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Expectations & Procedures. August 1, 2013. Do Now. Why is it important to share written expectations with students? Why is important to pre-plan consequences? What tools do you need to have to set and enforce your expectations?. Wong on Modeling Civility. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Expectations & ProceduresJuly 23, 2014

Do NowWhy is it important to share written expectations with students?Why is important to pre-plan consequences?What tools do you need to have to set and enforce your expectations?

Wong on Modeling CivilityHow to increase positive student behavior:Respectfully use namesPLEASETHANK YOUSmileBe lovable and capable. Dont just teach change lives!

Wong on Quantity 3 to 5GeneralOffer flexibility, but require explanation and transfer by situation(ex: be ready to learn)Specific*Clearly state expected behavior, but that specificity limits their use(ex: be in seat when bell rings)*Use POSITIVE LANGUAGE that emphasizes what TO DO

Wong on CONSEQUENCES2 TypesRewards and penalties

Make them LOGICALEx: student walks in noisilyLogical: walk in (again) quietlyIllogical: go to officeIllogical: reduce class grade

Post them! . . . along with your rules

Review and Reinforce them

Lets Practice:

What consequences can you attach to each expectation?

Tips from the Field

Tips from the Field

Wong on Effective TeachersHas a discipline plan that doesnt degrade students and communicates it in a friendly wayMakes eye contact with students while presenting planProvides understandable reason for planProvides a plan copy to allEnforces rules consistentlyReviews plan with studentsHas positive expectationsTeaches about consequences and responsibilityOwns plan, is confident and has admin support

Wong on PROCEDURESA method for how things are done in the classroomHave NO penalties or rewardsShould become routinizedIncrease on-task time and reduce disruptions 1. For dismissal 2. For quieting a class 3. For starting a class 4. For seeking help 5. For submitting papers 6. For entering a class tardyExplain, rehearse, reinforce

Tips from the Field

Lets Draft!

Draft Together!

Intermittent Close: Self-Audit with PartnerReview your expectations/procedures:Do you have BOTH rules and procedures designated separately?Are they framed in positive wording that explains what TO DO?Are they specific?Is the tone respectful, encouraging, and positive?5) Is the rationale explained?Do rules have logical consequences?What needs to be added? Deleted? Changed?Were they introduced? Posted? Reviewed? Reinforced?Do they fall under the expectations of your school culture?10) How can they be improved?

Tips from the Field

Ticket Out: EvaluationOn the Leona paper provided, create a T chart.Put your name and school in the upper right cornerOn the left, list the topics that were most helpful to you todayOn the right, list any questions you have or addition info you would like