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    THE OR Tambo District Municipality has

    managed to recover about R2-million of R9-

    million stolen from it by a former employee.

    This follows thorough investigations

    which started last year after themunicipali-

    ty reported the fraud and corruption cases

    to the National Prosecuting Authority


    The investigations led to the arrest of the

    former employee and her sister in Queens-

    town last Wednesday (August 19) by corrup-

    tion task team members in the Directorate

    for Priority Crime Investigations (the


    It was also revealed that their two compa-

    nies, which were fraudulently receiving

    huge amounts ofmoney from themunicipal-

    ity, also face prosecution.

    The sisters were formally charged with

    fraud, alternatively theft, of R9 154 307.

    During the arrests, the Hawks were ac-

    companied by members of the Asset Forfei-

    ture Unit in the NPA, who executed a re-

    straining order granted by the Graham-

    stown High Court on August 11 against the

    remaining assets of the accused, which in-

    clude a house in Rowallan Park, Port Eliza-

    beth, and various motor vehicles.

    NPA spokesperson Tsepo Ndwalaza said

    they had managed to recover the R2-million

    because they had frozen all the suspects

    bank accounts and the suspects had not had

    access to their accounts during the investi-


    He expressed his gratitude for the cooper-

    ation they had received from themunicipal-

    ity during the investigations.

    It is alleged that the accused were using

    the money to acquire items like furniture,

    cars and properties inEast London andPort


    The fraud allegedly started in 2007 and the

    accused, who was working in OR Tambo as

    an assistant project accountant, allegedly

    used double remittances for services pro-

    vided to the municipality.

    Each time, the second payment would be

    endorsed as that of the service provider,

    while the actual remittance would be paid

    into the personal bank account of the former

    municipality employee or those of two com-

    panies of which she was a director.

    Assets would then be acquired for self-

    benefit and the balance used to purchase

    groceries, airtime and other personal items

    as well as to settle debit orders.

    In this way, the stolen funds were laun-

    dered, Ndwalaza said.

    Deputymayor Thandekile Sabisa said the

    municipality was committed to fighting

    fraud and corruption.

    Fraud represents a significant potential

    risk to the municipalitys assets, service de-

    livery efficiency and reputation. This mu-

    nicipality does not tolerate corrupt or fraud-

    ulent activities, whether internal or exter-

    nal, Sabisa said.

    The two sisters are expected to appear be-

    fore court soon, after the conclusion of the

    remaining investigations. More arrests are


    OR Tambo District Municipality officials with a cheque for the amount that was recovered during

    the corruption investigation. PHOTO: SIM MDLEDLE



    EACHERS must take the

    foundation phase of edu-

    cation seriously as it was

    the basis for Grade 12 pu-

    pils, Basic Education An-

    gie Motshekga has said.

    Shewas speaking during the hand-

    ing over of theR20-millionNkonkwa-

    na Junior Secondary School in Wil-

    lowvalewhichwasbuiltby the Indus-

    trial Development Corporation


    It is one of the IDCs supported

    schoolsaimedat improvingthequali-

    tyof education,particularly in theru-

    ral areas.

    I am happy the IDC has assisted

    the department and made the life of

    these pupils easier by building this

    beautiful school, Motshekga said.

    We hope the teachers will work

    even harder to build the future of

    these pupils. The department is try-

    ing by all means to ensure that our

    children are not suffering from pov-

    erty. That is why we have nutrition

    at schools.

    She said they would like teachers

    to focus on quality, especially in pri-

    mary schools, and parents and teach-

    ers must encourage their children to

    read books and visit libraries.

    She promised they would make

    sure the school had a library and pu-

    pilswouldalsoget tablets fromthede-


    IDC CEO Geoffrey Qhena said as

    responsible citizens theycouldnot sit

    down and fold their armswhen there

    was still a lot to be done - like invest-

    ing in education.

    The IDC has played its role in

    helping schools, which is why we

    adopted 20 schools in the Eastern

    Cape, includingNkonkwana JSS.We

    do that because we know the coun-

    tries which become successful are

    those which invest in education.

    He said Nkonkwana was very dif-

    ferent from other schools as they had

    had to start everything from scratch

    since the school had only had a ron-

    davel and a two-room building.

    Theyhad thought theywouldbuild

    only three classrooms, but they had

    changed their minds after the exist-

    ing buildings had been destroyed by


    Theyendedupbuildingeight class-

    rooms, an admission block and a nu-

    trition centre.

    Principal Patricia Mhlathi said it

    was still hard to believe that their

    school had changed into a better


    We thank IDC for what they have

    done for us. The children used to sit

    on crates. This school was estab-

    lished in1930, butuntil todaynothing

    had been done even though we had

    asked several times to get help from

    the government, Mhlathi said.


    R20million school

    LEFT: Basic Education

    Minister Angie Motshekga

    after unveiling the plaque.

    RIGHT: Classrooms built by

    the IDC for the pupils of

    Nkonkwana Junior Second

    ary School. PHOTOS:


    District municipality recovers R2million stolen by employee


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    ELEVEN people who were charged with pub-

    lic violence after massive protests in Ugie

    have been granted bail of R1 000 each by the

    Maclear Magistrates Court.

    The accused were arrested in separate pro-

    tests, but appeared on the same day and in

    the same court.

    Two men and three women were arrested

    on Tuesday, August 11, and a woman and five

    menwere arrested onMonday,August 17, aft-

    er a clash with the police during the protest.

    In this clash, some community members

    were injured and rushed to hospital.

    Community leader Phumza Tyaliti con-

    firmed that the bail had been granted, but

    said the people were still in custody as the

    community was trying to raise funds to pay

    the bail.

    She said one of those arrested had been a

    woman who was released after it