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  • 1. Choosing The Wrong 0 Choosing the wrong can impact your life in variousways and not being able to turn back. 0 Choosing to smoke can cause you to later have lung cancer and respiratory problems 0 Choosing to do drugs can develop into addictions which later in life develop into brain damage and other irreversible damages.

2. Choosing The Right 0 Choosing the right involves the person making a rightconscious decisions. 0 Choosing the right helps a person create the right path for themselves. 3. Respect 0 Being respectful is a keyin choosing the right. 0 When anybody is being disrespectful to you the polite thing to do is to be respectful and walk away. 0 In any occasion you should be respectful and be the better person. 4. Honesty 0 Honesty is a great factorin choosing the right. 0 When being honest it isnt only being honest to a person but also to yourself. 5. Responsible 0 Responsibility is veryimportant not just for you but to many people. 0 Having responsibility makes you a reliable person making you a good person. 6. Theodore Roosevelt 0 In any moment ofdecision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. - Theodore Roosevelt 7. 0 in the end it was thechoice you made