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    Choosing the Right FlashlightFlashlight choice depends on intended use. Typically,there is no single light that works well in all situations.

    In general, lights with incandescent xenon or halogenbulbs give highest performance and are best for distances. Both xenon and halogen bulbs provide highoutput for their size. Halogen bulbs may have a longer

    life than xenon. Both requirereplacement and can fail on extreme impact.

    Light Emitting Diode (or LED)bulbs are basically tiny light bulbsthat fit easily into an electrical cir-cuit. Unlike ordinary incandescentbulbs, they dont have a filamentthat will burn out, and they dontget especially hot. Normally, LEDbulbs do not require replacementand are excellent for close-upwork. LED bulbs can last up to100,000 hours in some flashlights.

    Most low-wattage LED flashlightsoffer extremely long run times insome cases up to 30 days of continuous use. The run times of high-wattage LED flashlights,which provide increased bright-ness, are usually significantlyshorter than low-wattage LEDflashlights.

    Choosing Rechargeable FlashlightsAlthough Flashlights powered by alkaline batteries are still the most commonchoice for many workers, more-and-more businesses are taking a closer lookat Rechargeable Flashlights as a money-saving option that can provide all thesame performance of a traditional flashlight.

    Although slightly more expensive to purchase, Rechargeable Flashlightscost much less to use because the batteries can be recharged hundreds oftimes before they need to be replaced

    Rechargeable Flashlights are an excellent choicefor work environments where flashlights are usedalmost daily. Simply plug the flashlight into the

    charging rack at the end of the work shift andreturn the next day to a flashlight charged

    to 100% power. Rechargeable Flashlights are

    typically larger and heavier than traditional flashlights, so theyre idealfor heavy-duty use

    Rechargeable Flashlights offer goodperformance in low temperatures

    Rechargeable batteries are typically made withmade with nickel cadmium (NiCad)

    Rechargeable batteries self-discharge quite rapidly, so its important thatthey are not stored for very long or they may not perform as expected when needed

    The ThreeMain Styles of Exit Signs Exit Sign This is hard-wired into

    the AC current of the building. Ifthere is a power outage, this signwill not stay lit. When not accom-panied by emergency lightingwith rechargeable batteries, this exit sign will not meet the life safety coderequirements.

    Emergency Exit Sign This sign is also hard-wired into the AC current ofthe building. If there is a power outage, this sign has a battery backup that will illuminate the sign when itsenses no charge going to the battery. Photoluminescent Exit Sign This is a non-

    electrical sign that glows in the dark. This sign is a great idea for new construction or newly designated exit routes, as no wiring is needed. 877-684-4427

  • Streamlight Power Failure System can be mounted on a wall inyour facility to provide backup lighting during a power failure.This system automatically turns on during power interruptionsand shuts back down when power is restored. The Litebox canalso be removed from the wall and used as a portable light. Unitincludes 120-volt AC charger, 12-volt DC charger, mounting rackand sealed lead acid battery.

    Streamlight LiteBox sets the standard for power, longevity andstrength. Lantern provides up to 80,000 candlepower with an 8-watt spot bulb for up to 9 hours of continuous use. Lantern isconstructed with a non-conductive ABS thermoplastic housingand features a 360 rotating head with sealed beam system. Unit includes: rechargeable battery, charging rack, 120-volt ACcharger, 12-volt DC charger and shoulder strap.

    Streamlight Stinger and PolyStinger Flashlights feature anunbreakable polycarbonate lens and and you choice of an aluminum or non-conductive nylon polymer housing. Choosefrom models with either a Xenon or LED bulb. The Xenon bulb

    is adjustable from spot to flood beam and offers 15,000 candle-power. The LED models combine C4 LED technology withrechargeability generating the lowest operating costs of anyflashlight made. NiCad battery recharges up to 1,000 times. Units come with both AC and DC chargers. UL listed Class I,Division 2 and Class II, Division 2.

    Streamlight Survivor Flashlight is a lightweight, hand-held lightwith a right-angle head designed for use in hazardous locations.This light features the latest in power LED technology, offersmicroprocessor controlled high- and low-intensity modes andemergency flash. UL Listed Class I, Division 1 & 2; Class II,Division 2; & Class III.

    Maglite Mag Charger System features a powerful and durablehand-held flashlight. The NiCad battery stick is rechargeable upto 1,000 times. System features a high-intensity halogen bulb,solid-state electronics, 110-volt AC and 12-volt DC chargers.

    Rechargeable LightsRechargeable Lights make a great addition to any workplace because they eliminate the problem of never having the replacement batterieswhen you need them. All lights include batteries.

