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  1. 1. Bnai Torah Our house, your homeOur house, your homeOur house, your home Temple Welcome to High Holy Days 5776 September 13 - October 5, 2015 Our real journey begins My dear friends: This will be our second yontif together. Last year we gathered together as a community and began to work to re-engage each other in our lives. We embarked on a path of discovery to find out what drew us together. Many of you came to me to share your personal stories and through laughter and tears, we began to re-envision the kind of community TBT could be- come. I asked you to bring your light to bear on our future and you did. I asked you to say Hineini Here I am when called, and you did. It has been a wonderful year. And as we know, our path now continues together. It is time to build relationships with one another. The beauty of congregational life is the ability to share in each others lives and build lasting relationships with one another. In all my years of work as an Interim Rabbi, this is the piece I have missed the most and the part of staying here at TBT that I cherish the most. This year there are many changes in our High Holy Day offerings. The most important change is our new Machzor Mishkan HaNefesh. We are one of the first congregations in the URJ to make this shift to our new liturgy. This is an exciting change for us and both the Cantor and I are enthusiastic about the new prayerbook. It will create a new conversa- tion on the High Holy Days and will allow us to create some new opportunities for engagement and involvement. Its not too late to buy or donate copies of the new Machzor. For $36 per set of regular books or $100 per set for large print, you can help TBT realize its vision of making this move to the Machzor. It is a beautiful way to remember a loved one or celebrate a simcha. Help us out this year and make it possible for everyone to have a prayer book in hand for the Holy Days. Contact the Temple office to make your donation. This year we are moving to one service. It is hard to pray as a community when you are divided into pockets. This has been evident in years past. In order for us to re-engage as a community, we need to learn to pray together again. So there is a new schedule of worship and there are even new worship opportunities within the schedule. We are hosting a Rosh Hashanah Oneg. In the evening, after the 7:30 PM service, members of the Worship committee and Board of Directors invite you to join together for refreshments and fellowship. Part of going to a single service was so that we could celebrate our community in ways that were not possible before. So we will gather on the back patio of TBT to welcome our new year and reconnect with each other. Our kids are joining the main service. In prior years, parents went one direction and kids went another. This year we want to begin and end together as a community. When you come to TBT for the morning services, bring your children with you. There will be a special seating section for the kids (ages 7-18) and at a dramatic point in our service they will be led by members of BTY (Bnai Torah Youth) over to the Jewish Day School for a youth friendly service and program. They will then return, as they have done in years past, for the final shofar blasts and our closing prayers for the day. We have a new creative service on Yom Kippur. A new service in our High Holy Day offerings is Confessions from my Soul. This creative service represents the beginning of a journey towards a greater spirituality and an engaging of Jewish tradition. This is a service designed to create spiritual movement towards greater introspection and soul searching. In addition, we have cre- ated healing and meditation moments for our participants. (Rabbis letter to the congregation continues at the top of the following page) October 2, 2015 6:00 - 7:00 PM Dinner at 6:00 PM, followed by a brief Shabbat service and Sukkah dedication. Join us for a special way to celebrate Sukkot! All ages welcome. Pizza, salad, crafts and more! Only $10 per family or $5 per individual RSVP by Wed., September 30 Please pay by using the payment and contribution form on page 5. Sponsored by Temple Bnai Torah Sisterhood. Temple Bnai Torah 15727 NE 4th Street, Bellevue WA 98008 (425)603-9677 templebnaitorah.org facebook.com/templebnaitorah Temple Bnai Torah is excited to use the new Central Conference of American Rabbis new High Holy Day prayer book, Mishkan HaNefesh, beginning this Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The new prayer book is the first new Machzor to be developed for Reform congregations since 1978. Mishkan HaNefesh uses contemporary, non-gender biased language and contemporary prayer themes to enhance the worship experience for the 21st Century Reform Jew. It is also the companion volume to our regular Shabbat prayer book, Mishkan Tfilah. Highlights of Mishkan HaNefesh prayer book include an enhanced Shofar service woven throughout the morning Rosh Hashanah service. Through updated translations, readings, poetry, accessible transliteration and new liturgical innovations, Mishkan HaNefesh will breathe new life into High Holy Day services. We are excited to be one of the leading congregations to make this move. Members of Temple Bnai Torah will be able to purchase their own personal copies of Mishkan HaNefesh, dedicate copies in honor of or in memory of loved ones, and have the opportunity to make donations toward the High Holy Day Prayer Book Fund to help the temple offset the cost of the new prayer books. And for those who want to take home one of the older High Holy Day prayerbooks, Gates of Repentance, we will offer them for free to our members. All you have to do is come by the Temple to claim one. Each copy of the new 2 Volume prayer book costs $36.00. In order to make a donation or reserve your own personal copy, please contact the Temple office or send in the form on page 5 with payment.
