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Isolomzi express 26 02 2014


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    HE Coega Development Corpora-

    tion (CDC) celebrated the tenth ex-

    tension of its driver training pro-

    gramme to an Eastern Cape (EC)

    higher education institution this

    time in the rural area of iDutywa.

    A State-of-the-art driver simulator was

    handed over to the King Hinsta FET College

    and the Mbhashe Municipality last week

    Thursday, to coincidewith the countrys state

    of the nation address by President Jacob Zu-


    The CDC presented the simulator to the

    King Hinsta FET College and the Mbhashe

    Municipality for the rollout of the driver

    training simulator programme that would

    benefit youth and the unemployed in the are-

    as of iDutywa, Gatyana (Willowvale) and

    Xhora (Elliotdale).

    King Hinsta FET College is the tenth high-

    er education institute to benefit from the

    CDCs skills development programme,which

    is designed to ensure that young and unem-

    ployed people have greater access to the job

    market by possessing a key skill.

    IDutywa, Gatyana and Xhora are predomi-

    nantly rural areaswith high levels of poverty

    and unemployment. The driver training pro-

    gramme is expected to contribute towards

    the socio-economic development ofmarginal-

    isedmembers of the communitywho need as-

    sistance in obtaining drivers licences to en-

    ter the labour market, said the CDC.

    The driver simulator-based training is the

    first step in a comprehensive driver training

    programme and affords first-time drivers the

    opportunity to learn in a safe, simulated envi-

    ronment before venturing out onto the road.

    Young people who have an education of-

    ten lack basic essential skills, like driving,

    limiting their access to the job market. The

    CDC wants to ensure that young people have

    access to our world-class driver training pro-

    gramme that provides crucial skills and ena-

    bles employability, said Ayanda Vilakazi,

    CDC head of marketing and communica-


    National Youth Development Agency coor-

    dinator for theMbhasheMunicipality, Zintle

    Ngceba, was pleased with the support from

    the youth in the area who attended the

    launch in large numbers.

    A drivers licence is more often than not

    considered a prerequisite to obtaining em-

    ployment. The CDC is making a significant

    impact on the lives of the youth and unem-

    ployed fromthese rural areaswith this fantas-

    tic opportunity. We support this programme

    and I look forward to its future success, said


    The driver simulators are compliant with

    the K53 driving curriculum, and cover the

    modules of identification of components, pre-

    trip inspection, starting procedures, moving-

    off and changing gears, handling of vehicle

    (hand-eye co-ordination exercises), parallel

    parking, alley docking, turn in the road, in-

    cline start, highway driving (with different

    weather conditions), city driving in basic and

    advance mode and a yard summary.

    Aprogress report is also generated after the

    completion of each module for the benefit of

    the user of the driver simulator. Drivers are

    trained for a Code 8 licence. Simulator train-

    ing is followed by on-road training under the

    guidance of trained instructors.

    Since the launch of the driver training pro-

    gramme in 2008, theCDChave partneredwith

    various institutions of higher learning to ex-

    tend the programme to reach the greater EC

    and other parts of the country.

    Participants spend aminimumof 20 hours

    on the simulatorswhich has created a greater

    success ratio which we want to maintain,

    since it means that hundreds of disadvan-

    taged people would now have a worthwhile

    skill, enabling them to get a job and contrib-

    ute to the local economy, said Vilakazi.

    Eight other higher learning institutions in

    the EC are already benefitting from the Coega

    Newdrive for roadusers

    At the simulator launch at King Hintsa FET College in Idutywa, Mbhashe Municipality, were King Zwelonke Sigcau (seated), (from left to right) Duncan

    Lepotla, Cllr Mbongi Noyila, Zandisile Ntshwanti and Patrick Mdinwa. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

    driver training programme thus far and in-

    clude: Buffalo City College in East London,

    LovedaleFETCollege inKingWilliamsTown,

    Eastcape Midlands College in Uitenhage,

    Ikhala College in Queenstown, Ingwe FET

    College in Mbizana, Port Elizabeth College in

    Struandale, Walter Sisulu University in Mt-

    hatha and Amajingqi Traditional Council in


    The CDC also implemented the programme

    at SabeleleVillage (ChrisHaniMunicipality).

