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Choose the right project


  • 1. Choose the Right CTR Choose the Right Project -Maria Vega
  • 2. A wise man named Steve Haymore once said Choose the right, and follow your dreams have goals
  • 3. CTR is something that helps us decide if we are choosing the right, Make good choices and if you do make good choices it will affect your future and where you will be later on in life.
  • 4. This boy did not care if his team won or lost the game all he cared about was letting Mitchell get his one time shot and to get the fame he deserved.
  • 5. If you are honest about something then you are choosing the right because Honesty is the best Policy. Honesty Is the Best Policy
  • 6. Some People feel really good helping others out and for them those are some ways that they choose the right, helping a person in need is always a good thing.
  • 7. When you respect somebody you are choosing the right because you treat somebody the way that you want to be treated and of course you do want somebody to treat you with respect.
  • 8. When you have a positive attitude everything goes good and your day goes well also. Try to make somebodys day and your day will also be made.
  • 9. Having good Manners means be polite and thankful for everything you have. You have to have good manners in order to have people respect you. Good manners means you are choosing the right.
  • 10. A wise man told us one day during class are decisions affect our every day life's and our goals. He explained to us how we needed to choose the right and not to choose the wrong. He influenced us a lot in our way of thinking and the way we make decisions. Steve Haymore was that wise man and everywhere we go I know that we will be thinking about ways to choose the right and not choose the wrong.
  • 11. Remember that what you choose today affects your everyday life try choosing some good things in your life in order to achieve your goals and your dreams.
  • 12. Thank You Mr. Haymore for showing me the right way and not the wrong way. Will always appreciate it. We need to also become better people and be more positive and try our best in school.