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Why Do We Have Procedures?

Mrs. LowesClassroom Procedures and ExpectationsWhy Do We Have Procedures?They are a part of life we follow procedures all the time.They can help things to run more efficiently, and make things safer.They help to establish our classroom culture, making it a better environment to learn.How to Enter the ClassroomLine up on the wall outside of the classroom.I will meet you at the door to welcome you to class.Greet me as you walk in the room.Enter classroom in Adult Mode

Starting ClassQuietly gather your materials: Interactive Notebook & FoldersTake out any homework that is due and place in basket.Complete the Do Now Bell Ringer activity listed on the board

What to Do With Your BelongingsAll of your belongings should be placed inside the cubby of your desk.Make sure nothing is in the aisles.For safety reasons, please DO NOT lean back in your chair!If You Are AbsentAn Absent Buddy will fill out a While You Were Out sheet and write down what you missed.Any papers passed out will be stapled to this sheet.Make sure YOU pick up your work when you return to school!Out of AreaThere is no pass time. You MUST travel directly from one class to the next class.Respect staff desk areas and sink area. These areas are marked with tape.

If You Do Not Complete Class Assignment or HomeworkGet a Student Responsibility Sheet from the folder.Fill it out. All of it. Be honest.Place the sheet in the basket which is marked for papers.Turning in PapersPass all papers to the right.People at the end should passthe entire row down.The last person should bringall of the papers to the teachers desk.Sharpening a PencilPlease get teachers permission before sharpening pencils.Do not sharpen pencils when the teacher is speaking.Only one person at a time at the pencil sharpener.(I love this student! He looks so prepared!)Using Your iPad in ClassAn iPad will be assigned to you.You are responsible for the iPad during your assigned time.Playing non-academic games or accessing social media sites is not allowed.I will check iPads during class by saying Flip Your ScreeniPads are for ACADEMICS USE only unless teacher says otherwise.Using the BathroomThere are scheduled bathroom breaks.Please see me if you have an emergency.Using the Classroom LibraryThe books/magazines in this room should be treated with respect.Handle all books including textbooks gently.Return each book to the bookcase when you are finished with it.Using Classroom SuppliesThis room is well stocked to help you complete your classwork.Supplies are located by teacher partners desk.Remember to return all supplies back to the appropriate container when you are finished with them.Put the caps back on the glue sticks please!Using the Classroom SinkClassroom sink is to be used by Adult Staff ONLY unless given permission otherwise.FYINo personal food or drink allowed in classroom.When the Teacher Wants Your AttentionWhen I want your attention, I will say: Please listen up and give me your ATTENDING SKILLS.Raise my handStudent will raise their hands & be quiet

When You Want the Teachers AttentionRaise your hand.Wait for me to respond by calling your name.Be patient. I may be helping another student.Dont be this guy.How to Set Up a PaperEach paper should have four things in the top right hand corner:Your first and last nameThe dateThe assignmentThe Learning TargetIf You Finish Your Work EarlyCheck to make sure that you answered all the questions. Is there a back side?Study your vocabulary/spelling words.Complete a TASK CENTER.Organize your folders.Read a book from the classroomlibrary or personal book.

Classroom DiscussionsPlease participate! I want to hear what you have to say!Make all questions or comments relevant to the current discussion or topic.Please refrain from shouting out ideas.Have respect for your classmates ideas.If the Fire Alarm Goes OffStop what you are doing immediately.Quickly and quietly line up at the door.Head for the designated exit.No talking in line.Listen for adult directions in ALL emergency situations.End of Class DismissalThe teacher dismisses the class, not the clock! Class is over when I say Have a good day!Do not start packing up ahead of time.Pick up the floor around you.Push in your chair.Place exit slips in basket.Following procedures & expectations will result inVerbal Acknowledgment/CheersA stress free learning environmentClassroom celebrationsPositive comments sent homeSuccess in lifeYour are a STAR!STUDENTS TAKING ACADEMIC & BEHAVIOR RESPONSIBILTY DISCOVERYKEEP CALM & FOLLOW THE 6PsPromptPreparedPolitePMAParticipateProduce

DiscoveryContinue toKeep Calm & Follow the Attending SkillsBeing in the MomentAppropriate body languageAppropriate eye contactAppropriate feedbackAsk questions to clarify/validateClassroom CreedI am a very important person.I am responsible for what I say and do.I will acknowledge your feelings, listen to your ideas, and respect your personal space.Please show me the same respectful behavior.Questions?


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