    The programme is provided free of charge

    to the identified beneficiaries in line with the

    CDCs Corporate Social Investment pro-

    gramme and has yielded significant success-

    es. During the 2013/14 financial year alone,

    635 people have obtained their drivers licenc-

    es and 2 814 had been trained for learner li-


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    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express

    Nelly Nonjovu

    Sales Executive


    Tel: 039 251 0834

    Fax: 041 503 6255

    Cell: 071 990 1540/ 073 374 2464














    4 pc BED





    107 Leeds street, Opp Old Mutual, Mthatha

    TEL & FAX: 047 532 6460 / CELL: 076 147 1786 OR 078 247 1786

    valid from 26 Feb - 10Mar 2014












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    4 PIECE






    IN an effort to strengthen community polic-

    ing, the MEC of Human Settlements, Safety

    and Liaison, Helen Sauls-August, announced

    that the Community Policing Forums will be

    moved fromSAPS to theDepartment of Safety

    and Liaison.

    The announcement was made during the

    CPFs end of term ceremony held in East Lon-

    don last week Friday.

    The MEC said the move would ensure that

    CPFs take their work to the next level in

    terms of their monitoring and oversight role

    over the SAPS.

    Community Policingwill continue on a vol-

    untary basis, however, with a set working

    budget. The current members term of office

    ends officially in July.

    The MEC applauded the EC CPFs for their

    leading role in the country, citing thedevelop-

    ment of their Strategic Plan, the only CPFs to

    be guided by such a document in South Afri-

    ca. The Eastern Cape has 193 Community Po-

    lice Forums, 27 Community Police Cluster

    Boards and a Provincial Board.

    The Executivemembers of these structures

    served on a voluntary basis and have contrib-

    uted to advancing a culture of community po-

    licing both within the Police Service and in


    ECCPFs tomove fromSAPS


    KULINDELEKEukuba ifumaneuncedo in-


    nebe kunzima ukuba yenze umazisi

    kwiSebe lezaseKhaya kule dolophu nan-

    jengoko umama wayo engaphilanga ngok-

    wase ngqondweni.

    ULinda Madinga (ayilo gama lakhe

    ncam kuba kukhuselwa inkcukacha zakhe

    ngenxa yobuzaza bempilo kamamawakhe)

    uthe wathumela umqhafazo kuBishop

    Tshepo Machaea kule veki igqithileyo ece-

    la ukuba a-ngenelele kwingxaki ajongene

    nayo yoku nga-bina mazisi nekhokelele

    ekubeni asiyeke isikolo kuba etshone iban-

    ga likaGrade 12.

    Lo kaMachaea uthe wadlulisela lo mqha-

    fazo kwintatheli ye-Express ecela eli phep-

    handaba ukuba lingenelele ukuze uMadinga

    ancedakale. Echaza ingxaki yakhe uMadinga

    uthe umama wakhe (naye eligodliweyo iga-

    ma lakhe) wathi waphazamiseka engqondwe-

    ni ngonyaka ka-1990.

    Ngonyaka ka-1991 uye waba ngcono ze

    wafumana mna, azange andenzele incwadi

    yokuzalwa kwaye akazange andise kwiziko

    lezempilo ukuze ndibe nekhadi.

    Woleke ngelithi, impilo kamama wakhe

    iqhubekile inkene-nkene de kwazoba ngun-

    yaka wokuba uMadinga enze inwadi-sazisi

    nalapho athe xa esiya kwiSebe lezaseKhaya

    eNgqeleni waxelelwa ukuba kufuneka uma-

    Uzokwenzelwa umazisi ogulelwa ngumamawakhe

    ma wakhe eze kucima omnye umazisi kuba

    kwikhompyutha uvela enoomazisi ababini.

    Sizamile ukuthetha naye umama kodwa

    wala ukuya kukwenza oko phofu sabe sibona

    ukuba wenziwa yimpilo kuba akekho


    Ndihleli ngoku andina mazisi kwaye ben-

    di mzonda umama ngesenzo sakhe kodwa nd-

    abuye ndanoxolo.

    Uthi uqale ngonyaka ka-2007 ukufaka isice-

    lo sokufumana umazisi kodwa afike axelelwe

    ukuba makeze nomama wakhe. Uthe yilo nto

    emenze wathumela umqhafazo kuBishop

    Machaea. Eliphephandabe emveni kokufu-

    mana i-ngxelo kuBishop nasemveni

    kokuthetha-thethana noMadinga, intatheli

    ye-Express ithe yacela uluvo kosisithethi seli

    Sebe lezaseKhaya, uMnu Lunga Ngqenge-

    lele nokwazileyo ukuba athethe namagosa

    aseNgqeleni ngale ngxaki.

