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    HEMEC for the Department of Health in

    the Eastern Cape, Scelo Gqobana, has

    promised to add 17 nurses in clinics in

    the Mbhashe Locality Municipality.

    Gqobana made this announcement during the

    handingoverof theDutywaCommunityHealthCen-

    tre in the Idutywa area last week. He promised that

    the department would make sure that it brings doc-

    tors and an ambulance to the area.

    TheDepartmenthad spentR70 million tobuild the

    health centre whichwas handed over to the commu-

    nity. According to the MEC, the centre was built to

    ensure that people go to dignified and clean institu-

    tions to receive medical attention.

    Clinics which are built in the rural areas must

    be the same as those built in urban areas. Today we

    want to say to the people, Here is the facility you

    must use it. The dignity of the people of Mbhashe

    is worthmore than themoney we spent to build this

    clinic, he said.

    He told people to never be afraid to report any sort

    of ill treatment they receive from the institution. He

    insisted that nurses should always wear their name

    badges so as to be easily recognisable by patients

    so that itwould be easy to report them.Gqobana said

    no nurse is allowed toworkwithoutwearing a name


    He said the clinic that was used before was not

    in a good condition. In fact, I am not happy about

    the number of doctors who are operating in these

    clinics that areunderMbhashe.When I visited these

    clinics, patients told me that they had to hire vehi-

    cles because there are no ambulances.

    One of the community members, Andile Sangqu,

    said the department had brought a change for the

    better in their lives because now doctors would be

    available in their clinic as promised by the MEC.

    We hope that nurses will deliver better services

    now because the Department is promising to add

    more staff, he said.


    anddoctors inMbhashe

    MEC Scelo Gqobana and King Zwelonke Sigcau during

    the official opening and hand over of Dutywa Commu

    nity Health Centre last week.


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    February 6, 2014

    Isolomzi Express

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    BUTTERWORTH Police Officials and com-

    munity members from the Eugene Informal

    Settlement in Butterworth attended aNation-

    al Police Day (NPD) event held in their area,

    where police engaged with the community in

    the hope of building trust between them and

    the police.

    Police Spokesperson, Captain Jackson

    Manatha, said community members had the

    opportunity to raise complaints that were ad-

    dressed by Lieutenant Colonel Tammie Xak-

    we who represented the acting station com-

    mander of Butterworth police station, Briga-

    dier Mzimasi Vukani.

    There were more compliments for than

    complaints against the police. Lt Colonel

    Xakwe urged community members to work

    together with their sector managers and if

    they were not satisfied they should not hesi-

    tate to contact the office of the station com-

    mander, said Captain Manatha.

    He said they chose that specific area for

    their event as it is an area that is faced with

    a high crime rate. There were incidents

    where young children were raped and wom-

    en dumped new born babies. Babalwa.Ndlan-



    Community members who attended a

    National Police Day at Eugene Informal

    Settlement. PHOTO:SUPPLIED


    AMATHOLE District Municipality (ADM)

    has informedmembers of thepublic, inpartic-

    ular residents of Qawukeni and Middledrift

    communities, that water supply had been re-


    In Qaukeni, a new connection from the

    mainpipeline to the existingpipelinewas con-

    structed. Effective from the January 17, water

    supply in the area was restored.

    This comes after ADMs rapid response

    team discovered technical glitches with the

    water treatmentworkswhich supplywater to

    the Qawukeni community.

    Three major pipe bursts also occurred on

    the bulk-line, causing outages in the Middle-

    drift and surrounding areas such asMbizana,

    Njwaxa and Amathole Basin villages.

    On January 18 repairs were effected ensur-

    ing restoration of water on January 23. A full

    restorationofwater atAmatholeBasinVillag-

    es was completed on the January 24. During

    these disruptions an alternative water supply

    was provided throughwater tankers to all the

    affected villages.

    In a statement, the Amathole District Mu-

    nicipality said it would like to apologize to all

    the residents of the affected villages for the in-

    convenience caused by these disruptions to

    the water services.

    ADM reassures the affected communities

    that the intervention was sustainable while

    theupgradeprojectof thewatersupplysystem

    is due to begin towards the end of this year.

    This project will include a complete over-

    haul and upgrade of the water treatment

    works, upgrading of certain bulk pipelines

    and pump stations.

    Amathole DistrictMunicipality restores water supply

    POLICEarrested three armed robbery suspects

    atMboyaVillage inWillowvale within an hour

    after a business was robbed.

    It is alleged that a female tavern owner (33)

    was busy working in the tavern when three

    armed men burst into the place and aimed two

    pistols at her while demanding money.

    Police Spokesperson, Captain Jackson Man-

    atha, said they were shown where the money


    kie and no shots were fired.

    The victim them phoned theWillowvale po-

    liceandgave themafull descriptionof theToyo-

    ta bakkie. Police saw the vehicle on the road to

    Willowvale townand stopped it. Three suspects

    aged 23, 34 and 42 were arrested, said Captain


    According to Captain Manatha, police recov-

    ered unlicensed firearms with seven rounds of

    ammunition from the 42- year-old suspect and

    five rounds of ammunition from the 23-year-old


    Headded that anundisclosedamount ofmon-

    ey was also recovered and tobacco. The Toyota

    bakkie,whichhasnotbeenreported stolen,was

    also confiscated.The 23-year-old and42-year-old

    suspects had been charged with business rob-

    bery, possession of fire arms and ammunition

    whilst the 34-year-old suspect had been charged

    with business robbery.

    Robbery suspectsarrested inWillowvale

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    February 6, 2014

    Isolomzi Express



    CENTANE police visited two Junior Secondary

    Schools at Qina Village after pupils were attacked

    by hooligans (non- schooling boys) while returning

    home after school.

    In an effort to come up with a solution they visited

    Qina Junior Secondary School and Hlanganani Jun-

    ior Secondary School and met with parents and pu-


    According to police Spokesperson, Captain Jack-

    son Manatha, they visited these schools after it was

    reported that pupils were being attacked by non-

    schooling boys after school hours.

    It is alleged that some of the pupils were left criti-

    cally injured by the attacks andwere unable to write

    their final examinations last year, said Captain


    He said at the meeting it was agreed that the tradi-

    tional leaders would assist the sector commanders

    and communitypolicing officers in conductingmeet-

    ings where community residents and youth would

    be addressed and encouraged to work together with

    the police to fight hooliganism in the area.

    Captain Manatha said that while it was not clear

    why these pupils were attacked, they suspect that it

    might be related to faction fightingwhich is still con-

    tinuing in the area, and where boys from certain vil-

    lages were not allowed to cross to Qina Village.

    Spokesperson for the Department of Ed