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Mrs. Grams Classroom Expectations

To ensure that we have a wonderful school year, we need to have a set of clear expectations. These expectations will help make sure we are learning to our fullest potential and stay safe at school. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!

Im so glad to have you in our class!!!

You can receive a PRIDE ticket for following any one of the Starry Rules.

The following rewards are given in exchange for PRIDE tickets:15 PRIDE tickets-Enjoy a piece of candy25 PRIDE tickets-Homework Pass 50 PRIDE tickets-Sit next to a friend in class75 PRIDE tickets-Bring a friend to the classroom for lunch (2 people)100 PRIDE tickets-Bring 2 friends to the classroom for lunch (3 people)125 PRIDE tickets- Bring 3 friends to the class for lunch (4 people)150 PRIDE tickets- Sit in the teachers chair for a day

If you follow the Starry Rules

In our classroom we will all follow the Starry Rules.

1. We will keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves.

2. We will tell the truth.

3. We will talk nicely to everyone.

4. We will borrow and give back.

5. We will say and do nice things for each other, we will be positive and treat things with respect.

6. We will wait our turn to talk.

Starry Rules Walk slowly to the food line and table Use quiet indoor voices level 1 Clean your area and throw your trash away before you leaveWhen lining up to go to recess, walk to your line and wait quietly


When we go out for recess, we must follow rules in order to stay safe:

No touching, pushing, hitting of any type is allowedRemain in the designated area only. Do not walk to any other place without teachers permissionWhen the teacher blows the whistle, follow procedures to line up and walk in an orderly manner


Why is it important that we dont play in the restroom?

Do you have any questions about this?

Now lets practice this procedure.

Line up quietly and in an orderly mannerWalk quietly, in a straight lineEyes are looking to the front Feet must remain on the third square from the wallArms must remain at our sides. We must not touch the wall or a classmate


After we wrap up our last lesson of the day, I will have you stay at your desk until I call your name and say, Pack and Stack then you will do the following:Stack your chairGet your folder and put in your back pack Line up in your designated line (VS, Parent Pick-up or Bus).

It is important to stay quiet in line so you can hear your group called for dismissal on the intercom. Once your group is called you can walk to that area.


During a fire drill-the alarm may sound


When you exit the classroom you will head toward the nearest exit and walk to our designated areaIt is important that you remain completely silent while walking toward the designated area

The last person will close the classroom door

Once we reach the designated area, your teacher will take role and notify the administration if anyone is missing

Fire Drill

A siren will sound over the intercom but you will not hear any instructions YOU MUST REMAIN QUIET! We will stay in our classroom since it is a tornado safe room.You will take the cover positionon your knees hands over head facing the wallContinue this until the all clear sounds

Tornado Drill

InsideTo protect yourself from falling objects, take cover in the following way:Get beneath your desk and cover your head with your hands. If no cover, go against an inside doorway or crouch down against an inside wall and cover your head. Important!!!Stay away from outside walls and windows. Earthquake Drill

In this situation the following announcement will be made over the intercom:ATTENTION! ATTENTION! TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION! LOCK DOWN! LOCK DOWN! LOCK DOWN! No one will leave the room! I will lock the door, turn off the lights and cover the windows. You MUST BE QUIET and move to an area in the room that is away from the door and out of view of windows. We will wait until we get an all clear from police.

Intruder Drill

Why do we need to follow rules at school?

What could happen to our school if students make a choice not to follow rules?

What could happen to the students who decided not to follow rules?

How would YOU benefit from following rules ?

Lets Review

BrainPOP video-


I created this PowerPoint to be used in future school years. During the first couple of days there is an abundance of information that I need to review with my students about rules, expectations and drills. This is a great way to ensure that I cover everything that I need to and that I stay on track. Plus, by pairing audio and visual learning styles, I can reach all my students.

I did not find this assignment to be difficult but it was very time consuming. I did enjoy the fact that we were able to chose a topic of our choice, which allowed me to create something that I could use in my classroom. I feel that is why I did not mind putting in so much time. Reflection

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