    Elinye lama gosa eli Sebe, u-Andiswa

    Makhonza uthe waqhakamshelana nen-

    tatheli yeli phephandaba, watsho e-sithi

    bathethile noMadingakunyenotatawakhe

    bagqiba ekubeni bandwendwele elikhaya

    ngomhla wesixhenxe kuMatshi ukuze

    umama lo akwazi ukucima omnye umazi-


    Xaumntuecimaumazisi kuyekuthathe

    phantse iiveki ezintathu ukuya kwezine

    emva koko sizo kwazi ukwenzela lo mfana

    incwadi yokuzalwa, ncwadi leyo ezo kwe-

    nza ukuba akwazi ukwenza umazisi wa-

    khe, Utshilo okaMakhonza.


    A man who allegedly stabbed his daughter to

    death when she failed to cook for him, was sen-

    tenced to 15 years imprisonment by theButter-

    worth Magistrates Court last week.

    Phumelele Silinga (40) allegedly stabbed

    his daughter Ziyanda Slinga (15) in their

    home in the R6 location, in the Mgomanzi

    Village in Butterworth. The incident hap-

    pened on December 31, 2012.

    The deceased was stabbed with a knife on

    the upper body. She died on the scene and

    Silinga ranawayafter the incident andwent

    into hiding in one of the homesteads in the

    same village.

    He was traced by the Butterworth Police

    detectives who arrested him and he was

    charged with murder. It is alleged that the

    wife of the accused left him because he was

    an abusive husband.

    Police spokesperson, Captain Jackson

    Manatha, confirmed the incident.

    Mansentenced forkillinghisdaughter


    AS part of its concerted efforts to promote

    sign language interpretation, the Eastern

    Cape Department of Transport conducted

    a sign language workshop at the Amathole

    District Offices last Thursday.

    The Workshop had targeted 59 public

    transport operators from the Amathole re-


    Having been launched onMarch 14, 2008,

    by the Department, the project serves as a

    guide to eradicate all forms ofmarginaliza-

    tion and discrimination against people

    with disabilities in the public transport


    The department of Transport spokesper-

    son, Ncedo Kumbaca, said the main objec-

    tive of the programmewas to create aware-

    ness throughworkshops targeting taxi and

    busdrivers, regardinga friendlyandacces-

    sible public transport system towards peo-

    ple with disabilities, especially those who

    are deaf and blind and look to enhance sign

    language interpretation.

    Department of transport hosts sign

    languageworkshop inAmathole

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    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express


    UBANK, previously known as Teba Bank, is

    on a mission to change the lives of pupils in

    various schools around the Eastern Cape for

    the better.

    Last week officials from UBank, including

    theChiefExecutiveOfficer (CEO), visited the

    Mzikayise Dalasile Senior Secondary School

    in Ngcobo with a gift of a lifetime to the 266

    pupils who were the recipients of a pair of

    shoes each.

    According to the CEO of this UBank, Mr

    Luthando Vutula, they have programmes

    where they look at the communities needs

    and they decided to support education.

    We know that education is the key to suc-

    cess. As UBank we have realized that this

    world is relying on you (pupils). That is why

    we are trying to support you, he said.

    He said they were not only looking at as-

    sisting pupils with uniforms, but they had al-

    so built schools in order to improve the

    standard of education for the young genera-


    Vutula said they had collected 3000 pairs

    of schools shoes to be distributed among sev-

    en schools across the Eastern Cape, Lim-

    popo, Free State and North West Provinces.

    Next year we want to give Tablets to

    Grade 12 pupils passingwithbachelors, since

    we know they would need it at tertiary level.

    We have not yet discussed the distribution

    of tablets with management, but Im sure

    they would accept it, Vutula said.

    The schools principal, BabaNonkasa, said

    theywere very happy to have partneredwith


    Last year we received books from the

    same bank, which helped us to open a library

    to help pupils with gathering information.

    This Bank promised us furniture and we

    are sure that we are going to get it, because

    we know that they are also assisting other

    schools with furniture, Nonkasa said.

    He said this year they wanted to make sure

    that their Grade 12s dowell. They are aiming

    for a 95% pass rate.