    Streamlight Power Failure System

    Maglite Mag Charger System

    Streamlight LiteBox Streamlight Survivor

    Streamlight Stinger Flashlight

    Rechargeable Flashlights Lighting


    Bulb Lumens Run Time Length BatteriesStreamlight81479 Power Failure System, Beige Halogen 150 9 Hours 11.5" 6-Volt 12 Ah Lead Acid $195.70

    81475 LiteBox, Orange Halogen 150 9 Hours 11.5" 6-Volt 12 Ah Lead Acid 190.5581477 LiteBox, Yellow Halogen 150 9 Hours 11.5" 6-Volt 12 Ah Lead Acid 190.55

    23243 Stinger, Black Aluminum Xenon 125 1 Hour 7.38" 3.6-Volt NiCad 150.8575973 Stinger, Black Aluminum LED 160 1.75 Hours 8.41"L 3.6-Volt NiCad 199.1523624 PolyStinger, Yellow Nylon Xenon 125 1 Hour 7.38" 3.6-Volt NiCad 150.8575972 PolyStinger, Yellow Nylon LED 185 2 Hours 8.07"L 3.6-Volt NiCad 199.15

    75971 Survivor, Yellow Nylon LED 100 3.5 Hours 7.06"L 4.8-Volt NiCad 214.55

    MagLite80074 Mag Charger System Halogen 218 2 Hours 12.5" 6-Volt NiCad 157.45 877-684-4427

  • LED FlashlightsLED Flashlights offer longer battery lifetimes by using less battery energy than normal flashlights. All lights include batteries

    Streamlight Twin-Task 3AAA Laser LightStreamlight Twin-Task 3C Laser Light Streamlight Luxeon Task Light

    Rayovac Roughneck Flex360 Rayovac Roughneck 1-Watt

    Rayovac Roughneck Rubbermate Rayovac Roughneck TacticalRayovac Roughneck Focus Control

    Streamlight PolyTac, Yellow Streamlight ClipMate, Yellow

    Streamlight Junior Luxeon Flashlight


    Lighting LED Flashlights

    Bulb Lumens Run Time Length Batteries 1-11 12+Streamlight71468 Luxeon 3AAA, Black LED 25 5 Hours 4.5" 3 AAA Alkaline $57.35 54.5072169 Junior Luxeon, Black LED 31 4 Hours 6.5" 2 AA Alkaline 50.75 48.2525202 Twin Task 3C Laser, Black Xenon and LED 57 5 Hours 9.2" 3 C Alkaline 55.15 52.4025204 Twin Task 3AAA Laser, Black Xenon and LED 57 2.25 Hours 5.38" 3 AAA Alkaline 48.70 46.3075966 PolyTac, Yellow LED 120 3 Hours 5.22" 2 123A Lithium 68.35 64.9575965 ClipMate, Yellow LED 27 40 Hours 3.52" 3 AA Alkaline 27.80 26.45Rayovac75960 Roughneck Flex360 Clamp Utility Light, Black LED 130 12 Hours 3 AA Alkaline 47.55 45.2075964 Roughneck 1-Watt, Black LED 100 2 D Alkaline 19.10 18.1575961 Roughneck Rubbermate, Black LED 220 2 D Alkaline 36.65 34.8575962 Roughneck Focus Control, Black LED 130 4 AA Alkaline 21.95 20.9075963 Roughneck Tactical, Black LED 200 4 Hours 3 AAA Alkaline 42.55 40.45

    Streamlight Luxeon Task Light features a super high-flux LEDthat provides the longevity of an LED with the brightness andrange of a conventional bulb. The Luxeon LED is 10 timesbrighter than a high-intensity LED. Light is constructed of alu-minum with a polycarbonate lens.

    Streamlight Junior Luxeon Flashlight is as compact as a pen,but has the brightness and range of a traditional flashlight.

    Streamlight Twin-Task Laser Lights include a high-intensityincandescent Xenon bulb, five ultra-bright LEDs and a long-rangeLED laser pointer. Usable laser range is over 100 yards. Thethree lighting positions are: laser only, LEDs only, and combina-tion laser/xenon bulb.

    Streamlight PolyTac Tactical Light is constructed of high-impactnylon polymer for exceptional durability and a sure grip. All open-ing are o-ring sealed for weather resistance. Light is waterproofto 1 meter for 30 minutes.

    Streamlight ClipMate Flashlight can be clipped virtually any-where to provide a steady light source. Added features include a360 rotating head, an elastic strap headband and a lanyard.

    Rayovac Roughneck Flex360 Clamp Utility Light features aflexing/pivoting head, magnetic back, sturdy clamp and spot-to-flood beam, making it the most versatile tool in your arsenal. Usethe magnet or clamp to stick it on to virtually anything. The flexi-ble head rotates 180 and pivots 90, so the beam is exactlywhere you need it.

    Rayovac Roughneck 1-Watt Flashlight is ideal for everydayjobs and offer