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  • 1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT (CTR) Created By: Sismai Jimenez , Jamie Guerrero

2. SOME EXAMPLES OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT Helping others Respecting elderlies Follow your dream/ Goal Knowing from right to wrong Be friendly Socialize 3. CHOOSING THE RIGHT MAKES LIFE EASIER Choosing the right makes life easier because, it leads you to no stress. Example: You wont have to worry about people catching you in your lies or the cops trying to get you because, if you choose the right than you won`t do none of those things for starters. Another reason is that it might lead to good things happening back to you for your good deeds and not karma coming around to hunt you down for the wrongs you did. 4. SOME PICTURES OF CTR 5. A VIDEO OF CTR Acts of Kindness 6. MANY PEOPLE HAD DIED BY CHOOSING THE WRONG 7. WHY CHOOSING THE WRONG IS DIFFICULT CTW is difficult because if will always give you stress and not leave you in peace. CTW will not lets you move on with your life because, their will besomething in the past that will try to get you back for your consequence. CTW will give you bad consequence and karma to come and get you. 8. PICTURES OF CHOOSING THE WRONG 9. CONSEQUENCE OF CHOOSING THE WRONG Getting hurt Going to jail Hurting the ones you love No respect for yourself People losing respect for you Not living the good life 10. WHAT IS THE BETTER CHOICE The better choice for a person to: be stress free Follow the good No worries Is to CTR and never the wrong. This can help you by not worrying for things your suppose to worrying in the first place but, the simple things. 11. WHY DO PEOPLE CHOOSE THE WRONG People put pressure on you by choosing the wrong Hang out with irresponsible people Family problems Curiosity Failure and negative thinking / angry issues 12. H OW P E O P L E C A N I M P R OV E B Y C T Ro If it`s family issue and negative thoughts than you should probably take with your family or go to therapy. o If its about choosing the wrong people than you should know youcan hang out with them and use your 5 senses. o You can have curiosity to what you would be curious on but dont go way beyond if you know know it deals with danger 13. THE END CTR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not the wrong