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    THURSDAY February 5, 2015 |0 047 050 4430 | | | or | Previously known as the Isolomzi Fever EDITOR: BETTIE GILIOMEE



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    EPUTY Minister (DM) for the

    Department of Communica-

    tions, Stella Ndabeni-Abra-

    hams, handed over 26 tablets to

    learners from Cunningham

    Senior Secondary School at Tholeni loca-

    tion in Butterworth as part of a back-to-

    school campaign.

    Pupils from other schools in the area re-

    ceived 300 school bags from Ndabeni-Abra-


    Tholeni location is known as the Field of

    Death after 23 women were brutally killed

    here between 2008 and 2012.

    Talking to the learners, she said it was

    important that learners knew what they

    wanted to become after finishing matric.

    Ndabeni-Abrahams said the tablets

    would also pro-

    vide learners

    with internet ac-

    cess thanks to Vo-


    You must

    make sure that

    you are using it

    to search sites

    that will help you

    expand your

    knowledge not

    dating sites. All

    people who are

    South Africans must support education,

    she said. According to her they were aware

    of the problems in the area of Tholeni

    where a number of women were brutally

    murdered and raped, by a serial killer.

    She said they

    have decided to

    do something to

    support the com-

    munity of Thole-

    ni through edu-


    So we came

    here to see what

    we could do to

    uplift the stan-

    dard of educa-

    tion at this

    school, Ndabe-

    ni-Abrahams said. She said they hoped that

    by donating the tablets, learners would

    pass the final exams with better results.

    The principal of the school, Belinda Mak-

    wabe, said they were happy about the tab-

    lets and they hoped that their learners

    would do their best at the end of the year.

    We will make sure that we keep the tab-

    lets in a safe place so that they wont be sto-

    len. They will be used by learners of all

    grades, because we want to make sure that

    we start teaching them to use it while they

    are still in the lower grades, said Mak-


    The Executive Head of Vodacom Thando

    Mthintsilana appreciated the partnership

    they have formed with the Department of


    Using tablets will enable you to work

    hard and achieve better results. We want

    you to become leaders of this country one

    day, said Mthintsilana.

    Tabletsgiven forbetter results

    Deputy Minister for Communications, Stella NdabeniAbrahams, shows grade 12 CunningHam High School leaners, Siyanda Madubula and Ngxanga Zandile, how to use the tablets that were donated

    to the school. PHOTO: SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE

    Using tabletswill enable you

    towork hard and achieve

    better results.Wewant you

    to become leaders of this

    country one day.


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    February 5, 2015

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    FOLLOWING a request by a suspected con artist who

    was trying to place an advertisement inExpresswith sus-

    picious looking job offers and false street addresses, an

    investigation was launched in order to protect Express

    readers from being conned.

    The name and the address provided in the advertising

    booking form by the person who wanted to place the ad-

    vert in the classifieds section were suspicious.

    Alarm was also raised by the fact that in order for peo-

    ple to respond to the employment posts advertised, people

    had to send an sms to a number given for interviews at

    R10 per sms.

    The persons name was given as Mrs Price. Salaries

    were offered in line with remuneration for people with

    experience, but in the advert clearly stated that no expe-

    rience was needed. The information supplied for the ad-

    vert was sent from a gmail account.

    The businesss name was supplied as M.G.C Factory

    Department which was, according to the prospective ad-

    vertiser, situated at 8 Owen Street, corner Dykor andAg-

    ricura Streets, Mthatha, 5100, South Africa.

    The Express teams investigation revealed that the

    business situated at the above mentioned address is a

    plumbers and hardware premises, and that there was no

    business called M.G.C Factory in the premises nor next

    door. Nasiphe Ndindwa who has been working next to

    the shop said there has never been such a business there.

    She said she started working there 3 years ago.

    Besides the business being fake even the street names

    given, namely Dykor and Agricura, dont exist in Mthat-


    The Express team tried contacting the two cell num-

    bers that were listed as contact numbers in the advertis-

    ing booking form, but both went straight to voice mail.

    Beware of con artists adverts

    In accordance with the

    editorial policy of the Ex-

    press, we invite readers to

    comment on mistakes in

    the newspaper and shall

    correct significant errors as

    soon as possible. Send info

    to the Ombudsman of

    Media24s Local Press,

    George Claassen, at ge-

    or call him at

    0 021 851 3232. Readers

    can also contact the SA

    Press Ombudsman at

    0 011 484 3612/8 or

    e-mail ombudsman@press-


    Express is a member of the

    Audit Bureau of Circulations

    of South Africa and is man-

    aged, printed and distributed

    by Media24 Newspapers, on

    behalf of the owner, Me-

    dia24 Limited, 40 Heeren-

    gracht, Cape Town. In terms

    of Art. 12(7) of the Copy-

    right Act, 1978, no report,

    article or photo may be

    reproduced without the

    permission of the owner.



    THE lifeless body of an infant which was

    found without a head at Ndayini location in

    the Thaleni Administrative Area, Lusikisiki

    is still being kept in the Lusikisiki mortuary

    as Inkosi and community members were al-

    legedly refusing the family to bury it in the

    area until the missing body part had been re-


    Community members and Inkosi allegedly

    believe that if the body is to be buried in the

    area it would bringmisfortune to their locali-


    The gruesome discovery of the headless

    body of a baby girl was made on October 7,


    According to reports, apart from the miss-

    ing head, a part of the babys shoulder was al-

    so missing.

    This baby girl was believed to have been

    one-day old andwas found in a secluded place

    in the locality.

    After an investigation by the elderly women

    of the locality who started milking each and

    every woman in the area and inspected their

    private parts an 18-year-old woman believed

    to be the mother of the baby was arrested.

    This was after milk came from her breasts

    and she failed to explain where the baby was.

    The report also stated that she was found

    with the signs of a woman who had recently

    gave birth. In an endeavour to get the baby

    girl buried, the Lusikisiki Community Polic-

    ing Forum (CPF) took a stand last week to

    make sure that the baby gets buried.

    The chairperson of the CPF in Lusikisiki,

    Alfred Vungaye confirmed their intervention

    in the matter.

    On Tuesday we held a meeting with the

    family of thedeceasedand themother inamu-

    nicipal boardroomatLusikisiki andour focus

    after this meeting was to call a mass meeting

    with the community of Ndayini and their Ink-

    osi to make sure that the baby gets a decent

    funeral in her locality of birth, said Vun-

    gaye. Healso revealed that theywould engage

    politicians from the area, including the

    former Ingquza Hill Municipality Mayor

    William Ngozi. He sai