mrs. gentry’s classroom rules, procedures & expectations

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Mrs. Gentrys Classroom Rules, Procedures & Expectations

Mrs. Gentrys Classroom Rules, Procedures & ExpectationsWhen Does Class Begin?As soon as Mrs. Gentry shuts the door1st period: 7:302nd period: 8:253rd period: 9:254th period: 10:155th period: 11:106th period: 12:30When Does Class End?When the teacher dismisses- Always wait until Mrs. Gentry states, You all may go, have a nice day

Is Seating Chart By Choice or Assignment?By Assignment- You will receive a new seating chart every quarter. If you do not like where you sit, be patient and it will change.

Please make sure you let Mrs. Gentry know if you can not see the board where you are sitting. Why Is It Important To Be In Your Seat When Class Begins?So you will not be considered tardy. You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the class begins. What Behavior Must Be Exhibited Once You Are In Your Seat?You must fill out your agenda, take out homework and place it on your desk and complete the bell ringer. There may or may not be a bell ringer every day. What Behavior Must Be Exhibited Before Exiting The Class?All belongings must be picked up, clean up your area and wait to be dismissed. What Does It Mean If You See Mrs. Gentry Standing With one Arm Raised?Raise your hand, stop talking and listenWhat Behavior Should You Exhibit If The Phone Rings Or Someone comes To the Door?If I speak to the guest or on the phone in the room, voice level 0. If I step out of the room to speak to the guest or on the phone, voice level 1. What Is The Policy For Turning In Assignments?Place assignments on your desk and I will come around and collect them. If you are turning in an assignment late, place it in the class folder.Always make sure assignments have your first and last name, along with your class period. What Should You Do If You Have Been Absent?

First, check the website.Check with Mrs. Gentry upon your return. What Information Can Be Found On The Class Website?Check the blog- find out what happened each day in class.WorksheetsReader Response EntriesBook Project Guidelines

What Happens If You Do Not Have Your Homework?Use a Hall Pass to return to your lockerTurn in the assignment for late pointsWhat Items Must You Bring To Class Everyday?Binder, Pencil, Agenda & Independent Reading NovelWhat Should You Do If You Do Not Have The Required Materials?Use your hall pass to return to your lockerYou may borrow paper or a pencil from Mrs. Gentry. When Is It Appropriate To Sharpen Your Pencil or If You Need A Tissue?Anytime without being a distractionWhen Is It Appropriate To Throw Away Trash?At the end of class. What Is The Rule On Gum and Candy?Gum, Candy and any other food is not permitted in Mrs. Gentrys class. It is a school rule!What Should You Do If You Finish Your Assignment Early In Class?Read your independent novelWhat Are The Expectations About Borrowing Materials?Please make sure to return all materials and the materials are in the same condition as you borrowed them.When Is It Not Okay to Talk?When Class beginsWhen Is It Okay To Talk?With teacher permissionWhat Should You Do If You Need To Leave The Class?Ask teacher for permissionUse a hall passWhat Is The Policy On Cell Phone Use?Phones are to remain in off in your lockerWhat Happens If Someone Is Bothering You In Class?Please make sure to speak with Mrs. GentryWhat To Do With Graded Papers?Please keep all graded papers in your binder. These items may be thrown away at the end of the quarter and after report cards have been signed.