    One of the pupils, Asive Mngqenge, said

    they were happy to receive shoes from

    UBank, because it would change their lives.

    You can see our shoes shining and you

    might think they are still fine, not knowing

    that they have holes. The new shoes really

    make us feel special, she said.

    Bankdonates shoes to rural school

    Pupils from Mzikayise Dalasile High School with shoes that were donated to them by UBank. With them are the schools management team and

    UBank CEO, Luthando Vutula, (wearing sunglasses) and a parent. PHOTO:BABALWA NDLANYA

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    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express






    SITES R235 000 HOUSES R481 000FROM FROM



    Build your dream house at this development

    Siya: 076 238 5594 / Ettienne: 083 247 1485 /

    Khotso: 079 153 5785 / Ettienne: 083 247 1485 /

    Exiting New


    'Selling Fast

    "Hurry and don't

    miss out on this

    excellent opportunity"

    Happiness was written on the faces of Sterkspruit Detectives and Prosecutors after receiving certificates and trophies. PHOTO: CAPT. JACKSON MANATHA


    THE best performing officials from different

    government departments received awards at

    a ceremonyheld at theMsobomvuHall inBut-

    terworth on February 14.

    Those who received awards were officials

    who are dealing with people committing


    The aim of the awards ceremony was to ac-

    knowledge the good work they were doing in

    making sure that culprits were put behind


    The departments represented were the Jus-

    tice department, Legal Aid Board, SAPS and

    the National Prosecuting Authority.

    Officials that were recognised, included po-

    lice detectives and their units, prosecutors

    and district and regional courts who per-

    formed well in their duties.

    According to one of the event organisers,

    Senior Public Prosecutor Frans Dlamini, the

    aimof the eventwas to thank the officialswho

    were dedicated to ensure that those who are

    breaking the law were arrested and sen-


    As prosecutors we knew it would not be

    good if we were only handing out awards to

    prosecutors, because we know we are work-

    ing togetherwith other stakeholders.We then

    decided to honour all those who have done

    goodwork; even thebest admin staffmembers

    received awards, Dlamini said.

    According to him, the project was launched

    in February 2013.

    It was named a Floating Trophy Project and

    has become an annual event.

    Warrant Officer Lindile Bixa of the Butter-

    worth Cluster, received two awards, one for

    best detective in the Butterworth Cluster and

    the other in the justice cluster.

    I am very grateful about these awards be-

    cause this shows that our work is appreciat-

    ed. I can say to the people who did not get an

    award they must keep on loving their work,

    Bixa said.

    The keynote address was delivered by the


    Director of Public Prosecution, Advocate Ber-

    ry Madolo, who praised the detectives for

    good work in the courts.

    He then praised Captain Aaron Hanise for

    his wonderful work in catching the Tholeni

    serial killer, Bulelani Mabhayi, who terror-

    ised the community of Tholeni Village in But-

    terworth from 2007 to 2012.

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    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express

    Born in the small town of Centani, eGobe, to Mrs Nobantu

    Bota and the late Sifundo Bota; Victoria Bota is the

    second born of six children.

    My school years began at the village school, Gobe

    Junior Secondary School in Centani, followed by my

    high schooling at Lamplough Senior Secondary School

    in Butterworth.

    After Matric Victoria then went on to study at the Walter

    Sisulu University in Mthata. This is where I completed

    my Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies. In 2010

    I was awarded a bursary by the SANRAL and I went on

    to study Environmental Geography (Hons) at the Nelson

    Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth.

    Three years on; my journey with SANRAL began in 2010

    when I was awarded a bursary to study Environmental

    Geography at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan

    University. After completing my studies I joined SANRAL

    in 2011 as an intern.

    After a year as an intern I was permanently employed as

    one of the SANRAL environmental coordinators. Since

    then I have attended various courses which have gone a

    long way into moulding and equipped me for my career.

    Needless to say, SANRAL and the environment manager

    have helped and guided me to where I am today I am

    even training my own intern.

    Victoria has been involved in some very interesting

    projects as an environmental coordinator at SANRAL.

    Among the project highlights, she lists the construction

    of the Nelspruit Ring Road and the construction of the

    Warrenton Bridge over the Vaal Dam. These two projects

    had many environmental concerns and the way they were

    handled by everyone involved is something that brought

    immense pride.

