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  • Classroom Procedures and ExpectationsMr. GibsonWalsingham Academy

  • WELCOMEWere going to have a wonderful year together.Have Positive Expectations!The Procedures we learn today will help us create a Highly Efficient and Orderly Classroom.

  • Why Procedures?Without procedures, students do not know what is expected of them.Procedures facilitate efficiency.Human Nature is to have procedures.

  • Grade 12 Theology ClassesAcademic and ReflectiveNot PersuasivePastoral Not Judgmental

  • Service to Our School and CommunityWalsingham Academy MassesAcademy WideSchool WideReaders and Servers are NeededCommunity Service15 Hours per SemesterSchool Sponsored 3 Hours

  • Class Assignment CategoriesTests and Papers: 40%Projects:20%iPad activitiesGroup workClasswork / Homework:10%Class Participation: 30%Taking Journal Entries SeriousUse time wiselyInvolved in group discussion + community service hours

  • Supply ListCome to class withiPadSpiral notebook (1 or 3 subject) folder optionalPen/pencilTextbook


  • Arrival to ClassWhen you arrive to our class, I will greet you in the hallway.When students enter the classroom please be seated and begin Journal EntryPrepare yourself for the class Take Part!

  • Journal PromptsTwo days/ week=Reflection on readings from Laudate applicationTwo days/ week=Reflection from other sacred texts or quote

  • When Class Begins (Bell)The bell ringing is a procedure to tell you that it is time to begin class.At the bell, you are to begin your warm-up exercise. Your warm-up exercise is Journal Writing. There should be no talking or moving about during Journal Writing.

  • Journal Writing ProceduresWrite in complete sentences.Write about the assigned subject.Write until you are asked to finish up. There will be a 1 minute reminder.Use correct grammar.Silence in the room during Journal Writing.

  • General Classroom Expectations Respect others personal space Be respectful of everyone and everything.Use proper grammar when speaking!iPads will only come out when prompted to do so.Allow others to finish speaking before you start speaking.

  • Expectations During InstructionPlease give the teacher your full attention.Do not talk while the teacher is talking. Please wait to be recognized by the teacher before you begin speaking.Do not start assignments until the teacher gives you the signal to begin.

  • Expectations During Group WorkStudents will be assigned to a groupNo side-bar conversations during team activities, all team members focused on the task at hand.You must contribute proportionately to your team.

  • End of Class DismissalI will inform you when it is time for class dismissal.I will then give you permission to leave the classroom. Clean-up your work area and dismiss quietly

  • School Rules and PoliciesAll school rules as outlined in your student handbook will be enforced.Attendance policy will be as defined in your student handbook.

  • My Promise to You!We will have a great year together.Procedures and Expectations will enhance your learning experience.I will give you my very best everyday and ask the same from you in return.

    ****-Community Service forms need to be signed by who was organizing the service

    *Journals will be collected occasionally**********