mrs. moser’s classroom procedures & expectations review

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  • Mrs. Mosers Classroom Procedures & Expectations Review
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  • TRUE OR FALSE If you do not have your agenda, Mrs. Moser will write you a pass on a piece of paper to use the bathroom, go to the nurse, or the office. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE Voices need to stay at a partner level volume. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE You can use a pen to take your notes, but not on your homework. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE If you dont like a 3-ring binder, you can use folders. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE If you chew gum, you will be LOGD. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE If a substitute reports you to the teacher for misbehavior or being off task, you will either be LOGD or get a detention, pending the behavior. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE When you are absent, Mrs. Moser will find you and give you your missed work the next day. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE If your grade is below a 70%, Mrs. Moser will contact home. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE During any emergency drill, you may talk with your friends as long as you use inside voices. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE Group work means that one person does all of the work and everyone else copies. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE When you work with a partner, each person is responsible for the work. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE Mrs. Mosers desk is off limits. No one is allowed behind her desk. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE Mrs. Moser expects me to try my hardest and have a good attitude in class. TRUE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE I may ask Mrs. Moser to use the bathroom at any time during the block. FALSE!
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  • TRUE OR FALSE I cannot interrupt Mrs. Moser when I am in the independent or collaborative station. TRUE!
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE When I enter Mrs. Mosers classroom I A)store my belongings, start my laptop, write homework in agenda, and read digital agenda. B) act like its recess and run around! C) rush to complete my homework. a
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE Food and Drink are allowed at the A)independent station. B) dependent station. C) direct station. No station
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE When we switch stations A)I get a quick break to chat with my friends. B) I clean up my work area and move quickly to start the next station. C) I can continue working on my current task until I am finished. b
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE With two minutes left in class I A)pack my things up and talk with my classmates. B) continue to do my homework until Mrs. Moser says it is time to clean up and leave. C) wait at the door until Mrs. Moser says it is time to leave. b
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE If I am having trouble with my laptop A)I go through my trouble shooting tips to try to resolve the issue. B) I hit the laptop. C) I interrupt someone in my group to help me! a
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  • MULTIPLE CHOICE I treat my classmates A)the way I want to be treated. B) with RESPECT. I will be kind to everyone, no put downs. C) nicely no matter the circumstance. Everyone will be friendly to each other. A,b,c