    Standingonacompleted road that hadbeenbut a concept,

    drawn on paper, to then having seen the development

    being brought to life from the putting together of the

    various elements to the heaps of rubble on-site; coming

    together at the end of the day was just amazing. Being

    part of the entire process has been fulfilling.

    Another highlight was the support I received from my

    colleagues earlier this 2013 when I entered the Miss

    Modern Woman Competition, the way everyone at the

    office rallied behind me! They even dug deep into their

    own pockets and helped me raise money to be donated

    to my charity of choice. It was such an amazing feeling,

    one I will never forget.

    We continually assigned to work on different projects

    that are at different phases and stages. Our days vary

    so much so that no two days are the same. A day can

    include sitting in a planning meeting (planning a new road),

    reviewing and giving input to environmental impact assessment

    processes and reports. To coordinating planned site inspections

    with the authorities, or following up on outstanding documents

    needed for a certain projects, etc.

    Victoria counts among her biggest challenges her present inability

    to keep tabs on what is happening on all our projects all the time

    due to the fact that there are so many on schedule at any point.

    This can pose a challenge especially when it comes to monitoring

    - fortunately we have competent and responsible systems and

    people working our roads.

    My advice to young people who want to build a career in any

    field would be to believe in yourself and in what you do; be kind

    to yourself; be patient, everyone started somewhere; and not

    despise your humble beginnings. Adding to that is that one never

    stops learning, should continually seize every possible opportunity

    to develop oneself. In order to become somebody in the future

    one should never stop dreaming as all things are possible.

    My role models are all the women who make things happen for

    themselves, those who roll-up their sleeves to work in order to

    build the future that they want for themselves, and their loved ones

    while including their communities.

    At the top of my role model list would be my mother, and all the

    other women in my life from whom I have learned so much from

    by just being exposed to them as I watch them making the most

    of their lives.

    I am a dreamer who believes all things are possible. Ten years

    from now I could be doing anything, though the one thing that I

    know for sure is that wherever I shall be I shall be doing my best to

    make a difference, changing lives and, hopefully, inspiring others

    in the process.

    My free time is spend at home, with family, and friends, watching

    movies, cooking or just catching up as much as possible. A lot of

    my time is also spent at church, and I love taking naps whenever

    I can.

    To unwind and relax I enjoy hip-hop music, especially anything

    by Pro (kid) who I just love. I also adore fast cars, very fast cars,

    theres just something about the sound of running engines and

    then there are the tyres...

    Victoria Bota


    I am a




    all things





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    The Isolomzi Express mobi site is very

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    School newspapers

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    Student reporters

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    This is how it will work: All the stories or

    eventsmust be submitted throughourwebsite,

    Want to train inournewsroom?


    On the home page you will see a section on

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    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express




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    nkokheli yangomso.

    Asiyathandanga into esiyibone kwirenk

    yaseNgaru eUta ukubona amakhwenkwana

    amabini in full uniform enxile engakwazi

    nokuthini in front of old people.

    Abo bantu ke kuzakuthi xa uphela unyaka

    bengaveli kwiphepha lokudlulela kwelinye

    ibanga baveze into yokuba besingatitshwa

    kakuhle, ungazi ke nokuba kufanele ootitsha-

    la bobatitshela ema-tavern. Bambi bathi utit-

    shala othile ebengabathandi yilonto ebone

    ukuba makangabaphumelelisi. Ayikho lo

    nto, qha you will never mix business with

    pleasure ayipasi yombini. Mayithi xa ikhala

    impempe yokuqala konyaka omtsha esikol-

    weni usuke kunye nayo uyakuncuma ekuph-

    eleni konyaka. Injalo moss. Nina makwedini

    isikolo first, ijiki last uyakulonwabela ke ude

    ulale eshebeen ukuba uyathanda.

    Siyanicebisa njalo.

    lujaca. Kaloku sithetha kanje nje sibone iitit-

    shalakazi kwesinye isikolo sase-Flagstaff ziz-

    imisele ekutyeni kwabantwana emveni koku-

    ba bephakelwe. Its worse ke de zabe ziphethe

    izikhaftin, ukutya okushiyekileyo ebantwane-

    ni zikufaka kuzo zigoduke nako.

