Store in

    BT Ngebs Mall in Mthatha.

    The fraudsters initially faced charges of

    conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud, prohi-

    bition of manufacture, possession and ad-

    vertising of listed equipment, theft and

    contravention of the Electronic Communi-

    cations and Transactions Act 25 of 2002.

    The two latter charges were withdrawn

    after they all pleaded guilty to three char-

    ges, which were treated as one for the pur-

    poses of sentence.

    In their guilty plea statements, all five

    admitted to having beenmembers of a syn-

    dicate who acted in the execution of a com-

    mon purpose to defraud by means of use

    of cloned in-store credit cards.

    They admittedhaving travelled fromJo-

    hannesburg to Mbizana and Mthatha to-

    gether, and upon their arrival having un-

    lawfully and intentionally produced fraud-

    ulent identity documents belonging to

    other people and pretending to be those

    people at the stores they targeted to de-


    At these stores, they unlawfully request-

    ed to be issued with the Jet/Edgars ac-

    count cards, pretending the cardshadbeen

    lost or stolen. When the cards were issued

    to them, theyproceeded tomakepurchases

    without the knowledge and consent of the

    lawful holders of the cards.

    During their sentencing, it transpired

    that Malinga, Mathe and Jili had had sus-

    pended sentences