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Classroom Expectations, Rules, and Procedures Mrs. Heather Trusty 9 th Grade Algebra I Slide 2 Student Behaviors and Expectations 1.Be ON TIME! Be in your seat when the bell rings. If you continue to be tardy you will MISS something vital to your success in this classroomnot to mention you will be in detention the entire year. Slide 3 Student Behaviors and Expectations 2.Look at the Smartboard when you come in the room and get those items listed. I will always have what items you need for the day on the Smartboard as well as what we are doing for that day in my classroom. You will need to have ALL the items listed on your desk as soon as you can so we do not waste any time. It is your job to always bring your book, paper, pen/pencil, and your willingness to learn to my class EVERYDAY!!! PARCC test in March and in May! Slide 4 Student Behaviors and Expectations 3.Be respectful to me and to each other. Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Offer to help. Be responsible with property and belongings. Respect all rules and guidelines in the handbook. Slide 5 Student Behaviors and Expectations 4.Never leave anything blank! I can work with wrong but I cant work with blank! I promise you that you will get problems really really really really REALLY TOTALLY WRONG but WHO CARES!?! So will everyone else. Get over yourself. You are not perfect despite your crazy ideas about yourself. You are human and are perfectly flawed. Thats how you should be and thats what I love about you already. You learn by making mistakes and believe me you are going to LEARN A LOT!!! Slide 6 Student Behaviors and Expectations 5.Be sure and put things back where they go! Everything is labeled in this room so when you borrow something PUT IT BACK! If you get into the habit of not putting everything back and keeping my room clean and tidy, things you desperately love and need WILL disappear and it will usually happen about test day. BWHAHAHA yepevil laugh! Slide 7 BullyingDONT DO IT! If you see or hear about someone being bullied, you have an obligation to report them to someone! There is an anonymous locked box in the counselors office that you can put their name in and no one will know it is you reporting it. You can also go to any teacher you trust! If a bullying investigation finds that you knew about it and did not report it, you may be called to court and actually fined or charged with aiding the bullying. YES this has happened! Definition of bullying: repeated, imbalance of power, and intentional. Slide 8 Responsibility for Coursework Take ownership for your grades. Tutoring schedule outside door, by calculators, and on my website! Yes, you can go to another math teachereven your teacher from last year. Know due dates, and submit all coursework on time. All assignments are posted on the calendar in the classroom and my website. You can also find the syllabus for this class the website below as well under Homework/Assignments. Slide 9 Policies and Procedures Absences Get your missing assignments from the calendar provided in class or my website. Each absence has a one-day grace period so you must get your assignment in the day after you come back from being absent. Dont be absent unless you have to. You are HIGH SCHOOL students but you just happen to be on a junior high campus. You are gaining credits this year that count towards your high school graduation. Your work load is about to get a lot heavier! Slide 10 Policies and Procedures Leaving the class (pause in instruction) If you need to leave the class, you will raise your hand, ask if you can come directly to me to tell me where and why you are leaving my class, and then if you are granted leave, you will TAKE A VEST AND WEAR IT PROPERLY! Sharpening pencil/getting tissue/throwing away paper/etc. You will wait until there is a pause in instruction then you will QUIETLY attend to those things. End of class You will NOT MOVE and pack up until I tell you that you can pack up and leave my class. Slide 11 Policies and Procedures Intercom When the intercom comes on, you will immediately go silent and listen. Turn in papers One person from each table will gather papers then turn them in as directed. The big white board This is YOUR board. You will work throughout the year on this board. I expect you to always volunteer when asked. Table groups You will do nothing at your group table that will hinder those around you in their learning process. Examples??? Slide 12 Policies and Procedures Substitute Teacher When I do have a sub, you will behave JUST as you do when I am hereor else. Oh look! Theres that evil laugh again BWHAHA! Food and drink is NOT permitted in my class unless I provide it. Ill explain this one later on. Break the rules!?! Warning (teacher evil eye) One on one (teacher/student contract) PARENT and WRITE UP! Bye bye! Anything elsewe will cover throughout the year. Slide 13 My Pledge to YOU I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will quickly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will NOT do your work for you because education is a do-it-yourself project! Slide 14 You need to pledge to me To trust my judgment in selecting math concepts that you will need later in life. Yesyoull need this junk! That you will always have an open mind and give every math problem a chance. Dont be hatin! That youll NEVER end up doing math like Justin Timerlake!!! OH MY GOSHcheck this out! This one is even sadder! HAHAHAHA!