    Uyayibona nje lo nto. Bra Makhuphs fakela

    aba bantu ezinye izibuko zamehlo kungenjalo

    uyakushishiliza kube kuthiwe ulambisa

    abantwana kanti baba titshala abatshayela

    ukutya kwabantwana. Nathi sizakukuncedisa

    ngokuthi sintame ezikolo zenza le nto.

    Tyhini kwadlalwa ngabantwana bethu kuba

    besaziwa ukuba basuka emakhayeni ahlwem-

    puzekileyo Uyazi ke abo bantu baphinde bat-

    hathe iintsapho zabo ngee20 bayokutya kwezi-

    restaurants singangeni kwakuzo kuba asi-af-

    ford then isakuphela imali batya ukutya


    Nivile ke, watch out umgosimember ukhona

    kwalapha ecaleni kwakho dont do otherwise

    any member of the community.

    A man who belongs to manhood is a pro-

    tector, a saviour of his family and the com-

    munity. Evenwhenwe grewup, if therewas

    an incident, people would ask aphi amado-

    da? meaning, where are the men?

    Because theyknowukuthi themenare the

    people who came first to a particular inci-

    dent. But now somemen discredit the name

    man this should not give an impression

    though that all men are monsters. We can

    still trust them, cant we?

    We used to live men with children, know-

    ing they cant do to them anything wrong.

    Gossip team know a number of cases

    where the converse is true. There are a

    number of incidents that take place in our

    society. Like recently we were at Libode

    where a man appeared in the Libode magis-

    trates court, accused of raping his own

    child. Kazi ngumthambo otheni lo ukwazi

    ukuba nenkanuko nakumntwana wakho?

    Guys, let us try to command our feelings be-

    cause these practices are lowering the digni-

    ty of being a man.

    Asazi ke ukuba yintoni le idida lamadoda

    ade akhalele ebantwaneni if not uku-forcer

    ii-matters abantu bengafuni. These men

    should stop disgracing our beautiful lady,

    South Africa.

    Hlukanani nokutya kwabantwana nina


    Uyabonake into xa ibonwe sithi ubokwazi

    ukuba ingxaki ikhona, kuba soze sithule tu

    singabekwanga siziba emlonyeni nje. Sesi-

    bonile ukuba aba titshala abasaphathi zii-

    lunch boxes kuba bazitika ngoku kutya ku-

    nikelwa ngurhulumente ebantwaneni.

    And sibabonile aba banalo mkhuba ba-

    batitshala babo mama. Uyazi ke bona bam-

    betha twiceurhulumentekubange-20 of eve-

    ry month baphinde bamkele imali from the

    same government ophinde ondle bona,

    ngoku acingela ukuba wondla iimpula zika-

    Uyazi dear readers, on this Express land

    kukhona okusidida ingqondo. Kuyakwayin-

    toni kwi-Gossip eyahlala yabona izinto ngen-

    dlela yayo? Thulumamele wena sikuxelele

    iindaba ezi ungazaziyo nanjengoko sihlala

    siphakathi kwabo aba abantu.

    Kukhona le nto isixakayo.Wofika inkokhe-

    li ngexesha isabambe isikhundla okanye

    kusemcimbini igadwa kungafuneki kwa uku-

    ba nisondele ecaleni kwayo.

    Iphele i-term yayo uyibone seyihamba yo-

    dwa kungekho nogada. Bayephi ngoku aba

    bantu bebezakuyibulala igadelwa bona? In-

    ene iyaxaka nyhani le nto, de ufike oonogada

    bengaphezulu kwesinye kodwa emva kwethe-

    ko lo mntu sinaye kwindywala zasezilalini

    nama-party akasagadwanga.

    Sithi thina gossip team ekufanele sigadwe

    kuba abantu sometimes baye bangayi-under-

    stand indlela yokubhala kwethu bathi

    sithetha ngabo, bafune ukusibetha kanti soze

    sabhala into engenzekiyo nengekhoyo.

    Nokuba umntu sefuna ukukubetha kodwa

    intliziyo ngaphakathi iyamxelela ukuba iyin-

    yani le nto ibibhalwa ngulo mntwana.

    Makuyekwe ke ukudlalwa ngezimali zethu

    kube kuqeshwa oonogada abagada abafo na-

    ba mama if not sisiz.

    Begadelwa thina phofu kanti sithi futhi esi-

    bathume kwezi ndawo without us umntu

    Daai ding yokugadwa ihamba iphelelephi?


    la. Niwubambile

    umcimbi moss neh?

