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Selecting the right DynaScan for different types of environments.


  • DynaScanC H O O S I N G T H E R I G H T

  • Distance


    Viewing Angle

    Model Diameter (m) Height (m) Screens Diagonal (m) Diagonal (in) Viewing Distance (m) Viewing Distance (ft)

    DS0808 0.8 0.8 3 1.16 45.61 6.62 21.72

    DS0616 0.6 1.6 3 1.72 67.68 9.82 32.23

    DS0816 0.8 1.6 3 1.81 71.10 10.32 33.86

    DS1508 1.5 0.8 3 1.76 69.40 10.07 33.05

    DS2012 2 1.2 3 2.41 95.03 13.80 45.26

    DS0706 0.7 0.6 3 0.95 37.29 5.41 17.76

    DS1713 1.7 1.3 3 2.20 86.79 12.60 41.33

    DS3522 3.5 2.2 3 4.27 168.30 24.43 80.15


    is right for me?It is important to select a screen

    that will not only be visible and attract attention, but also fit the size con-

    straints of the desired location.

    How far away will your audience be from the display? How far away

    would you like them to see it? Choose the screen that will be large enough to be clearly seen at the maximum view-

    ing distance.

    The maximum viewing distance is based on the viewing angle of the

    viewer. The closer a person stands to the display, the larger the angle. For

    maximum effect, the ideal viewing angle should be no less than

    10 degrees.

    This chart lists the maximum viewing distance for all DynaScan models.

    The indoor models are highlighted in blue, outdoor in orange.

    DynaScan Maximum Viewing Distance Chart

  • DS0808Application DS0616 DS0816 DS1508 DS2012 DS0706 DS1713 DS3522






    Theme Parks




    Digital Billboard

    Campus Information


    Shopping Centers




    = Ideal size = Better size = Good size = May not fit application= Can be used

    Model Lineup

    Questions?Need help finding the right display? One of our representatives can help you find the right DynaScan display for your ap-plication. We are available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time. Call us at 1-949-421-0348 or visit us online at

    RecommendationsThe chart below lists the models typically used for various types of applications. These recommendations are based both on the maximum viewing distance values, as well as the popular models normally chosen by our customers. If you do not see your particular application listed, let us know. We can help find the right DynaScan display for your application.

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