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Classroom Rules, Procedures and Expectations. Mrs. Tucker’s English Class. Expectations. I expect you to do the very best you can on every assignment. I expect you to follow all the rules and procedures in my class. I expect you to be respectful of everyone in the room. Grades. Tests40% - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Classroom Rules, Procedures and ExpectationsMrs. Tuckers English Class

  • ExpectationsI expect you to do the very best you can on every assignment.

    I expect you to follow all the rules and procedures in my class.

    I expect you to be respectful of everyone in the room.

  • GradesTests40%Class work/Homework20%Writing20%Projects20%

    Grades will be based on, but not limited to, tests, quizzes, in class assignments, homework, journal writing, and projects.

  • TestsWeekly English Test are given on Friday.

    Unit or Chapter tests will be given after the material is completed. You will know in advance of the exact test date.

    Vocabulary test will be given every other Friday.

  • AssignmentsMake sure your :Name (First & Last)PeriodDateare on every paper in the top right hand corner.

    NO NAME work will result in a ZERO.

    If I give Extra credit, it will be given to all students. Not just to you, in order to bring up a grade you havent cared about until the end of the grading period. DO YOUR WORK!

  • AttendanceAttendance is very important for your success.

    If you know you are going to be absent for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible. I will give you your assignments for the days you will be gone.

    Students participating in school athletic events or school related activities are responsible for the material missed.

  • AbsentIf you are absent, it is your responsibility to:

    Turn in any work that was due during the time of the absence.If assignments were assigned prior to the absents, they are due on the date prearranged.It is your responsibility to find out what you missed.See me before/after class to arrange for making up a test.

  • RulesBe in your desk and beginning the daily warm-up when the bell rings.Bring all needed materials to class.Follow the BCBE and GSMS rules and policies.Show respect to everyone in class and their stuff.Obey the first time.Use your class time wisely.

  • ConsequencesWarning (verbal, written, or gesture)Parent contactBreak detention (If detention is missed, an additional detention will be assigned.)Office ReferralThere are certain instances when consequences 1-3 will be not be used. These include, but are not limited to fighting, foul language, stealing, etc. Please see student handbook for specific consequences.

  • Procedures for the beginning of class:Bring all assignments and materials to class. (Passes will NOT be given to go get materials.)Be seated in your assigned seat and ready by the time the tardy bell rings.Find the class starter on the board and begin work immediately. DO NOT wait for me to begin class. You will only have a short time to complete the class starter so dont waste time.Tardy means not in your seat. It doesn't mean one foot in the room.I prefer not to raise my voice to get your attention. Your assignments are written on the board each day. Please come in, read the board, and begin working on the days assignments.

  • Procedures for ending class:DO NOT begin putting away your materials until you are told to do so.Make sure everything around you is picked up.When the bell rings wait for me to dismiss you, the bell is a reminder for me that class is ending.QUIETLY leave class in an orderly manner.

  • Class procedures:Participate in class discussions and activities in a courteous manner. Everyone has valuable ideas to share and should have the opportunity to express himself/herself.During class discussions RAISE YOUR HAND, and wait to be recognized.Feel free to ask sincere questions which relate to the class work. Remain quiet when others are asking or answering questions. This is an important way to learn from each other.When completing individual work, you should work quietly without talking to others. During group work or partner work, you should talk quietly with each other but not to members of other groups. Group talk should be restricted to the assignment until the assignment is completed

  • Class procedures continued:We have many objectives to complete. This is not the time for doing work for other classes.ALL activities stop during intercom announcements (quietly remain seated and listen).Stay in your seat when the bell rings. I will dismiss you.Clean your area before leaving.

  • PassesEveryone will be given three passes at the beginning of each grading period. These passes can be used for restroom emergencies. DO NOT COME IN FROM BREAK OR LUNCH AND ASK TO GO TO THE RESTROOM. Passes cannot be used to go to another teachers room without prior permission received.Each pass is worth three points at the end of the grading period.

  • Leaving the classroomYou may leave the room:

    When you are called by the office.When you are sick or bleeding.When you use one of your bathroom passes.

  • Seating ArrangementsMrs. Tucker will assign you a seat.You will sit there everyday until Mrs. Tucker assigns you another one.

  • Items to bring to class everydayNotebook or binderLoose-leaf paperSpiral Bound Index CardsAny handouts I have given you in sheet protectors.Something to write with: pencil or pen (blue or black ink only)

  • Turning in assignmentsYou will turn in assignments when I ask for them.You will pass them to the front, but not until you have received the persons behind you first. After receiving his/her paper, you will put it with yours and pass it to the person in front of you.I will assign a person to pick up all the papers once they are in the front of the room.

  • Can I go back to my locker?NO, NO, NO

    It is time you grow up and become a responsible member of society.

    If you leave your assignments in your locker, you will be given a ZERO for the assignment.

  • What do I do with my trash?Do not wad it up loudly. This annoys the people around you.Hold on to it until the end of class. I will give you time to clean up your area before leaving my classroom.Please keep your area clean. If you do not, this will result in a break detention.I stay in this room all day. I like to keep it clean.

  • What if I need a tissue?If you need a tissue, please, quietly get up and get one.

    If you need to blow your nose, quietly step out of the classroom, do your business, and return to your seat. As long as no one abuses this privilege, youll have it.

  • Journal entryWrite the name of the prompt and the date on the top line.

    Answer the prompt with 2 paragraphs.

    Each paragraph must contain 8 sentences.Each sentence must have 8-10 words.Journals will be graded twice during the grading period. Once a mid-quarter and again at the end of the quarter.

  • Eating, Drinking, and Gum ChewingPlease do not do this in my classroom unless you have permission.

    If you come into my room chewing gum, spit it out in the trash can. DO NOT STICK IT UNDER YOUR SIT.

    If it becomes a problem, I will assign you break detention.

  • Contact Mrs. TuckerYou can e-mail me by doing the following:

    Go to:

    In the left hand column:Click on School StaffClick on Tucker, Pam