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  • 1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT GRAPH Efrain Quintero Paola Martinez
  • 2. SUMMARY There are four different types of graphs that you can use. Thegraph that is most common is the bar graph. Bar charts are mostoften used to show amounts or the number of times a valueoccurs. The line graphs are often used to plot changes in dataover, such as monthly temperature changes or daily changes instock market prices. The line graph represent changes in yourdata. The scatter plot graph is to show trends in data. Thedifference between line graphs and scatter plot graphs, is thatline graphs connect the dots or points of data to show everychange, with a scatter plot you draw a best fit Line. Pie graphit can only be used to show percentages.
  • 3. MOST POPULAR ITUNES D OW N L OA D ED We choose this graph because the bar graph is the best one to show which is the most popular song downloaded on iTunes.
  • 4. HISTORY X GAMESWe choose the linegraph for thisinformation because isthe best to show thechanges on history ofthe X Games for thepast years.
  • 5. MTV TOTAL REQUEST LIVE For this one we choose the pie graph because how many weeks was each song in the first place.
  • 6. MARCH 2006 COMIC BOOK ORDERSIn the one wechoose the scattergraph because itcan show howmany comic bookswere order onMarch.