    Recently we saw

    Nyandeni Mayor at

    Northcrest shop-

    ping complex she

    was walking alone

    and doing her gro-

    cery shopping with-

    out a bodyguard.

    Khazi ithini na le


    Do you still re-

    member former

    Eastern Cape MEC

    Denis Neer? We re-

    cently saw him

    walking alone and

    there were no body-

    guards, noLulu

    Xingwana sambona

    ePSJ ehamba na-

    bantwana bakhe ab-


    We even used to

    see the former KSD

    Mayor Siyakholwa

    Mlami driving his

    Toyota Fortune

    with no bodyguard.

    Asiyazi, perhaps

    someone will an-

    swer our concern

    regarding the mat-

    ter. Thula wena gos-

    sip team sizakukhe

    siyijonge le nto kud-

    lalwa ngezimali

    zethu kungekho

    mntu uzakubulala

    aba bantu.

    They are not men

    but monsters

    A real man does

    not rape or hurt a

    woman or a child. A

    wise man does not

    abuse or disrespect

    Recentlywe saw

    Nyandeni Mayor at

    Northcrest shopping

    complex shewas

    walking alone and doing

    her grocery shopping

    without a bodyguard.

    Nivile ke,watch out

    umgosi member ukhona

    kwalapha ecaleni


  • 8Sport

    February 27, 2014

    Isolomzi Express






    BUTTERWORTHS SAPS Cluster Safety and

    Liaison hosted a sport against crime event for

    the Amathole District Municipality area.

    Six clusters participated in the games, in-

    cluding Butterworth, East London, Mdant-

    sane, Peddie, King Williams Town and Alice

    SAPS Clusters. The games were held at the

    Ndabankulu Senior Secondary School

    grounds in the Ndabakazi Village in Butter-


    In the soccer finals, the East London Clus-

    ter outplayed Peddie by 3-0 and in the rugby,

    Butterworth beat Mdantsane by 19-3. Butter-

    worth beat East London by 22-18 in netball.

    The winning teams received new kit, float-

    ing trophies and gold medals, while the run-

    ners-up received new kit and silver medals.

    Police Spokesperson, Captain Jackson

    Manatha, said the gameswere hosted by Safe-

    ty and Liaison. People who participated in

    the games were those aged between 16-25. We

    know that people from this age group tend to

    get involved in crime, Captain Manatha.

    He said that all the districts from the East-

    ern Cape were taking part in the games. He

    said winners would represent the Amathole

    District Municipality in the provincial

    games, known as the Steve Tshwete Games,

    in Aliwal North on February 26 - 28.

    Winning teams to represent thedistrict

    = Mnquma Municipality Mayor Councillor Bhabha Ganjana with the Butterworth

    Rugby Team Captain. PHOTO: CAPT. JACKSON MANATHA

    ; The Butterworth Rugby Team

    walked away with gold. PHO-



    SOCCER teams have begun playing the

    stream rounds of the SABLeague, sponsored

    by South African Breweries (SAB).

    The league games are being played on dif-

    ferent sports grounds around the Amathole

    District Municipality.

    According to the Regional Executive Offic-

    er, Mandisa Ernest, SAB is sponsoring 62 re-

    gions under Safa.

    One of these regions is Amathole which

    consists of the local municipalities of Mb-

    hashe, Mnquma, Nkonkobe, Amahlathi,

    Great Kei, Nxuba and Ngqushwa.

    These are the four streams and each

    stream is made up of eight clubs, said Er-


    After week 8, the log standings in Stream

    A feature Komga Liverpool FC at the top of

    the league table with 14 points, Dangerous

    Darkies FC is in second place with 13 points

    and Chicco Pirates FC is in third place, also

    with13points andseperatedbyagoaldiffer-

    ence from Darkies.

    In Stream B, after playing three games,

    Blackpool FC was sitting at the top of the log

    with 10 points, Fort Hare University was in

    the second position after playing four games

    andMinisters FC, was in third position with

    nine points.

    In Stream C, Mayaya FC is sitting at the

    top of the log with 12 points, Excell Boys FC

    is in second position with 11 points and Wil-

    lowvale United FC is in third position with

    10 points.

    FCRelatives leadsStreamDwith12points,

    whilse Young Strikers FC and FC Montego

    are in the second and third positions.

    Week eight of SAB league games looks promising