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  1. 1. Choosing the Right Treatment:
    Medications, Stenting, or Surgical Intervention
    Tony Nguyen
  2. 2. Removing wastes from the body
    Release of certain hormones
    Helps control blood pressure
    What does a kidney do?
  3. 3. The main artery to the kidney
    Carries oxygen and nutrients
    Renal Artery
  4. 4. Artery Blockage
    Pressure drop
    Kidney is fooled
    Induces the Renin-Angiotensin Mechanism
    Overall increase in blood pressure & volume
    What happens in a stenosis?
  5. 5. Medications
    ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, ARB inhibitors
    Blocks the renin-angiotensin mechanism
    Different Treatments
  6. 6. Stenting
    Improve blood flow
    Different Treatments
  7. 7. Surgical Intervention
    Associated risks
    Different Treatments
  8. 8. 3 months: prescreening & b.p. tests
    3 months: diagnosis & b.p. tests
    1 year: medications & b.p. tests
    1 year: stenting & b.p. tests
    1 year: surgery & b.p. tests
    Experimental Design
  9. 9. Two kinds of patients
    >> 140/90 mmHg (Group I)
    140/90 mmHg (Group II)
    Group I gets to140/90 mmHg
    Group II gets to 130/85 mmHg
    Everything else is a failure
    Threshold for Improvement
  10. 10. Stenting will be the most effective
    It should reduce medications
    Not as risky
    Not as time consuming
  11. 11. Reduce errors
    Reduce unnecessary risks
    Reduce costs
    Reduce time
    Why is this important?
  12. 12. Make the World
  13. 13. a Better Place!