  2. 2. Dear TBT Members, The High Holy Days are known in our tradition as the Days of Awe. Each year, we gather in the Temple and seek to renew our faith and commitment to living lives of blessings. Temple Bnai Torah has a long and wonderful history of providing beautiful, moving, and inspiring worship services for these profound holy days. We look forward to worshipping with you, to teaching our children about the special meanings of these holidays, and to sharing our dreams and goals for the Temple Bnai Torah community. Making sure that all runs smoothly takes a remarkable amount of planning. Our temple staff and volunteers are hard at work to ensure that your familys experience during the High Holy Days will be meaningful. We are providing all members with a parking pass. We will include the $25 charge on your September Temple bill. We understand that not everyone will need a parking pass. If this is the case, please write your name on the back of the pass, and send it to the Temple office, and the charge will be removed from your account. You will also find two tickets per adult member included, as well as a form to request tickets for children college age or younger. You can also purchase adult tickets for guests. We also give complimentary exchange tickets to members of URJ congregations who request them in advance. Note that tickets are required to be shown to ushers this year. Please read the enclosed information and return the appropriate forms as soon as you can. This guide includes your High Holy Day additional ticket request, babysitting reservation forms, as well as other important information about the holidays. Theres also a schedule of all of our holiday programming. Please keep this information handy as it will assist you in planning your High Holy Days at TBT. TBT welcomes all un-affiliated members of the greater Jewish Community to come experience our High Holiday ser- vices. They can call the Temple office at (425) 603-9677 for information regarding tickets. Please share this with any families you may know. We look forward to sharing another beautiful "Days of Awe" experience with each and every one of you. Shanah Tovah u'Metukah - a Good, Sweet New Year! Howard Wasserteil Director of Administration Come meet your new Machzor! For the first time since 1980, the Reform movement will introduce a new High Holy Day Prayerbook called Mishkan HaNefesh. The Machzor both underscores the central value of Teshuvah, as together we seek repentance, new direction, and a sense of return to God and the Jewish people; and expands upon the familiar themes that have remained with us from generation to generation. Come and join in the journey. Introduction to the New Prayerbook Rabbi Lipper will be teaching a five-session introduction to this new prayerbook and help us get ready for the High Holy Days. We will explore the Rosh Hashanah evening service, the Shofar service, the Avinu Malkeinu prayer, the concept of Sin and Forgiveness and the Unetaneh Tokef prayer. In each session, we will look at other prayer book models to see how innovative our new Machzor will be. Dates/Time: Thursdays, 7:00 PM 8:00 PM on July 23, 30, August 6, 13, 20 Cost: Free to TBT Members, $36 for the series for non-members. Havdallah Event: New Music for the High Holy Days Share wine and hors doeuvres and conversation; listen to fascinating talk; then end with a short and moving Havdallah service. Cantor Serkin-Poole will weave music and words as we explore how cantors nationwide plan to bring new musical life to many of the magical new texts found in Mishkan HaNefesh and to other traditional texts found in the Machzor. Learn how new music will enhance your experience of the upcoming High Holy Days. Date/Time: Saturday, August 29 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Cost: Free to TBT Members, $18 for non-members. Yom Kippur Study Sessions (September 23 from 1:00-3:00 PM) For High Holy Days ticket holders Yom Kippur Walk Join us in reflecting silently or sharing with others on the significance and meaning of Yom Kippu