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Mrs. Mohrs High Expectations. 2014-2015. We will follow certain classroom protocols. We will be organized, efficient, and on task. In order to do so, we will follow these rules: A. Do not get out of your seat without permission. Exception: If you are sick, leave immediately. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mrs. Mohrs High Expectations

Mrs. MohrsHigh Expectations2014-2015We will follow certain classroom protocols. We will be organized, efficient, and on task. In order to do so, we will follow these rules:A. Do not get out of your seat without permission. Exception: If you are sick, leave immediately.B. Do not speak unless:You raise your hand, and I call on you.I ask you a question and you are responding.It is recess or lunch.I Instruct you otherwise (example: group work).

When responding to an adult, you must answer by saying Yes or No. Just nodding your head or saying any other form of yes or no is not acceptable.

Make eye contact. When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times. If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.

During discussions, respect other students comments, opinions, and ideas. When possible, make statements like, I agree with John, and I also feel that. or I disagree with Sara. She made a good point, but I feel that.. or I think Victor made an excellent observation, and it made me realize

If I introduce you or our class to someone, other staff members, guests, new students or former students. You will stop what you are doing and greet them. Class this is Mr. Long our custodian. Our class should immediately say in unison. Hello, Mr. Long. in a reasonable tone. There will be times when you know two people who do not know each other. When you are together at recess or on the bus take the time to introduce them, the way I have modeled for you. Learn the names of other teachers and staff in the school, and greet them by saying Good morning, Mrs. Roberts, or Good afternoon, Mr. Smallwood. This applies to when you are arriving or leaving the school grounds, recess or on an errand. You should always be quiet when walking in line with the class and during transitions.

If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return. If someone asks, Did you have a nice weekend? you should answer the question and then ask a question in return. For example: Mrs. Mohr: Did you have a nice weekend? Student: Yes, I had a great time. My family and I went shopping. What about you? Did you have a nice weekend?

Do not smack your lips, tsk, roll your eyes or show disrespect with gestures.There is an appropriate way to express your disagreement, as we learned earlier.

When we walk in a line, walk single file two to three feet behind the person in front of you with your arms at your side. You should face forward at all times. There will be absolutely no talking or messing around when in line. Always walk on the sidewalk when possible.

Never cut in line. If someone cuts in front of you, do not say anything, let it happen but let me know quietly. If you fuss with someone, then you will be in trouble too.

If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, we will congratulate that person. In a formal environment claps should be of at least three seconds in length with the full part of both hands meeting in a manner that will give the appropriate clap volume.

If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger. Instead, say something like, I really enjoyed the competition, and I look forward to playing you again, or Good game, or dont say anything at all. To show anger or sarcasm, such as I wasnt playing hard anyway. You really arent that good, shows weakness.

When you cough or sneeze or burp, it is appropriate to turn you head away from others and cover your mouth fully with your elbow. Afterward you should say Excuse me.

Always say thank you when I give you something. If you do not say it after receiving the item, I will take it back. There is no excuse for not showing appreciation.

When you are given something from someone, never insult that person by making negative comments about the gift or by insinuating that it wasnt appreciated.

Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone at least once a month.

We will discuss this more in the future, until then try to think of some random acts of kindness you could do.

We will often grade our own papers and occasionally work with each others papers (peer editing/conferencing). The only marks you are allowed to make are the ones you are directed to make. When we are reading as a class or in small groups you must follow along and know we are exactly if I call on you, you must immediately begin reading.

Answer all written questions with a complete sentence.Example Questions: Of the two books which did you like? 1.Restate the questions and give your answer. Of the two books I liked Harry Potter.2. Give a reason why you feel that way:I think Harry Potter was better because there were characters I could relate too.3. Support your answer:Harry Potter was an only child who was going to a new school. I was an only child who moved a lot.At times you might receive a reward for good behavior, academic performance and other acts worthy of praise. If you ever ask me for a reward, it will not be given to anyone.

The only exception is if I politely ask you to remind me.

Homework will be turned in each day, by every student.

If you have a family emergency have your parents write me a note or email me.

No note or email will result in a strike and possible loss of earned breakSubject transitions will be swift, quiet and orderly.

You will walk directly to your cubby and directly back to your seat.

Make every effort to be as organized as possible.

When I assign homework, copy it down quietly. Moaning or complaining will result in double homework assignment for everyone.

When a substitute teacher is present, all class rules still apply.

You may bring a bottle of water and leave it on your desk. Do not ask me if you can get water while I am teaching, while I am working with a small group, while you are working with a small group, or when you should be working independently.

Sign the restroom notebook with the time you use the restroom and print your name. Flush the toilet and wash your hands after using the rest room. Leave the restroom cleaner than you found it. If there is a mess you must report it to me before you use the restroom. The previous student will be responsible for the cleanliness of the bathroom. *Make sure you inspect each and every time before and after you use the restroom.

At Lunch if someone wants to sit down at the lunch table let him or her do so. We are a family and must treat each other with respect and kindness. Do not save seats.

If another student in our class or in the school is being disciplined please look anywhere else but at that student. You would not want your classmates staring at you if you were being spoken too.

I f you have a homework question you should call a classmate. Use your best manners. If they cannot answer leave a message like this: Hello, Mrs. Mohr, this is ______________. I need help with the __________ homework. Please call me back before __:00pm. Thank you.

You may call Mrs. Mohr with homework questions only. Use appropriate manners when you call. Lunch room etiquette: When placing an order in the lunch line always make eye contact with the server and say the following: May I please have_________. Afterward say Thank you. Greet the cashier: Good morning/afternoon,___________. Thank you, Have a good day.Wait until the entire class has taken a seat before eating. If you are directed to sit before everyone has their lunch, please wait to eat until our entire class is seated. Know the names of the monitors in the lunch room, greet them and treat them with respect. Do not argue with them.Lunch room etiquette: Chew with your mouth shut, and save conversation for after you have swallowed your food. Use a napkin to wipe off your fingers not your mouth.If something is stuck in your teeth do not go in after it. Wait until you are in a bathroom, and then wash your hands.If your fork, napkin or something else falls on the floor pick it up and wait to throw it away when you are dismissed.Raise your hand to leave your seat, unless you are sick.

You are not allowed to share food or trade with others at school. This includes breakfast, lunch and any snacks brought to school.

Exception is when snacks are donated to the whole class.

You will leave the lunch room table cleaner than you found it. We will pick up all the trash under and around our tables.Two students from our class will make sure to insure that tables are wiped down for the next class.If a student accidently drops something, please help them if you can. If there is a problem with a student not picking up, please notify me in a discrete manor.

You are allowed to bring a healthy non-messy snack each day to school to eat during our snack time.Unhealthy snacks will be sent home.The better you eat the better you will feel. If you leave a mess that snack will no longer be allowed in class for anyone.

Remember that snack is a privilege.

There will be times where we have a special lunch. Whenever you are offered food, be it a meal or a treat, you should not take more than your fair share. You dont want to be greedy and take more then you should, because is it wasteful and disrespectful to others when you dont leave enough for them.

There are certain times that I will be working with students in a small group or individually. Please do not interrupt unless it is an emergency.If it is not an emergency, circle it and skip it, or write it on a sticky note.

During field trip bus rides we will always greet the driver with the greeting of the day Good morning or Good afternoon. Ev


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