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Garden Chic is a Garden Centre that specialises in Greenhouses, Mini Greenhouses and every garden accessory you could possibly need.


  • 1. Choosing the right greenhouse

2. A greenhouse is a structure in the garden in which one grows plants in fairly ideal conditions. These buildings can range in size from a miniature cold frame to a small shed-like structure to that of industrial sizing. They allow for controlled environments when growing plants or nurturing seedlings. Some key factors in your greenhouse will be the temperature, light levels, water, feeding and humidity. 3. The fundamental feature a controlled environment offers is promoting healthy and good quality plants whilst protecting them from some harsh elements like strong destructive winds and rain and hot conditions we are sometimes subject to in the UK summer. 4. A few things to consider when buying a greenhouse Size and shape Deciding how big a greenhouse you want will come down to what and how much you wish to grow in it and what is your budget? When working out your budget you should remember that a greenhouse does not come with the extras included such as garden benches or little patio sets, vents, neither foundations nor heating systems. Another factor to consider is water and electricity. Both are ongoing costs and my require installation by a specialist. 5. General maintenance is another cost and time factor. And, we havent even covered the cost and time spent on buying and looking after the plants although they are well protected from the elements in the greenhouse, they also dry out very quickly and need careful and constant watering and monitoring. What type and size of plants, and how many you would like in your greenhouse, will also determine the shape you go for and dont forget that plants grow, especially if you plan growing them from seed or seedlings. Remember you also need to move around too! 6. Frame types There are three popular types of frames used in greenhouses; aluminium, cedar wood and extruded resin or plastic. Aluminium framed greenhouses can be ordered pre-painted and are often seen as green frames, and of course the natural aluminium colour too. An aluminium frame will eventually corrode, so if you wish to prolong the longevity consider an anodised aluminium framed greenhouse which is likely to last a very long time. An advantage to aluminium frames is they wont rust like steel, rot like wood, or degrade from sunlight like plastic. Aluminium is easy and light to handle, although not as strong as its timber equivalent. 7. Most greenhouse frames made from timber are from spruce. The cedar framed greenhouse is the best quality and more high end than either spruce, aluminium or plastic and are likely to be intact and purposeful for many years even decades. This is because the cedar wood is very strong and durable and it is naturally oily which makes them more resistant to rot. Wood is also a natural insulator. Timber framed greenhouses do require a little maintenance and should be treated every year. 8. Extruded resin greenhouse frames are the newcomer to the market. Over recent years plastic or resin greenhouses have become increasingly popular. The main advantage being they are low in cost, easy to move around and install and ideal for the smaller garden. They are generally not used in the larger greenhouse structure because they are not as strong as wood or aluminium framed greenhouses. Unfortunately, over time they deteriorate from the suns rays. However, if your plastic frame greenhouse is UV protected, it should have a lifespan of 20 years. 9. A greenhouse offers the opportunity to enjoy gardening all year round but it takes commitment in money, time and space. Garden Chic stocks a range of greenhouses from 4x6 and 6x6 models to more substantial frames. All our brands have been selected for their high quality and low prices so green fingered customers looking for large and small structures are assured of a good deal from our online store. 10. Garden Chic Newark Nottinghamshire UK Email: Phone: 01636 858 290