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Classroom Procedures and Expectations Pre-AP Algebra II Mrs. Ortega Mrs. Higdon Coach Baker Slide 2 Classroom Rules/Expectations Show respect and courtesy for others by your speech and actions. Follow teachers directions the first time they are given. Come to class on time and have materials ready. Be seated, attentive and do your best. Stay on task. Do not complain; it poisons the atmosphere. No profanity Slide 3 Disruptions If you choose to create a problem, expect a consequence. Ill use the typical escalation process of Warning Talking with you Talking with your parent or guardian Assigning after school detention Referral Slide 4 Do-Now Do-now time is actual class time. Do your work quietly, then wait for the next activity. Slide 5 2 nd period Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence This is an important time to me. Please be respectful and polite. A school-wide announcement is made. No talking Listen to the announcement then continue working quietly Slide 6 I.D. You must wear your I.D. at ALL times NO ID??? Go to the library and get a temporary ID ($2) or a new I.D. ($5) (also get a tardy pass!) Slide 7 Cell Phone Students have the right to possess cell phones however: The Cell Phone: Must not be displayed (Visible) Must not be used (No texting, calling, or checking time!) Must be on silent Headphones are not allowed class or on campus Slide 8 Consequences for violating policy: Confiscation of cell phone. Phone held in the bookkeepers office until after 4:10 pm the day it is confiscated as stated in policy. Phones will be released only after paying an administrative fee of $15 as set by the state. There will be no further disciplinary consequences, unless there were additional code of conduct offenses committed, such as refusals! Slide 9 No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom. They will be thrown away use trash can in the cafeteria. --- you will be late to class get a tardy pass! Bottled water is permitted (without anything in it). Slide 10 Students may not wear hats, caps, sweat bands, visors, head coverings or bandanas in the building (neither males nor females). Bandanas are not allowed on campus; (These items will not be returned until the end of the semester. Items not picked up within 2 weeks will be discarded.) Slide 11 Sunshades may not be worn in the building or classroom, unless prescribed by a physician for indoor use; (This means sunglasses cannot be worn on the head.) Slide 12 No personal grooming during class. Dont sleep; and keep your head up. Slide 13 Tardy Get to class on time. You are tardy if you are not in class when the tardy bell ceases to ring. All students who are tardy must report to any nearest Den Office for a computer generated tardy slip. Slide 14 Backpack and bags All backpacks and purses are to be placed under your desk or on the floor. Slide 15 Classroom Supplies Everyday you need to bring the following: 3-ring binder Pencils and erasers Pencils should be sharpened before the bell rings Loose-leaf notebook paper Colored ink pens Slide 16 Textbook Username: student.ecisd Password: password Slide 17 Grading Grades are based on: Test 60% Homework/Assignments/Quiz 35% Student Planners 5% Grades are posted online and updated every Monday. Slide 18 Homework Assigned almost everyday Completed in pencil Due at the beginning of class the following day Late homework will NOT be accepted Slide 19 If you finish your assignment early Use time in a constructive manner: Move on to the next assignment. Finish any missing assignments. You may not work on an assignment from another class. If you have nothing to do, I will find something for you to do. Slide 20 Hall Pass You will be allowed 2 hall passes to leave the room each 6 weeks. Use them wisely !!! If they are not used, you can receive a maximum of 100 points extra credit (to replace the lowest assignment/homework). When can you use your pass? If it is not the 1 st or last 15 minutes of class Please do not ask to leave during do-now or teaching time. Slide 21 Absent Procedure You are responsible for any work that you have missed such as Do-now Assignments or homework Lecture Notes Check the make-up work file box. Your name will be on the assignments (only if you have an excused absence) and it is your responsibility to pick them up. Make-up work for unexcused absence will not be graded. Slide 22 A student who has an excused absence has a period equal to the number of days he was absent plus one day to make up missed assignments. Failure to make-up the assignment/homework,quizzes, or tests, within the allotted time will result in a zero on the test to be taken. Slide 23 Make-up Quizzes and Tests It is the students responsibility to make-up the quiz/test before school or after school. If a quiz/test cannot be made up within the allotted time, acceptable arrangements must be made BEFORE the normal make-up days have expired. Otherwise, a zero will be given for the missed quiz/test. Slide 24 Tutorials 8:00 8:45 Monday - Friday All other times by appointment. Slide 25 Do your own work Honesty and integrity are important character traits. I may occasionally allow you to work with partners or in small groups, but each of you is still responsible for your learning and your work. Learning together to understand the material is acceptable; copying anothers work is cheating. Copying from a classmate (or allowing a classmate to copy from you) or communicating during a quiz or test is also unacceptable. Cheating will earn a grade of 0, a referral, and a phone call home. Slide 26 No sleeping or head down on desk If you lay your head down on your desk, Ill allow you to choose from these options: Sit up and participate (warning) Stand up in the back of the classroom to assist in staying alert Before school or after school tutoring (30 min) Slide 27 End of class Turn your classwork into the tray. Return to your seat and remain seated until the bell. Slide 28 When administrators or visitors are in the classroom Continue with your work Be polite to the guest, answer questions if asked We dont get good We are good We are always good !!! Slide 29 Fire Exit the room to the left, walk quickly Go down the hallway, exit through the east doors Proceed to the parking lot (Field House) Stay with the group, check in with me Wait until you are called back inside Walk quickly and quietly back to the classroom Get seated and quickly return to the classroom task. Slide 30 Lockdown If you are in the hallway or restroom you should immediately go to the closest room Teacher locks the door Students stay in the room Move away from door and windows, crouch down, be quiet Slide 31 Tornado Proceed to the shelter area (hallway) Line up along an interior wall, sit down, cover our heads (duck and cover position) until we hear an all clear Slide 32 Thank you!!! Thank you for following the classroom procedures. This will allow us to have a wonderful, creative and productive year in our math class with minimal stress and wasted time.