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Janet - An update on the latest information, including a talk on eduroam service.


<ul><li> 1. Regional Update Robert PrabuckiFeb 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. www.ja.net 3. Community.ja.net - home logon 4. Community.ja.net - Library 5. Community.ja.net - blogs 6. Community.ja.net - Apps 7. Certificate Service 8. TelephonyWe are working with commercial providers to develop a simple way of purchasing Telephony services for use over Janet. We will conduct all of the pre-qualification activities for procurement, so you don't need to - this will save you time and money and make choosing a supplier much simpler. The framework will enable you to reduce costs, by moving all or some of your voice traffic from traditional, often expensive, telephone connections (ISDN) onto your IP network. We are also investigating how costs from fixed line telephones to mobile telephones can be reduced. 9. Co-lo facilities8U - 3K paPenetration testing via ESISS 15 test per year 275 Free trial</p>